Teach English in Thailand


  • Life changing and learning experiences for volunteers
  • Make learning English fun and entertaining
  • Provide a valuable skill to help children brighten their future
  • Be a part of global education and gain teaching skills


English Online and Onsite Volunteer Teachers are welcome to help in Thailand. Over the years many young people have come from poor villages in Thailand to improve themselves at our Center and Camps. Many of the children in villages of Thailand do not do well in international English tests. They have to memorize English so they do not learn to speak. Our goal is to can change that and provide children with an understanding of English language.

Make learning English fun! As a volunteer, you do not have to be a teacher! Children need and like to practice speaking English, not grammar. Village children find our Learning by Doing way fun! Therefore more effective! When a village girl started at our Center, she could not speak English. After some months with us she does! Multilearn English in role-plays. You inspire, they learn.Make learning English fun! As a volunteer you don’t have to be a teacher! Children need to practice English. They like to learn English in a way that is directly useful to them. Normally your day is about 4-5 hours. Teach English lessons plus time to prepare together with our people, a teacher or alone depending on where you go.

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