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The 7 [Best Cheap] Sri Lanka Medical Volunteer Providers 2024

The 7 Best Cheap Sri Lanka Medical Volunteer Providers 2024

Are you a medical student or a professional planning to volunteer in Sri Lanka, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

Get Free Quotes From 7 Best Cheap Sri Lanka Medical Volunteer Providers

Are you searching for the best program provider to gain medical experience in Sri Lanka, but feel overwhelmed by all the companies out there? Are you wondering, which is the most reliable, has the best prices, or is the right choice for you?

TravellersQuest has carefully reviewed many medical volunteering Sri Lanka providers based on their fees, what their program offers, their years of experience, and what past volunteers have to say about the experience. This will help make your selection a breeze! Keep reading to discover the best rated Sri Lanka medical volunteer providers.

Providers Sample price USD Reviews
Plan My Gap Year $549 Go Overseas – 404 reviews
Go Abroad – 77 reviews
IFRE Volunteers $679 Go Overseas – 115 reviews
International Volunteer HQ $709 Go Overseas – 2211 reviews
Go Abroad – 1657 reviews
RCDP $429 Go Overseas – 62 reviews
Love Volunteers (New Zealand) $908 Go Overseas- 140 reviews
Go Abroad- 271 reviews
Go Eco $1120 Go Overseas – 89 reviews
Go Abroad – 729 reviews
A Broader View Volunteers (USA) $890 Go Overseas – 178 reviews

Table update May 23, 2024

Plan My Gap Year

This UK based organization made the list for specializing in GAP year and student travel, including family groups and volunteers under 18. A great choice for younger travelers, PMGY was founded in 2011 and sends about 4,000 volunteers each year to meaningful projects around the world at prices you can truly afford.

About the Sri Lanka medical volunteer experience

With PMGY, your placement will vary based on your background and experience. Everyone will learn primarily through observation, but students enrolled in a medical program or with their degree may have the chance to do basic things like taking blood pressure, etc. Everyone will also learn about Ayurvedic medicine.

The Fees:

PMGY has very low prices, a great point in their favor. You’ll pay a registration fee of $249, and a weekly fee of $420 for two weeks. This will include accommodations, three meals a day, airport pickup, local transport, full support from the PGMY team, online training before you travel, and a certificate upon completion.


Be sure to check out past volunteer reviews when selecting a medical volunteer abroad program provider. PMGY has very high ratings, and a ton of reviews to peruse. One Sri Lanka volunteer said, “I will definitely volunteer with PMGY again, I felt supported, I felt safe, I felt looked after!” Read reviews on Go overseas.

IFRE Volunteers

This US-based non-profit offers low rates and a unique, grassroots payment model that has you paying your weekly fee to your local host family and project, ensuring your volunteer dollars go where they are needed the most. Helping over 20,000 volunteers since 2006, IFRE has the experience and know-how you need.

About Medical Volunteering Sri Lanka

This Sri Lanka medical program offers a unique blend of education and cultural immersion. You’ll be staying with a local host family and experiencing daily life in beautiful Sri Lanka and being guided by a generous medical mentor in a premier teaching hospital. If you have a specialty you’re pursuing, a personalized placement may be possible.

The Fees:

IFRE is dedicated to offering low prices. You’ll pay a standard registration fee of $299, and $380 for the first week. If you volunteer two weeks, then, the cost is only $560 per week! This includes staying with a local host family, meals, full support from the IFRE team, airport pickup, help fundraising, discounts on insurance, and more.


If you’re considering IFRE for your Sri Lanka medical volunteering program, take a look at the reviews from people who have traveled with them in the past. They rate them quite highly, recommending them to others and praising their affordability. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

International Volunteer HQ

IVHQ is arguably the largest volunteer organization in the world. Since being founded in 2007, they’ve sent a staggering 100,000 + volunteers to projects in 40 countries around the world. They offer very affordable rates, have fantastic reviews, and with so many volunteers traveling each month, you’ll be in great company.

About Medical program in Sri Lanka

This healthcare project in Sri Lanka is only open to more advanced medical students seriously pursuing a career in the healthcare field, and you’ll need to turn in your CV, verify enrollment in a medical degree program, and get a letter of recommendation. You’ll be learning primarily through observation in a teaching hospital in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

The Fees:

2 weeks will cost you $622, only $312 per week, and you’ll also pay a registration fee of $329. Included are your accommodations, meals, airport pickup, 24/7 in-country support, online training before you travel, and special discounts on flight, insurances, and language lessons available while you volunteer.


Future medical volunteers should seek the input of volunteers who have gone before them. IVHQ has great ratings on review sites, with veterans raving and saying things like, “truly one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever personally had”. Read reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

RCDP Volunteers

rcdp volunteers

RCDP has been helping volunteers make a meaningful difference abroad at affordable rates since way back in 1998, when the non-profit was founded in Colorado. With some of the lowest prices around but consistently high quality and grassroots initiatives that make a big impact, RCDP is a great choice.

About Medical Volunteer Program in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Healthcare Volunteer Opportunity is a great program that will have you learning and observing medical professional mentors in the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital. This is a large hospital, so you’ll have the chance to help in a variety of areas including general medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, neurology, rheumatology, and even the mortuary.


RCDP is dedicated to keeping its rates affordable so everyone can travel abroad and make a difference. They charge a registration fee of $279, and only $380 per 1stweek for your medical volunteering Sri Lanka program. This will cover safe housing with a local host family, three meals a day, full support before and during your travels, a project donation, and more.


Some stand-out reviews to look at when selecting your provider to Sri Lanka medical volunteer opportunity have past volunteers calling their time with RCDP “special,” “life-changing,” and “wonderful. Check out more reviews for yourself! Read reviews on Go overseas.

Love Volunteers

love volunteers

This is a great choice for first-time volunteers who need help planning their trip, as Love Volunteers offers a great dashboard online that will walk you through the process step by step. Founded in 2009 by a brother and sister from New Zealand, this organization has gone on to win awards and help thousands of volunteers.

About Medical Volunteer/Internship in Sri Lanka program

During this medical program in Sri Lanka, you’ll learn primarily through observation at a busy hospital in Colombo, receiving 700+ patients daily, a great chance to experience a variety of maladies and treatments. Medical professionals can register with the Sri Lanka Ministry of Health 2 months in advance and may then get the chance for more hands-on work.


This program will cost you $609 per week, and that includes accommodations, meals, airport pickup, 24/7 local support whenever you need it, and your orientation and training. You’ll also pay a $299 registration fee, and that will give you access to that handy online dashboard Love Volunteers offers.


Future medical volunteers in Sri Lanka want to look at all aspects of potential providers, including past volunteer experiences. Reviews are the best way to get a glimpse of this, so check these out here, with many Love Volunteers veterans highly recommending their services. Read reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.



Founded in 1999 to support a sea turtle project, Go Eco has now gone on to win awards and send thousands of volunteers to 150 projects worldwide. This is your best bet if you want to go with a company that has environmentalism and ethical travel at the forefront of all its practices.

About Sri lanka- Medical and Nursing Program

This medical volunteering Sri Lanka program is available for pre-med students who are still considering a career in the medical field, and more advanced students. Pre-med students will observe at a private hospital and listen to lectures on important topics. More advanced students can be placed in areas that suit their medical specialties.


You’ll pay $1360 for 2 weeks, and since Go Eco doesn’t charge a registration fee, you can go ahead and factor that in when comparing prices. You’ll receive housing in a volunteer villa, three meals a day, full support from the Go Eco team, airport pickup and departure transportation, and a walking tour and orientation.


Go Eco has great reviews, and past volunteers highly recommend working with them! Read reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

A Broader View

A Broader View

This organization focuses mainly on supporting low-income communities and helping orphans, so this is a great choice if that’s what you’re looking for. Founded in 2007 in Pennsylvania, they’ve sent thousands of volunteers all over the world, and donated over $3 million to their partner organizations, making a big impact!

About the Medical Volunteer Work in Sri Lanka

Preventive medical care and in-patient treatment are free to all Sri Lankan citizens, so volunteering at local hospitals and clinics will give you great insight into Sri Lanka’s unique public healthcare system. The program is carried out in Galle, a beautiful seaside town which will show you a different side of Sri Lanka.


2 weeks of volunteering will cost you $1400. A Broader View doesn’t charge a registration fee, so be sure to factor that in. Your fee covers housing, food, full support, airport pickup and drop-off, and a special online account to help plan and fundraise for your trip.


A Broader view piquing your interest for your Medical Volunteering Sri Lanka program? This company has extremely high ratings, so see for yourself what past volunteers have to say:  Go Abroad , Go overseas.


When looking at Medical Volunteering Sri Lanka program providers, there are a lot of factors to consider such a price, experience, past reviews, and what each individual program offers. Hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down your choices, and you have a better idea of which provider is right for you.

Keep coming back to Traveller’s Quest to learn more about the volunteer abroad world, as we’re adding helpful and informative articles like this one all the time. Happy volunteering!


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