• Fulfill your passion for medical work and gain valuable experience while on a lifechanging adventure
  • Experience the feeling of saving lives and providing much-needed care to those who would not get it without you
  • Thoroughly vetted accommodation and food


In many parts of Africa people live in poor conditions, especially in rural settlements. Millions of people experience deprivation of the most basic rights to water, shelter and food. The medical infrastructure in Zimbabwe is very low and often people need to walk long distances to receive medical aid. Our hospitals and medical centres are in short of drugs, medical equipment and even health care professionals as we experience brain drain due to the poor economic environment. This project is implemented in partnership with local hospitals and clinics in Victoria Falls to give much-needed help and support to a challenged healthcare institutions. Volunteers mainly assist in administrative duties, basic treatment and patient support. They also participate in community health awareness programmes to inform communities of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other common diseases and support the healthcare institutions.

Victoria Falls Hospital is the District hospital which supports people from Victoria Falls urban (approximately 60 000 people), Victoria Falls rural with approximately 80 000 people. Four rural clinics feed to the district hospital usually through people who are referred for further examination and treatment. Volunteers will likely be occupied throughout their shifts which could be a morning, afternoon or overnight shift. As a volunteer, you will firstly be attached at a local clinic were you will learn about primary healthcare before joining the hospital were you have the chance to go through almost all hospital departments for your learning and appreciation of the Zimbabwe healthcare system. At the hospital, volunteers will witness minor to almost major operations which include C-sections for pregnant women. The hospital is merely a 5 minute walk from your accommodation which will make it easy for you to get home during tea breaks or any other times as shall be approved by your supervisor while the clinics are in a 5km radius. Volunteers should also understand that there shall be moments they shall be on call and expected to work any time depending on how the hospital gets busy. A positive mindset will benefit those who put effort in trying to understand and probe further. Whichever way, we are sure that you will love working at our hospital as you shall benefit more.

  • All meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner), Orientation, Airport pick up and drop off, Shared accommodation at a volunteer house, 24/7 in-country support
  • Visas, Laundry, Beverages, Luxuries, Toiletries, Personal transport
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