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The 7 [Best Cheap] South Africa Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2024

The 7 Best Cheap South Africa Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2024

Are you planning to volunteer with underprivileged children in Uganda, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

Get Free Quotes From 7 Best Cheap South Africa Childcare Volunteer Providers

Are you looking to help and care for children living in poor communities in South Africa? Do you dream of visiting the famous historical Robben Island or surf in the cool waters of the Indian Ocean while also making a difference? Are you finding it difficult to select the best-rated South Africa orphanage and children volunteer provider?

It can be very time-consuming to find the best volunteer South Africa orphanage program online. There are hundreds of similar organizations offering the same programs, making it extremely difficult to select the best.

No need to worry! TravellersQuest has done the daunting task for you. Our research team has analyzed hundreds of companies and selected the best volunteer orphanage project providers in South Africa. Our assessment is based on budget, reputation, reviews, and professionalism. We can assure you that when you choose one of these providers, you’ll have a reasonably priced, fulfilling, and safe volunteer abroad experience in South Africa.

Providers Starting price USD Reviews
Plan My Gap Year (UK) $534 Go Overseas- 406 reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $604 Go Overseas – 2,219 reviews
Go Abroad – 1,657 reviews
IFRE Volunteer (USA) $599 Go Overseas – 116 reviews
Love Volunteers (New Zealand)   $748 Go Overseas – 140 reviews
Go Abroad – 271 reviews
Global Crossroad(USA) $599 Go Overseas – 93 reviews
GO Eco (UK) $1,020 Go Overseas – 89 reviews
Go Abroad – 729 reviews
African Impact (South Africa) $1524 Go overseas-194 reviews

Table update Mya 29, 2024

Plan My Gap Year (UK)

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) was founded over a decade ago by volunteers for volunteers, with a goal to work with local communities in the developing world towards long-term sustainable goals. With international offices in UK and US, PMYG prides itself on offering well-structured programs that create the best platform to meet like-minded volunteers to expand your social circle.  With programs across Asia, Africa and Latin America PMGY offer the best way to travel while making a positive impact in the world.

About Plan My Gap Year South Africa Childcare Volunteers

PMGY’s Childcare volunteer program in South Africa brightens up the lives of young children making a vital and important contribution to their daily lives. It is estimated that about 80% of young children in South Africa’s townships do not have access to early childhood development education and lack the support required to develop to their full potential. Affordable and accessible childcare services can be very difficult to source across Cape Town and surrounding communities, particularly for families from low-income backgrounds. 

PMGY works with a range of childcare programs across Cape Town. Each center is different varying from 50 to 100 children and ranging from children as young as 6 months up to 6 years old. Childcare volunteers in South Africa can expect to participate in supporting the local staff with daily duties and lessons, assisting with food preparation and feeding, supervising during free playtime and nap-times, teaching and writing.

The Fee

You need a registration fee of $249 plus  $495 for a two-week stay or $915 for a four-week stay at the childcare volunteer project. The payment covers private transport to and from the project, 24-hour in-country support, airport transfers, food, and accommodation.


The company has always been able to maintain top-quality programs and high safety standards for the volunteers. PMGY has been positively rated and reviewed by former volunteers on online reviewing websites like Abroad Reviews with a rating of 4.8 stars. You surely need to check out PMGY in your South Africa orphanage volunteer project research, they have so much to offer. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

With over 10 years of experience in International volunteers programs abroad, International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is one of the world leaders in impactful volunteering abroad.  With over 40 volunteer destinations abroad, IVHQ works in Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Over the years the organization has worked with over 100, 000 volunteers worldwide providing affordable volunteer travel experiences that are responsible, safe, and high quality.

IVHQ’s Special Needs Care program in South Africa

Childcare and orphanage volunteer opportunity in South Africa is best suited for volunteers who are caring, compassionate, patient, hard-working and willing to help with a range of duties. Medical students or healthcare professionals who are seeking physiotherapy volunteer opportunities are also able to support physical therapy while volunteering at the centers.

While in the childcare program, major tasks include providing care, feeding, physical therapy, education, vocational skills-development, recreation, and stimulation, as well as help with cleaning and maintaining facilities. The goal of your role as a volunteer is to work closely alongside the center staff to promote better health and well-being outcomes while engaging in a cross-cultural learning exchange in the communities you will be working with.

The Fee

To join the South Africa orphanage volunteering program you will pay $329 for the registration fee and $445 for a two-week stay or $785 for a four-week stay. The fee covers volunteer placement, airport transfers, and food & accommodation.


Remarkable online reviews for this organization include “affordable program” “most trusted” “we started on the right foot” incredibly helpful.” This organization deserves a chance as you research volunteering in South Africa. Read reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad:

IFRE Volunteers

south afirca ifre volunteering orphange

IFRE is based is Texas US and founded in 2005 with the goal to provide safe and affordable volunteer abroad programs. As a registered non-profit IFRE is highly regarded for safe projects, attention to detail, affordability, professional field volunteer support, and diverse opportunities for cultural immersion. With over 200 programs in 18 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America the organization’s goal is to offer exceptionally affordable program fees to our volunteers as well as boost the local economy by creating jobs.

IFRE Volunteer’s Childcare Volunteer Program In South Africa

Unfortunately, apartheid scarred South Africa badly, and more than half of the population still lives in poverty. The top one percent of the country owns almost eighty percent of its wealth and those most heavily affected by poverty are blacks, the less educated, households headed by women, large families, and children, especially in rural areas.

Currently, many local organizations, orphanages, and schools are working with poor communities and children and desperately need volunteers like you. When you join a South Africa childcare volunteer program, you’ll make an enormous impact on vulnerable South Africans living in crushing poverty. You can help underprivileged children, work in health care, teach English, or participate in a physical education project.

The Fee

An application fee of $299 is needed to volunteer South Africa orphanage project. A program fee of $450 for a two-week stay or $750 for a four-week stay is required. The fees cover food, accommodation, airport picks up and transfer, program orientation, in-country support, personalized project, pre-departure information, and certificate of completion.


IFRE offers some of the lowest fees yet provides the best quality experience. The local and international staff has built excellent relationships with partner organizations, ensuring a long-lasting bond with them so that it can best serve its volunteers out there. These are the only few reasons why the former volunteers are highly satisfied with the programs. If you want a high-quality, orphanage volunteer program in South Africa check them out. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

Love Volunteers

love voluteer south africaFounded in 2009 by Julian and Kelly, Love Volunteers’ commitment is to provide affordable and life-changing programs across the board. The organization is reputable for its transparency with 90 percent of the program fee going back to the projects. Love Volunteers offers over 200 programs in Europe, the Middle East, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Australasia. For safety and full impact Love Volunteers, programs are regularly revised to give volunteers maximum impact.

Love Volunteers’ Childcare Volunteer Program In South Africa

Childcare volunteer program is truly impactful on impoverished children and their families. Within the local community, unemployed women have established home-based groups. Some of the women have never received formal training in childhood development and their resources are generally very limited.

By joining South Africa volunteer in a childcare program, your duties will vary. You will be required to be passionate about working with children and be very patient and compassionate. It is also important that you understand the local community situations and the local challenges as you work towards building a better future for children and the future generation.

The Fee

Program fees include $299 for the registration fee, in addition to $449 for a two-week stay or $779 for a four-week stay. The fees cater for accommodations, meals, 24-hour airport pickup, orientation and full safety briefing, and 24-hour in-country support. These fees do not include flights other and personal expenses.


With great online reviews the most common include “ I had a time of my life” “wonderful experience” “amazing program.” The raving reviews are numerous, over 300 positive reviews; you might want to look further while researching volunteer South African orphanages. Read more reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

Global Crossroad

gcr south africa voluteering orphanage

Founded in 2003 Global Crossroad has a great commitment to offering outstanding in-country support from experienced local staff while ensuring you are offering impactful and meaningful programs. With over 200 program in 18 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, Global Crossroad also offers a variety of programs to meet your needs in individualized placements, travel and adventure, in-country travel arrangements, free-time exploration, and other services as per your specific needs.

Global Crossroad’s Underprivileged Children Program in South Africa

Cape Town is the second-largest city in South Africa. There are all walks of life here. There are those who live luxuriously and those who struggle to survive and lack even the most basic of necessities. Socio-economic problems like poverty, disease, and neglect have turned many South African children into helpless orphans. Underprivileged children program in South Africa is highly impactful and rewarding.

Most underprivileged centers in South Africa are working hard to feed, clothe, and educate the children, but many face a shortage of funds and are in desperate need of volunteers to assist them. Global Crossroad is working with local children centers in South Africa to give underprivileged children the quality of life they deserve. As a volunteer in South Africa in an orphanage program, you will help these disadvantaged children achieve this and work with the kids on a daily basis to improve their lives.

The Fee

Volunteer South Africa orphanage Program fees include a $299 registration fee, along with $450 for a two-week program stay or $750 for four weeks. Fees cover food, accommodation, airport pick u, program orientation, personalized project, pre-departure information, and certificate of completion.


Exceptional reviews include statements like “highly recommended” “learned new culture” “rewarding volunteer.” Several past volunteers said they wish they could have stayed longer and loved working on the project. Another said she had the best time of her life. Be sure to check out Global Crossroad in your research about the orphanage volunteering programs in South Africa. Read reviews on Go overseas.


GoEco is a leading eco-tourism company founded by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal. With over 150 programs around the world, the GoEco team is made up of experienced and passionate specialists who are eager to give you the volunteering vacation of a lifetime. They pride themselves in having well-diversified providers, ranging from local community groups to renowned global organizations. GoEco projects are carefully vetted to ensure every volunteer experience meets our standards and yours.

GoEco’s Cape Town Children’s Development volunteer Program

The focus of this project is to educate, support, and empower disadvantaged children and youth using a sustainable approach. By providing children and youth with better education and a brighter future, this project aims to promote self-sufficiency and enable growth within Cape Town communities.

As a volunteer in South Africa in childcare program, you will help these disadvantaged children achieve their dreams by stopping the cycle of poverty but you will also fulfill your goal of helping and supporting underprivileged children making a positive impact in the world.

The Fee

With GoEco you do not pay for registration fees. For a two-week stay, charges are $1,530, and a four-week stay is $2,350. Your program fee covers food, accommodation, airport pick-up, and orientation support.

The Reviews

GoEco has amazing reviews on Go Overseas of 94 percent rating.  Many volunteers show a lot of positive comments like “best decision ever” “highly recommend.” Go check out GoEco further as you explore your options to volunteer South Africa orphanage. Read all reviews on Go overseas and Go abroad.

African Impact

Founded in 2004 in Zimbabwe by a group of well-traveled volunteers, African Impact is an international volunteers organization. With years of experience in tourism, development, and conservation, African impact does not only provide volunteer programs but a lifestyle for all their volunteers.  Experience gained working with organizations around Africa has now informed African Impact’s mission that volunteering has the power to transform both a community and a volunteer.

African Impact’s Vulnerable Child and Community Support Volunteer Program in South Africa

South Africa has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS anywhere in the world and it is impossible not to see the effects of this in the rural villages in remote Zululand, St Lucia. HIV and AIDS can cripple families and it is not uncommon for children to be orphaned at an early age and either taken in by wider families or cared for by the community.

While volunteering in orphanage program in South Africa, you will meet many young village children and Zulu families and understand how they are dealing with the daily struggles of village life, while also giving a helping hand and making a lasting impact for future generations. African Impact works with 9 different daycare centers in the remote villages surrounding the area of St Lucia, each taking care of anywhere from 40 – 80 underprivileged and needy children each day. Women with almost no formal training run these centers, but who have a huge passion and heart for providing any form of education to help the children get a step ahead.

The Fee

African Impact doesn’t charge a registration fee; the two-week program fee for volunteer South Africa orphanage is $1,524, and the four-week stay is $2,345. Fees cover accommodations and food, airport pickup, in-country orientation and brief, 24/7 local support, and project placement and onsite supervision.


African Impact has received grate reviews from past participants and including current volunteers.  Amazing statements like “it was a lot of fun” nice organization with great partners” are some of the online reviews. Go and check their website and learn more about volunteer in South Africa in orphanage projects. Read all reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.


Sadly, Socioeconomic problems like poverty, disease, and neglect have turned many South African children into helpless orphans. Many orphanages throughout South Africa are struggling due to understaffing and underfunding and are in desperate need of volunteers like you to assist them. This is a good opportunity for you to care for children and support them to have a brighter future and change the cycle of poverty.

Volunteering in an orphanage in South Africa is a very meaningful project. Your work will greatly help these poor children receive the love, care, education, and companionship that they need and deserve. Your role is vital to the improvement of the present and future lives of these disadvantaged children.

Now that you have the 7 best and cheap volunteer South Africa orphanage opportunities available. If you are looking to work in childcare or orphanage in South Africa contact any of the providers for a great opportunity today.


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