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An entertaining tour for schoolchildren, students, as well as their parents. Enjoy an excursions to a circus and interact with the husky dogs in a Husky Park.

Departure city: Minsk
Tour type: Bus sightseeing tours, Weekend tours
Transport type: Bus

* The order of visiting the sites and the start time of the excursion may vary. For organized groups, the place and time of the meeting is as agreed.

  • Day 1 - Day Tour

    Gathering of the group at 12.00 at the main entrance of the State Circus, Nezavisimosti Ave., 32

    We go on an excursion to our favorite circus. Only this time we will not witness another circus performance. A backstage awaits us, a real looking glass of the circus world, which we have always been so interested to learn about. The usual loud music, bright costumes, fanfare and spotlights - everything will remain on the other side of the doors, which have always been closed for us. Well, let's open the curtain and find out what the stands are hiding from us, where and how the animals-artists live and what they do when they rest from the audience. Or maybe you will be lucky to see the training acrobats and ask how they are not afraid to fly under the circus dome. Or meet a sad clown and try to make him laugh ?! And if a magician comes across, we will definitely find out the secret of at least one of his wonderful tricks and try on a top hat, in which a bunny, a bird, and a 10-meter ribbon are hiding at the same time.

    Moving to Husky Park "Snezhnaya Zaveya" (20 km), where you will have an unforgettable meeting with the friendliest dogs in the world. “A man is a friend to a dog” - we recall an excerpt from a good Soviet cartoon and add: “everyone knows huskies”. And the owners of the kennel tell why dogs of this breed are rarely angry with people, and even less often bite. And they are also very affectionate and during your visit they show the maximum of their charm so that you will remember this day for a long time. We feed, stroke, scratch, pose, take pictures, play, (not) allow ourselves to be licked. And we just go if you are sad or think that your clothes are too clean, and you need to change the situation.

    16.00 Return to Minsk.

  • Excursion behind the scenes of the Minsk State Circus
  • Visit to Husky Park "Snow Zavea"
  • Transport service accompanying
  • Personal Expenses

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