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The 7 [Best Cheap] South Africa Wildlife Volunteer Providers 2024

The 7 Best Cheap South Africa Wildlife Volunteer Providers 2024

Are you planning to volunteer in South Africa with wildlife, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you looking to volunteer in South Africa and you are wondering how to get the best program provider? When you start your research for volunteer South Africa wildlife you will get many providers offering almost the same program. If you select one without doing any serious Internet research, you will waste your money or choose a bad program that may threaten your safety, and ruin your volunteer abroad experience.

In this article, our research team has evaluated and assessed hundreds of volunteer organizations and chose the best cheap, impactful, and safe volunteer organizations offering opportunities in South Africa.

Keep reading to discover the best rated South Africa wildlife volunteer providers.

Providers Sample price USD Reviews
IFRE Volunteer (USA) $999 Go Overseas – 116 reviews
Love Volunteers $1058 Go Overseas – 140 reviews
Go Abroad – 271 reviews
RCDP International (USA) $979 Go Overseas – 63 reviews
Plan My Gap Year $684 Go Overseas – 14 reviews
Eli Abroad(USA) $995 Go Overseas – 32 reviews
Go Abroad – 6 reviews
African Impact $1,955 Go Overseas – 139 reviews
Go Abroad- 2731 Reviews
Go Eco $ 1,360 Go Abroad- 729 reviews

Table update June 4, 2024

IFRE Volunteer

ifre volunteer abroad

IFRE is a nonprofit organization located in the USA. Founded in 2005, IFRE Volunteers consists of dedicated humanitarians. With 200 projects and more than 22,000 volunteers in 28 countries, they have built their reputation supporting underprivileged children, local community development, and grassroots organizations worldwide. We love that they are affordable with high-value programs.

IFRE’s Volunteer South Africa Wildlife Program

IFRE offers the best program in South Africa, for wildlife conservation volunteer program will make a deep positive impact on the lives of wild animals. In this program, you’ll work to save species from extinction and improve the chances of survival for injured ones in rehabilitation. By working with a wildlife conservation project in South Africa you will be part of the solution these animals and plants need to thrive in their natural environment. As a passionate wildlife lover, your help is needed to secure a more promising future for the plants and animals on the brink of extinction in South Africa.

The Fee

This is among the cheapest volunteering opportunity in South Africa in the wildlife programs. You’ll pay $1,100 for a two-week stay with an enrollment fee of $299 and cover costs such as program inspection, and marketing costs, food, accommodation, and airport pickup.


IFRE is a favorite for past volunteers who have worked in South Africa before. From 347 reviews online on Go Overseas and Abroad Reviews the organization has an average rating of 9.7/10. Past volunteers are content with the value of the program and its affordability. Read more here!

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers offers the affordable best programs in 35 countries around the world. Julian and Kelly founded the organization in 2009 after many years of volunteering abroad in developing countries. Over the years they have worked with over 20,000 volunteers offering safe and impactful programs. If you are looking for an experienced provider that works with local organizations to ensure program sustainability, then this is your safe choice.

Love Volunteers’ wildlife sanctuary volunteer program in South Africa

This fabulous wildlife conservation project in Africa was developed to simply save the lives of the majestic native animals of South Africa. This South Africa wildlife program plays a significant role in helping to maintain the preserve and protect the animal. You’ll be able to assist local staff. Like many conservation programs, funds are greatly lacking, and you’ll be essential to the success of the project. Your duties vary on a day-to-day basis and are dependent on factors such as the weather. The work is mostly outdoors and will sometimes be in unpleasant conditions, so volunteers will need to be willing to lend a hand with all sorts of tasks.

The Fee

Love Volunteers provides an inexpensive wildlife sanctuary volunteering in South Africa program, they strive to keep the costs affordable for their volunteers. Program rates start as low as $1,239 for a two-week stay with a registration fee of $299. This includes airport pick-up, housing, program orientation, and your breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.


They also offer volunteers memorable experiences and security options on top of the flexibility these programs offer. This company has countless positive reviews from past volunteers and stories on the Internet which you can easily view utilizing a simple search. Read all reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

RCDP International

rcdp international volunteer

As the best organization, we loved that RCDP is one of the most affordable and reliable volunteer abroad organizations in the world. Established in 1998, RCDP offers volunteering programs in 20 countries across the world. With over 18,000 volunteers, RCDP offers over 200 meaningful programs across three continents in 18 developing countries. This organization is best because over the years it has grown exponentially more than 300 percent per year.

RCDP’s Wildlife Conservation Volunteering Program In South Africa

RCDP’s great program is located in the Southern Suburbs and along the False Bay Coastline to maintain the wonderful beauty, landscape, and marine life. In this South Africa wildlife volunteer program, you’ll play an active role in the conservation project. You do not need any skills to volunteer in the project. But you must have passion and dedication to work outdoors, be comfortable working with children and must work in a team, and learn all the work given to you.

The Fee

This provider works to provide low-cost South Africa wildlife volunteering projects. They provide programs for as low as $1,100 for two weeks with a registration fee of $279. The fees cover accommodations and meals, transport, support inside the country, information prior to departure and program, completion certificate.


Past volunteers rave about the friendliness of the South Africa people despite the difficult situations they are in. Glowing reviews of RCDP programs include comments like “very comfortable accommodation” and “rewarding experience.” Read reviews on Go overseas.

Plan My Gap Year

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) has amazing and life-changing experiences and opportunities for volunteers across 17 countries around three continents. Founded by volunteers for volunteers in 2009, PMGY is an award-winning volunteer organization with offices in both UK and the US. PMGY is the best organization if you are a first-time traveler or a gap-year young student. Each year they host over 4,000 volunteers.

Plan My Gap Year’s South Africa Big 5 Wildlife Experience Program

PMGY’s Big 5 Wildlife Volunteer Experience is a life-changing experience that allows you to work behind the scenes on a world-class wildlife reserve in South AfricaThis program is designed for volunteers interested in having a truly African experience while making a difference to the local wildlife and environment. Activities for this program vary on a day-to-day basis and are dependent on weather and other factors.

The Fee

Not only is it one of the most rated but also very cost-efficient offering the best wildlife sanctuary volunteer program in South Africa. A registration fee of $249 is required, with a minimum program stay of 2 weeks for a super low fee of only $885. This includes airport pick-up, housing, program orientation, and your breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.


Over 600 alumni volunteers have been enormously satisfied and content volunteering in South Africa with wildlife. They loved that this provider has programs that are simple and set out for first-timers and are cheap. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

ELI Abroad

eli abroad

Experiential Learning International (ELI) and this non-profit were founded in 2011. ELI offers over 100 programs to 1,000 volunteers each year providing them an amazing array of life-changing opportunities. This provider caught our attention because they not only have programs for first-timers but also for seniors including students and internships.

ELI Abroad’s Wildlife Sanctuary Program In South Africa

ELI’s best wildlife conservation project in Africa is based in beautiful Cape Town, located on a small peninsula from the southern tip of South Africa into the Atlantic Ocean. This program is dedicated to conservation, pre-veterinary, or veterinary students who would like to simultaneously learn from professionals and contribute their skills. Specific placements are available working with monkeys, ostriches, penguins, birds, cheetahs, reptiles, horses, or the aquarium.

The Fee

This provider is affordable and cost-effective. You’ll pay a fee of $200 to get registered as a South Africa wildlife reserve volunteer. Only a two-week stay for the price of $795 is available in this program. The fee covers program orientation, food, accommodation, airport pickup, and transfer, project placement, and onsite supervision.


ELI has earned numerous positive reviews as a great and affordable organization offering impactful opportunities in South Africa. Past participants have been very impressed by the diversity of the program and that you can customize your project to meet your needs. This provider has a rating of 9.1/10 on Go Overseas.

African Impact

African Impact was started in 2004 in Zimbabwe by a group of well-traveled volunteers.  As an award-winning organization, they not only offer development and conservation volunteer programs but also provide a lifestyle for all their volunteers. African Impact offers over 100 programs in 11 countries across Africa. We love the transformational approach they take in the communities around Africa.

African Impact’s African Big 5 &Wildlife Volunteer In South Africa

African Impact has a life-changing program Big 5 Volunteer program in South Africa. In this wildlife conservation project in Africa, you will learn how to compile and collect data, which is analyzed and used to create reports, maps, and up-to-date profiles of the animals that we observe.  Using whisker patterns, scars, and ear notch you will understand how to distinguish individuals in order to create and update ID kits, which will monitor their movement and their health in the years to come.

The Fee

This provider does not charge to register for South Africa wildlife volunteering. A one week stay for the program is $1375. Fees paid cover pre-departure information, program orientation, food, accommodation, airport pickup, and transfer, in-country support and project placement, and onsite supervision.


Outstanding reviews include statements like “greatly recommended” “I learned something new every day” “satisfying experience.” Several past volunteers said they wish they could have stayed longer and loved working on the project. Another said he had the best time of his life. Be sure to check more reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

Go Eco

As the best provider, GoEco is a leading eco-tourism company founded by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal over 10 years ago. With over 150 programs around the world, the GoEco team is made up of experienced and passionate specialists who are eager to give you the volunteering vacation of a lifetime. They pride themselves in having well-diversified providers, ranging from local community groups to renowned global organizations.

Go Eco’s African Wildlife Volunteer Program

Go Eco’s great animal sanctuary Africa program is ideal if you are passionate about wild animals. In this South Africa wildlife volunteering program, you’ll make a difference in their lives. By helping the incredible staff with conservation efforts you will experience close encounters with a variety of different species. You will also gain insight and knowledge of the locally endangered animals and different aspects of animal care by working alongside a team of professionals.

The Fee

This provider’s South African wildlife conservation volunteer opportunity is absolutely cost-friendly. A minimum of a two-week stay starts at $1,360 with no registration fee. The fees are inclusive of accommodation, food, airport pick up, pre-departure info pack, and transfers to the project. You’ll not find this kind of price anywhere else.


This provider has years of experience in animal and environmental conservation and is affordable compared to other organizations. For this reason, many past volunteers had remarkable things to say. Comments such as “impactful program ” “learning with no borders.” are in many online reviews. Read more reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.


We have done most of the research for you and analyzed the best low-cost volunteer South Africa wildlife providers the ultimate decision is up to you with no commitment. Pick wisely and confirm the company has good communication before you commit to them. Find a company that responds well to your passion and life goals.

It is important that you volunteer with a company that you really believe in and see through your passion to make positive change in the world. Remember to keep in touch and give us your feedback after your trip abroad.


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