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The 6 [Best Cheap] Guatemala Medical Volunteer Providers 2024

The 6 Best Cheap Guatemala Medical Volunteer Providers 2024

Are you a medical student or a professional planning to volunteer in Guatemala, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you a medical student or professional and thinking about volunteering in the medical field in Guatemala? Would you like to join a medical program that is life-changing yet affordable? Are you searching for the top-rated yet extremely affordable medical volunteer program providers in Guatemala?

You’re ready to head to Guatemala and advance your medical career with an exciting volunteer abroad adventure, but the sea of program providers might have you wondering how you’ll ever decide which is best. Which is the most affordable, most reliable, has the most to offer you?

To help you answer these questions, TravellersQuest has compiled the top affordable program providers offering medical volunteer programs in Guatemala. We’ve compared price, years in business, past volunteer experience, and more to help you find the perfect program that is just right for you and your particular situation.

Keep reading to discover the best and most affordable medical programs and their providers in Guatemala.

Providers Sample price USD Reviews
Maximo Nivel $685 Go Overseas – 1,303 reviews
Go Abroad – 1,843 reviews
IFRE Volunteers $774 Go Overseas – 116 reviews
International Volunteer HQ $794 Go Overseas – 2,227 reviews
Go Abroad – 1,675 reviews
Global Crossroad $774 Go Overseas – 93 reviews
Love volunteers $948 Go Overseas – 140 reviews
Go Abroad – 271 reviews
A broader view $915 Go Overseas – 178 reviews

Table update May 27, 2024

Maximo Nivel

Founded in 2003, Maximo Nivel is a prominent volunteer and educational travel organization in South and Central America. Each year, the company engages with over 4,000 participants, including students, clients, and travelers. Maximo Nivel operates four learning centers across three countries in South America. Their mission is to provide high-quality, safe, affordable, and impactful volunteer opportunities in Guatemala, Peru, and Costa Rica. They strive to offer experiences that combine education, adventure, and cultural immersion.

Maximo’s Medical Volunteer Program in Guatemala

Healthcare in Guatemala, particularly in rural areas, leaves much to be desired and many people die of treatable diseases. Help combat this ill by volunteering in local clinics, hospitals, and health camps. When you join this medical program, you’ll observe and assist doctors and carry out educational outreach to help improve the quality of life for poor Guatemalans.


Maximo Nivel offers super low rates, you’ll pay $685 for the first week and $945 for the second week. This will cover your culturally immersive accommodations staying with a welcoming Guatemalan host family, three local meals a day, 10 hours of Spanish lessons per week, airport pickup, and full support 24/7.


The past volunteers enjoyed being a part of Maximo Nivel’s volunteer effort in Guatemala. Many past volunteers have expressed their volunteer trip to Guatemala as being life-changing and memorable. Read all reviews of Maximo Nivel on Go Overseas. Read all reviews of Maximo Nivel on Go Abroad.

IFRE Volunteers

IFRE Volunteers

This impactful nonprofit has helped 22,000 volunteers make a difference abroad at extremely low rates since 2006. IFRE works closely with poor communities around the world, immersing you in the local culture through an enriching homestay experience and making a big impact through life-changing programs.

IFRE’s medical volunteering program in Guatemala

IFRE offers two medical opportunities in Guatemala, one in Xela, and the other in Antigua. You will shadow doctors and nurses in public hospitals providing care to underprivileged Guatemalans, gaining valuable professional experience which will help advance your medical career while giving back to those in need.


IFRE offers some of the lowest rates you’ll find anywhere without sacrificing a high-quality program that really makes a difference. You’ll pay a standard $299 registration fee, and programs start at as little as $475 for first week and $830 for second week, which includes 10 hours of Spanish, housing, meals, airport pickup, and 24/7 support.


Prospective Medical Volunteer Guatemala should check out reviews to see what past volunteers have to say about a provider. One past IFRE medical volunteer said, “I was able to gain more than just the skills to diagnose and treat patients; I left feeling reassured that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine.” Read reviews on Go Overseas.

International Volunteers HQ

IVHQ is the largest volunteer provider for the Medical Volunteer Guatemala program. They offer low rates, have great reviews, and you can choose from a variety of meaningful programs around the world. With so many IVHQ volunteers traveling each month, you’ll make plenty of new friends!

IVHQ’s Guatemala medical volunteer program

On this medical Guatemala program with IVHQ You’ll be assisting doctors and nurses in small local clinics for poor Guatemalans. 1st and 2nd-year med students will observe and assist with basic tasks like taking blood pressure, speaking with patients, sterilizing equipment, etc. Those further along or with their degrees can work more hands-on, based on their experience.


You’ll pay a standard $329 registration fee, and a reasonable price of $465 per week. Due to the material costs involved in the medical program, you’ll also need to tack on some extra dollars. Your fees will include accommodations, meals, airport pickup, 24/7 support, and special discounts on flights and insurance.


IVHQ also offers a searchable review feature, so you can check out what past Guatemala medical volunteers have to say about their experience. One rave review stated, “IVHQ provides a powerful yet accessible experience in international volunteering that builds cultural awareness and an impetus for global change.” Read reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

Global Crossroad

global crossroad

This Dallas, TX based non-profit, Global Crossroad, is one of the fastest-growing volunteer organizations in the world, thanks to their affordable rates and impactful programs in 18 countries around the world. Over 20,000 volunteers have traveled with them since 2003, and this is a great choice if you are looking for a provider you can trust.

GCR’s healthcare program in Guatemala:

Hospitals and clinics in the rural areas outside of Xela and Antigua, Guatemala is understaffed, underfunded, and overwhelmed by the number of people that struggle to get quality care. Your help is desperately needed, and with this medical program you can make a difference while being trained by a skilled medical professional.


Global Crossroad charges a $299 registration fee, and a low price of $475 per week. This includes a crash course in Guatemalan culture, 10 hours of Spanish, housing, and meals, help fundraising for your trip, 24/7 support from the Global Crossroad team, and the amazing opportunity to build professional medical skills under the guidance of your mentor.


Seeing that past volunteer were happy with their experience can help you select a provider for your Guatemala medical volunteer program. Global Crossroad has a lot of positive past reviews, like this one, “The volunteer program was great and very well organized!” Read reviews on Go overseas.

A Broader View

Founded in 2007, A Broader View works hard not only to bring volunteers to poor communities worldwide but has raised an impressive $3.5 million to help build orphanages, bring medical aid to people in poverty, provide clean drinking water, etc. to their local partners, so this is a great choice for making a big impact.

ABV’s Guatemala medical volunteer program:

A Broader View offers a variety of medical volunteer work opportunities in Guatemala. You can assist doctors and performing health checks in orphanages and rural communities. For larger groups, medical brigades can be organized to help impoverished communities on a larger scale, with housing up to 25 volunteers.


A two-week program will cost you $995. They don’t charge a registration fee, so factor that in when comparing prices. The weekly fee includes airport pickup and drop-off, accommodations, three vegetarian meals a day, and 24/7 support. You’ll also get a personalized website to help you raise funds for your trip!


A great feature of A Broader View’s website is the ability to read reviews for particular projects. One Guatemala volunteer said, “It felt good to help the people at the clinic, and our host family was amazing.” Read reviews on Go Overseas.


We’ve reviewed our top  providers, given you the lowdown on what each one has to offer, and you’re now armed with the knowledge you need to confidently select the Medical Volunteer Guatemala of your dreams!

If you’d like some insider tips to make the most of your exciting adventure abroad, download the Volunteer Abroad Guide below. Keep checking back here, as TravellersQuest adds new and helpful articles like this one all the time. Bon, voyage!


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