• Feel great that you are able to help animals around the world
  • Gain quality practical placements that will meet all your expectations
  • Hands on work at a real elephant sanctuary
  • Help the rescued elephants have a better quality of life


Would you like to gain practical experience? Launch an exciting career? AEI Experiences run year round, allowing you to plan your travel around your studies. Talk to your school. You will be surprised by the support you will receive. Consider turning your Experience into a project. Make it a practical placement, required by many degree programs. Travel with friends who have similar goals. Don’t just dream about travelling and working with animals – invest in your future. AEI will help!

Elephants are in trouble in Thailand. Not only is the wild elephant population decreasing due to habitat loss and poaching, but domestic elephants are also in danger. Historically, domestic elephants were used in the logging industry in Thailand, a practice that helped to destroy the very habitat the elephants relied upon. After this logging activity was banned, most of these elephants ended up on the streets of big cities. Here they are forced to work as begging tools and tourist attractions - giving rides to tourists or posing for photos. Other elephants roam the cities on their own, which is unhealthy for the elephants and quite dangerous as many elephants are involved in horrific traffic accidents each year. And the elephants have no laws to protect them from abuse or mistreatment.

The mission of this elephant rescue centre is to stop the suffering of these magnificent creatures. They do this by providing a sanctuary for neglected and mistreated elephants that would otherwise be living on the streets of Bangkok or other large cities. The elephants are free to live and roam safely on a large plot of land that has been generously donated to the centre. The care and attention that they receive ensures that they can live healthy and natural lives, no longer having to perform or carry out back-breaking work for the pleasure of tourists.

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