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The 10 [Best Cheap] Ghana Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2023

The 10 Best Cheap Ghana Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you planning to volunteer with underprivileged children in Uganda, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

Get Free Quotes From 10 Best Cheap Ghana Childcare Volunteer Providers

Travellers Quest is committed to helping you make a decision to volunteer abroad with confidence. We don’t have a bias to ANY of the organizations featured here. Our best list is created after careful examination of prices, reviews, and organization reputation. You are free to select any organization with no obligation.

Are you looking for an affordable and unique way to travel to Ghana? Are you passionate about working with underprivileged children in society to change their lives and give them a brighter future? Then volunteer in Ghana Orphanage is designed to offer you that and much more.

As you embark on the process to hunt down the best volunteer in Ghana orphanage program for you, you will come across hundreds of companies with multiple projects with a range of different prices. You will quickly realize that is it very easy to make the wrong decision and potentially wasting your money and time, and missing out on your potential goal of making positive changes in the world.

Worry no more. We have done the footwork for you. TravellersQuest research team has meticulously gone through hundreds of organizations offering different orphanage programs in Ghana. Based on online reviews, fees, the impact of the projects, and organization credibility, we have selected the 10 best organizations recommended to you.

Providers Starting price
(2 weeks)
Orginal Volunteer (Uk) $419 Volunteer Forever: 5 – ‎1 review
Abroad 8.2 / 10 – 98 reviews
RCDP International $579 Abroad: 9 / 10 -64 reviews
Go overseas: 9.5/10 – ‎28 reviews
IFRE Volunteer $599 Go Overseas:8.8/10 – ‎58 reviews
Abroad Reviews- 327 reviews
Global Crossroad $599 Go overseas:9.1/10 – ‎49 reviews
Abroad Reviews:8.8 / 10 -334 Reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $689 Go overseas: 9.5/10 – ‎1,364 reviews
Go Abroad:9.5/10 – ‎1,008 reviews
Love Volunteers $688 Go overseas:9.1/10 – ‎134 reviews
Go Abroad:9.7/10 – ‎282 reviews
Agape Volunteers $774 Volunteer forever:4.7 – ‎37 reviews
Go Overseas 9.9/10- ‎19 reviews
Eli Abroad $955 Go overseas : 9.1/10 – ‎31 reviews
Go Abroad 9.69-51 reviews
A broader view $995 Go Over seas:9.9/10 – ‎178 reviews
Volunteer forever: 5 – ‎234 reviews

Table update September 25, 2020

Original Volunteer (Uk)

Original Volunteers based in the UK is best known as one of the leading independent volunteering specialists abroad. Each year Original Volunteers sends thousands of volunteers to more than 100 projects across 20 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The organization prides itself on being professionally ethical, affordable, and flexible with tailor-made projects just for you.  In-country volunteer support provides volunteers with security to ensure maximum positive volunteer experience.

Orphanage Volunteer Work In Ghana

Ghana is sadly affected by severe poverty and lacks enough opportunities to build a better future. This dire situation has led many children in Ghana to abandon their homes and families in the search of prosperity in bigger cities. Unfortunately, due to the harsh reality of life, they more often than not end up on the streets. These innocent and naive young children are struggling to survive on their own in the real world. Most of the time, circumstances are not what they hoped for and these children live on the streets under harsh conditions with society looking down upon them.

Most of the orphanages in Ghana are working to help these children but they lack resources and manpower and they desperately need your help. By dedicating your time and skills to this volunteer work in an orphanage in Ghana you will gain incomparable life experience while making Ghana a better place for children.  You will not only have the power to make a truly positive impact on their lives but also on your own life.

The Fee

Volunteer in Ghana Orphanage fee includes $ 159 for the registration fee, in addition to with $260 for a two-week stay or $385 for a four-week stay. The fees cater for accommodations, meals, 24-hour airport pickup and private transport, in-country orientation, and 24-hour in-country support. Additionally, your fee is used to finance the project since most of the time the orphanages do not have another source of income.


With outstanding online reviews the most common include “ best experience” “great Program” “I highly recommend.” The raving reviews are impressive, you might need to check out Original Volunteers further during your research.

Abroad Reviews

RCDP International

children development project

Rural Community Development Program, also known as RCDP International, was founded in 1998. Having hosted more than 18,000 volunteers, RCDP offers more than 200 volunteer programs in 18 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  It is a registered non-profit empowering disadvantaged communities with a sustainable and meaningful volunteer program. RCDP also offers a unique and safe orphanage volunteer program in Ghana giving you an opportunity to greatly immerse yourself in local culture while making lasting positive contributions in poor communities.

About volunteer in Ghana Orphanage

Thousands of children in Ghana live on the streets, where they often become victims of abuse or get involved in petty crimes. These street children are either orphaned come from poor and difficult backgrounds, while most were abandoned or they are handicapped.

RCDP offers its volunteers an opportunity to help these unfortunate children in every way possible, and guide them towards a healthy, successful life. By joining a volunteer in Ghana orphanage you have the chance to give children vital attention, love, and care, and help shape their lives in many positive ways.  You will spend your day carrying out various tasks such as teaching English, or any other subjects they can offer, and organizing extracurricular activities like music, dance, art.

The Fee

Volunteers all pay a registration fee of $269 to help cover administrative costs. For a two-week stay, the cost is $300 and $ 550 for a four-week stay. The weekly program fee includes accommodation, meals, and support, but does not cover flight costs or any personal expenses. The weekly fees are paid directly to the orphanages.


RCDP is known as a very reliable organization, therefore the ratings online are high with decorated reviews such as “ the thing in my life” quality and life-changing projects” “organized and well-thought-out program.” RCDP is a well-established company with years of experience and deserves a closer look from you while you are researching for the best Ghana orphanage volunteering program.

Abroad Reviews:

Go overseas:

IFRE Volunteers

children empowerment campaign

Founded in 2005 in Dallas, Texas IFRE is leading volunteering abroad organization. It is one of the most affordable volunteering organizations with over 200 projects in 18 countries worldwide. The organization is passionate about working with volunteers who are keen to make changes in the world while fulfilling their travel dreams. IFRE also works with devoted international partners and experienced in-country coordinators to create authentic and meaningful volunteer abroad programs.

About IFRE Volunteer In Ghana Orphanage

IFRE and its partner companies have built orphanages for the victims of HIV/AIDS, street children, and orphans so they can live a more secure and healthy life. By dedicating your time and skills to this Ghana orphanage volunteer opportunity you will gain incomparable life experience while making Ghana a better place for the children. 

Your work will include assisting the local orphanages in reaching out to more children in need, and with your help, orphanages in Ghana will be able to provide adequate care to a greater number of children in need, allowing them to pursue a normal childhood and a better future. You will mainly be teaching English to the orphanage children, but if you have the skills you can also teach subjects like math, science. Spending time with the children forges valuable connections, and opportunities to offer them your warm support and love.

The Fee

IFRE is known for its affordable orphanage volunteering programs in Ghana. You will pay an application fee of $299, while a two-week stay will cost $300 and a four-week stay will cost $550. The fees paid to cover meals, accommodation, field projects, certificate of completion, discount for returning volunteers, and in-country support. Flights and insurance are not included in this fee.


IFRE has received striking online reviews from websites like Go Overseas and Abroad reviews. Comments like “ meaningful”  “safe” and “exciting” are raging through the review session.  IFRE has been able to maintain top-quality programs and safety and they deserve a deep look when you are researching for orphanage volunteer opportunities in Ghana.

Go Overseas:

Abroad Reviews

Global Crossroad

help child education

Global Crossroad is one of the fastest-growing international volunteer organizations. Founded in 2003, GCR offers affordable and highly rated programs abroad trusted by thousands of volunteers across the world.  With unparalleled in-country support and skilled staff, GCR operates in 18 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. GCR prides itself in offering just more than a volunteer opportunity in a grassroots project. They offer a variety of programs to meet your needs and those of the children in the orphanages.

About volunteer program in Ghana in orphanage

Because of poverty and diseases, many orphans in Ghana live in the streets with no help from the government.  Local churches, private citizens, and local NGOs ran numerous orphanages in Ghana. Although Global Crossroad supports local orphanages more help is always both needed and welcome in this economically deprived country.  The volunteering in orphanage project helps destitute and desperate children access the moral and emotional support they really need.

By joining a volunteer opportunity with the orphanage program in Ghana you will not only focus on bridging the gaps to provide better care for destitute children but also help children realize and reach their full potential by teaching and supporting them. For an average of 4 or 5 hours every weekday, you will provide Basic English education classes, along with some hobby classes.

The Fee

The volunteer in Ghana orphanage program’s registration fee is $299, along with $ 300 for a two-week stay and $550 for a four-week stay. Fees cover several charges including airport pick up, orientation and safety training, accommodations, meals, 24/7 local support, project placement, and onsite supervision. Personal expenses and tickets to Ghana are not covered in the above fees.


Glowing online reviews for GCR include testimonies like “highly recommended experience. I will definitely be back” “I hope one day I will return.”  This company has been growing rapidly every year, with a 300% increase in the number of volunteers. There is something they love about the organization that you could also love. Check it out and find the reason.

Go overseas:

Abroad Reviews:

International Volunteers HQ (IVHQ)

Founded in 2007, New Zealand International Volunteers HQ (IVHQ) has hosted over 100,000 volunteers in 40 destinations around the world. The organization’s vision is a future where any traveler, anywhere in the world is empowered to make a meaningful difference in the community they are visiting, and we take pride in participating in the process. IVHQ prides itself in constantly being innovative and smart in how they serve communities and volunteer.

About IVHQ Ghana Orphanage Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteer in Ghana orphanage program is located in rural villages and townships within the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The voluntary project starts on the 1st and 15th of every month. By becoming a volunteer in the Ghana orphanage means you will be working with orphaned and abandoned children in Ghana; guiding them towards a better, more secure future.

As a volunteer, you will help formally educate the children, as well as showering them with much-needed love, care, and attention, and teaching them the basics of personal care and hygiene. Everyone pitches in to help with household chores. You are guaranteed to have a meaningful impact while developing your global awareness and opening the minds of the children to new cultures and possibilities.

The Fee

You will be required to pay $299 for the registration fees. Additionally, a two-week stay fee for the orphanage volunteer program in Ghana is $390 and $ 590 for a four-week stay. The program fees covers accommodations and food, airport picks up and drops off in-country orientation, and 24/7 support from local and US staff. Personal expenses, organized field trips, and flights tickets are not included in the fees.


IVHQ has received hundreds of positive reviews and feedback from many of its alumni, as well as current volunteers, some extremely impressive with phrases like “life-changing” and “lifetime dream”. We can assure you will not regret researching and learning more about IVHQ’s volunteer in Ghana in the orphanage project. Check it out.

Go overseas:

Go Abroad:

Love Volunteers

childcare program

Love Volunteers is a non-profit founded in 2009 by Julia and Kelly, a brother and a sister from New Zealand. Themselves volunteers were shocked by the high fees being offered by other international volunteer organizations. They then embarked on a journey visiting projects and building relationships and Love Volunteer was formed.  Currently, the organization offers programs in Europe, the Middle East, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Australasia. Love Volunteers gives 90 percent of the program fees to local host organizations.

About Childcare Program In Ghana

Childcare and orphanage volunteer program in Ghana aims at improving lives of vulnerable children.  While working in the program in Ghana you will provide essential childcare and improve future prospects of children in Ghana. In addition to giving a sense of hope, compassion and quality care you will also have a [life-changing experience of inter-cultural exchange, which benefits both local and international volunteers.

On a volunteer in Ghana in childcare project you will assist local staff in caring for both needy and abandoned children. General tasks include helping with day-to-day work like cooking, cleaning, and feeding the infants at the orphanage, organizing games, and activities, helping with homework, and maintaining the personal hygiene of the children. Teaching is also encouraged to help deliver various subjects to school-going children at the orphanage.

The Fee

Love Volunteers offers reasonable prices for the Ghana orphanage program. A two-week stay fee is $389, while a four-week stay is $609.  In addition, you will be required onetime registration fees of $299. Fees cover airport pickup, orientation and safety training, accommodations, meals, 24/7 local support, project placement, and onsite supervision.


Love Volunteers has raving reviews online from international volunteers all around the world. Some include statements like “I found it very reliable in terms of support”  “Never have I worked with such empathetic, encouraging, and candid individuals.” The organization is very reliable and experienced with many exciting volunteering projects and adventurous trips, you don’t want to skip in your search for an orphanage volunteer opportunity in Ghana.

Go overseas:

Go Abroad:

Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteers is a UK-registered non-profit offering opportunities to support humanitarian works in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Tanzania. The vision of the organization is to provide people from all over the world the opportunity to volunteer on affordable programs helping t communities they work with. They ensure that your work reaps genuine benefits to you and these communities. Agape Volunteers could be the best choice for you, as they guarantee you a fun-filled and impactful volunteering experience.

About Agape Volunteers Orphanage Volunteering in Ghana

Ghana orphanage volunteering project is usually in what is referred to locally as a ‘children’s home’. The home provides support and cares for vulnerable and at-risk children. These kids may have living parents or a family who are not currently able to care for them. Agape Volunteers provides care when a child’s family cannot, and aims to return the children to a stable family environment once the vulnerable period has passed.

While volunteering in an orphanage in Ghana some of your duties will involve teaching small classes, and helping to organize structured games and activities. You can also help run free educational sessions for local children and you may be asked to help out with other duties. Helping to foster a sense of family and community at the home is hugely important and fulfilling.

The Fee

Agape Volunteers does not require registration fees for volunteers in the Ghana orphanages. The program fee is $ 774 for a two-week stay and $ 1028 for a four-week stay. The fees cover accommodation, two meals a day, airports pick up and drop off, orientation, a donation to projects, and Agape Travel Insurance.


Agape Volunteers is famous and attracts a lot of volunteers who have given the organization a 9.0 rating.  Many positive reviews online show satisfaction with words like “ amazing” “meaningful.” make sure to check out Agape Volunteers as you explore volunteering in a Ghana orphanage.

Volunteer forever

Go Overseas

ELI Abroad

support child development project

Experiential Learning International (ELI) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that creates volunteer and internship opportunities for volunteers seeking a global travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Since its inception in 2001, ELI has worked with thousands of participants from 41 countries, providing over 150 programs. ELI is best known for safe and impactful programs that are affordable with professional and outstanding in-country support.

About ELI Abroad Volunteer In Ghana Orphanage Project

One of the major concerns in Ghana, as in many developing countries, is the increased population in the past years. Both the government and NGOs work to establish orphanages to shelter abandoned and abused children. ELI partners with several different orphanages throughout Ghana, helping the often-overworked staff to care for children.

These orphanages mostly rely on the assistance of volunteers to provide and ensure that they care for as many children as possible. Since children do not have parents they thrive on the attention and love from you. To participate in Ghana orphanage volunteering program you don’t necessarily need experience, just energy, enthusiasm, and an open mind.

The Fee

Program participation fees include a $200 registration fee, along with $755 for a two-week program stay or $965 for four weeks. Fees cover airport pickup, orientation and safety training, accommodations, meals, 24/7 local support, project placement, and onsite supervision.  However, this fee does not cover the costs for round trip airfare, return trip to the airport, required travel and medical insurance, travel within Ghana, and visa fees.


ELI Abroad maintains full transparency in its financial transactions and strives to provide the utmost satisfaction to the volunteers. For this, it has stellar online reviews, including comments such as “proactive and helpful” “incredible experience” and “local staff very helpful.” ELI Abroad maintains full transparency in its financial transactions and strives to provide the utmost satisfaction to the volunteers. You will not be disappointed to look further into them while searching for volunteers in the Ghana orphanage.

Go overseas

Go Abroad

A Broader View

A Broader View (ABV) is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit offering volunteering abroad opportunities founded in 2007. Sarah and Oliver Eilhers formed this US based organization with the objective of offering volunteers affordable and purposeful programs abroad that would fulfill their passion.  With more than 200 projects in 24 countries, ABV is affiliated and works closely with organizations like GUIDESTAR and PANO to best serve volunteers worldwide.

A Broader View Volunteer in Ghana: Orphanage (Refugee Camp)

Many children in Ghana suffer from all kinds of misfortunes.  Volunteer in Ghana orphanage project cares for are suffering from the loss of one or both parents, physical and sexual abuse, and acute poverty. Most of the children in the orphanage are between 11-14 years old, and your job will be to support these children in building a better future and provide them love, care, and important life skills and education.

When you volunteer in orphanage projects in Ghana you will primarily assist with the daily care of the kids, including helping with meal preparation, playing games, teaching songs, reading activities, creating arts & crafts projects, and sharing your affection and attention with these wonderful children.

The Fee

To join your orphanage program in Ghana you will pay $955 for a two-week stay and $ 1290 for a four-week stay. This volunteer in the Ghana orphanage project does not have a registration fee. The payment covers ongoing support from ABV staff, program marketing costs, an information pack, administration costs, ABV fund donation, staff travel costs to inspect programs, airport transfers, and food & accommodation.


Incredible reviews of this organization include statements like “I wish I could stay longer” “my time in Cartagena was wonderful” “staff was amazing.” Several reviewers said they loved their host families. Be sure to check out A Broader View in your research about orphanage volunteering in Ghana.

Go Over seas

Volunteer forever

Go abroad


Sadly, poverty, HIV/AIDS, diseases, abuse, and alcoholism have left many children in Ghana with no families, depriving them of the parental love and care they need. You can take this opportunity to change children’s circumstances by caring and nurturing them by joining this orphanage volunteer program in Ghana to give them a chance at a brighter future.

Volunteering with the communities in Ghana is a very impactful project. Your work will greatly change the quality of life for children, women, and men giving them hope for a better life. Your contribution will go a long way to provide care and skills to more people in the community highly improving the general quality of life in the communities.

You now have the 10 best and cheap Volunteer In Ghana Orphanage opportunities available. If you are looking to work in childcare or orphanage in Ghana contact any of the providers for a great opportunity today.

If you are interested to volunteer at an orphanage in other beautiful countries, we have orphanage programs available in countries like Nepal, India, Sirlanka, Thailand, Uganda, Cambodia,  Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, Guatemala, South Africa, and Ecuador.


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