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The 10 [Best Cheap] South Africa Teaching English Volunteer Providers 2022

The 10 Best Cheap South Africa Teaching English Volunteer Providers 2022

Are you planning to volunteer teaching English in South Africa, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Travellers Quest is committed to helping you take a decision to volunteer abroad with confidence. We don’t have a bias to ANY of the organizations featured here. Our best list is created after careful examination of prices, reviews, and organization reputation. You are free to select any organization with no obligation.

Are you ready to start your volunteer work in South Africa but you have no idea where to find the best teaching program provider? Sadly, finding a great and affordable provider in South Africa is a real challenge. An online search will reveal many companies, if you land on the wrong one you may threaten your safety, ruin your abroad experience, and waste a lot of money.

After hours of non-stop research TravellersQuest team chose a few of the best cheap and impactful volunteer teaching English in South Africa providers. Here are the best 10 affordable and highly rated organizations, which will offer you a life-changing, volunteer experience

Providers Sample Price
USD (2 Weeks)
Plan My Gap Year (UK) $557 Go Overseas;-96%- 314 reviews
Review Center:-4.8/5- 297 reviews
Ubelong (USA) $670 Go Overseas:-9.5/10 – ‎222 reviews
Go abroad:-10/10 – ‎1 review
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $699 Go overseas:-9.5/10 – ‎1,364 reviews
Go Abroad:-9.5/10 – ‎1,008 reviews
RCDP International (USA) $729 Abroad:-9 / 10 -64+221 Reviews
Go overseas:-Rating: 9.5/10 – ‎28 reviews
Love Volunteers (New Zealand) $748 Go overseas:-9.1/10 – ‎134 reviews
Go Abroad:-9.7/10 – ‎282 reviews
IFRE Volunteer (USA)   $749 Go Overseas:-8.8/10 – ‎58 reviews
Abroad Reviews-9.1 / 10 after 327 Reviews
Global Crossroad (USA) $749 Go overseas:-9.1/10 – ‎49 reviews
Abroad Reviews:-8.8 / 10 -334 Reviews
Eli Abroad(USA) $995 Go overseas-Rating: 9.1/10 – ‎31 reviews
Go Abroad-9.69-51 Reviews
African Impact (South Africa) $1,524 Go overseas-94% 164 reviews
Go Abroad-9.2- 2414 reviews
Connect-123 (South Africa) $2,750 (Flat fee) Go Overseas- 9.4/10 – ‎111 reviews
Go Abroad-9.61-121 Reviews

Table update September 18, 2020

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) (UK)

This great organization is popular among young first-time volunteers. Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is an award winning international volunteer organization offering programs across 17 countries around the world. Founded over 10 years ago PMGY offers over 150 safe, structured and affordable programs. If you are searching for an organization that is a leader in family and under-18 programs for first-timers then we think this is a perfect choice.

About Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) South Africa English Teaching Volunteers

PMGY offers the best most affordable teaching program in South Africa. In this program, you’ll provide assistance to primary schools in and around Cape Town. The children are aged 6 to 13. Primary school teaching will be largely focused on English language training, basic level maths, arts, and science. In addition, you will provide an important pair of extra hands to help reduce the burden placed on local staff. In addition, that extra support and teacher presence help improve discipline and overall class productivity. Your passion will positively change lives.

Volunteer Teaching English in South Africa Fee

PMGY has a low cost volunteer teaching English program in South Africa, and they are endeavoring to keep the costs to a minimum. You’ll pay $189 for the registration fee, in addition to $368 for a two-week stay. The fees cater for accommodations, meals, 24-hour airport pickup, program orientation, and volunteer placement. These fees do not include flights other and personal expenses.


Impressive online reviews for this provider include “Simple and organized program” “we loved the cost” “the host family was very friendly.” With incredible programs and travel options, past volunteers have loved that PMGY had the most affordable and flexible projects in South Africa.

Go Overseas;

Review Center:

Why we selected Plan My Gap Year:

This was our top pick since they are very affordable and they offer very flexible teaching English volunteer programs in South Africa. The program is limited because each school has its plan and priority, but there is so much to do. The diversity and different activities and responsibilities are a bonus for PMGY.

Ubelong (USA)

As a leader in the volunteer, abroad programs Ubelong caught out attention with their simple principle of change yourself and change the world! Founded in 2009, Ubelong is based in the US and has hosted over 10,000 volunteers who have collectively served 4 million hours in impoverished communities around the world. You’ll have a lot of affordable choices with this provider including, gap year and university volunteering programs.

About Ubelong Elementary School Teaching Volunteer Program

This provider caught our attention because of the unique affordable elementary school teaching program. In this program, you’ll work with the local teachers on a variety of topics, including culture, geography, math, and writing. You will also do extracurricular activities which range from playtime with the younger children to activities like dance, theatre, and physical education with the older ones. You will usually teach alongside the local teachers, although depending on the need you may have the opportunity to lead classes.

The Fee

This provider is offering a very cost-efficient teaching volunteering program in South Africa. You’ll pay a registration fee of $295 with the program fees starting as low as $375 for a two-week stay. The fees cover your accommodations and meals, a safe airport pick-up, and the 24/7 support of the in-country staff.


Ubelong offers affordable prices for elementary teaching programs in South Africa. In addition, they give volunteers a great experience and safety options as well as the flexibility of their programs, which is reflected in over 200 glowing reviews online. Read the reviews here:

Go Overseas

Why we selected Ubelong:

We were quite attracted and selected Ubelong as the best top volunteer teaching English in South Africa since it is affordable and diverse especially for young first-time volunteers.  The program may not be very distinct but it is different from other programs and very fulfilling.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

International Volunteer HQ, also known as IVHQ, was founded in 2007 in New Zealand. IVHQ offers one of the best and cheapest volunteer opportunities in 30 countries around the world. To date, they have served about 42,000 volunteers worldwide and counting. This provider will offer promises to offer you incredible opportunities that are designed to deliver a maintainable value for local communities, their partners, and the environment. And we love IVHQ because they have sustainable programs that are all-inclusive!

About International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) Volunteering Teaching English In South Africa

IVHQ offers a great opportunity for volunteers in South Africa teaching program. In this program, you will work alongside local teachers or other volunteers. In these schools you’ll teach English, Mathematics, Life Skills, Social Studies, Art and Physical studies, however, there is a heavy emphasis on English. You can also be either tutoring for 1-hour blocks or assisting a local teacher in the classroom, and follow a set curriculum with workbooks. You may also help organize other activities for the students, including sports. Your support will help change lives in South Africa and make the world a better place.

The Fee

It is not only one of the highest-rated but also most affordable in South Africa teaching volunteer programs. You’ll pay a registration fee of $299, with a minimum program stay of 2 weeks for a super low fee of only $400. This includes airport pick-up, housing, program orientation, and your breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.


With one of the best reputations in the volunteer abroad industry, IVHQ has certainly earned its positive reviews. Read more online reviews from past volunteers who have spoken highly of the excellent prices, and ongoing support before and during the volunteering experience.

Go overseas:

Go Abroad:

Why we selected International Volunteer HQ:

What we loved most about this top volunteering English teaching program in South Africa provider was that they are not only affordable but they also offer free English as a foreign language (TEFL) courses to prepare volunteers to teach abroad. They allow volunteers to gain internationally-recognized TEFL certification at an inexpensive rate.

RCDP International

supporting kids in study

Rural Community Development Program (RCDP) is a fully registered non-profit that works in 18 countries across the world offering affordable and safe volunteer abroad programs. Started in 1998, RCDP has hosted over 18,000 volunteers in over 200 programs. If you are looking for a well-experienced organization dedicated to offering the best programs with impoverished communities while allowing you to travel and experience the culture, then this is it.

About RCDP Volunteer Teaching English In South Africa Program

RCDP offers the best teaching program in South Africa. In this program, you will teach English to disadvantaged children in and around Cape Town while immersing yourself in local South African culture. You will assist by taking classes, preparing the curriculum, or organizing various activities for the children to participate in. By joining the teaching English volunteer program in South Africa you will give hope to students to achieve a brighter future. You will find the students extremely eager to learn from an international volunteer.

The Fee

It has the most inexpensive and transparent teaching program in South Africa. This provider charges a registration fee of $279 and the minimum stay for two weeks at the project is $450. The fee covers accommodation, food, travel and airport pickup, and personalized project.


Just like you, hundreds of volunteers trust RCDP to offer an exceptional experience volunteering teaching English in South Africa and the results have certainly paid off. Read more about how former volunteers have enjoyed their cultural experience in South Africa helping a community in need.

Abroad reviews:

Go overseas:

Why we selected RCDP:

This great non-profit made our list because they are committed to making all their programs sustainable while keeping the prices low and affordable. They donate a large percentage of the program fee back to the communities meaning you will be able to experience and see real positive change. The program is not very diverse there is a great chance to learn new skills while volunteering to teach English in South Africa.

Love Volunteers

support child study

Love Volunteers as the best provider gives back 90 percent of the program fee to the projects in the communities.  Founded in 2009 in New Zealand by Julian and Kelly (brother and sister), Love Volunteers offers over 200 programs in 40 destinations around the world. As an award-winning organization and highly reviewed by reputable publications around the world, Love volunteers have hosted over 100,000 since inception and continues to send over 2,000 each year. 

About Love Volunteers Volunteer Teaching In South Africa

Love Volunteers offers affordable and flexible great teaching programs in South Africa, especially for beginners. This program plays an essential role in improving the education of at-risk children in Cape Town. These children come from impoverished backgrounds, with many experiencing social and health issues. The schools are very under-resourced and lack teachers and basic supplies, books, and equipment. You’ll play a fundamental role in helping these children achieve a better education through your support and passion.

Volunteer Teaching English in South Africa Fee

The cost of this affordable teaching volunteering opportunity in South Africa is $449 for a two-week stay at the program, which includes your accommodation, airport pickup, program orientation, and eating expenses. You’ll also pay a one-time registration fee of $299.


Over 450 past volunteers have been extremely appreciative for the immersion and travel opportunity with Love Volunteers and the chance to have a positive impact on children’s lives in South Africa. Read more about the great things they have to say about the ongoing support and dedication of the local staff and the easy application process.

Go overseas:

Go Abroad:

Why we selected Love Volunteers:

This provider is a great choice if you are a beginner and wanting to help impoverished communities in South Africa on a budget.  They are very cost-efficient with a very simple and easy application process on a personalized dashboard that helps you to prepare to volunteer teaching English programs in South Africa.

IFRE Volunteer

educate kids

This amazing provider offers over 200 affordable and safe programs across 18 countries in the world. IFRE is a registered US-based non-profit, founded in 2006. Since its inception, this organization has hosted over 22,000 happy and satisfied volunteers offering low-cost travel opportunities while working with underprivileged communities and children. This provider works with grass-root communities to impact real change with the support of volunteers, funding most of the programs with volunteer fees, which we absolutely love!

About IFRE Volunteer Teaching English in South Africa

IFRE is considered an inexpensive and highly rated company offering great volunteer programs in South Africa. In this program, you’ll work as an English instructor in private schools, public schools, or schools run by orphanages. Extra assistance will be needed especially with singing, drawing, dancing, organizing games, and other creative educational activities. You will mostly work as assistants to the main English teacher, as there is at least one permanent English teacher in most South African schools.

The Fee

This South Africa teaching English volunteer program runs for a minimum of two weeks for $450 including a registration fee of $299. Fees include airport pick-up and departure transport, housing, food, and full support throughout your trip.


Multiple past volunteers repeat outstanding statements like “transparent” “community based” “best experience ever.”  Make sure to check out IFRE further and read over 350 reviews of why past volunteers love this provider. It is one of the most popular organizations offering volunteer programs in South Africa.

Go Overseas:

Go Abroad:

Why we selected IFRE:

IFRE is a top best organization with very affordable prices, flexible and community-based volunteering teaching programs in South Africa. Sometimes the programs have a limitation depending on the local organization’s needs and priority but you can be sure that the program has a positive impact in South Africa and it is sustainable because most of the fees paid to go back to the project.

Global Crossroad

help child in education

Global Crossroad is a well reputable volunteer abroad organization started in 2003 in Dallas, Texas. This provider has over 200 programs in 18 countries across the world. We were impressed by Global Crossroad’s growth rate of 300 percent each year since inception. It is among the best providers for very personalized volunteer programs with plenty of time for travel, culture immersion, and adventure.

About Global Crossroad Volunteer Teaching English in South Africa

Global Crossroad’s unique program in South Africa is very impactful. In this program, you are desperately needed to help provide better education, so that disadvantaged children can at least have a chance to lead a successful life as adults. It will be a great opportunity to explore the field of education while gaining valuable experience in it. Your dedication to these children will leave a lasting mark on them. 

The Fee

You’ll be offered the best-valued prices for teaching english in South Africa volunteer program. Program registration fee is at a minimal cost of $299 with a two-week stay program cost of $450. The fees cover for costs of host family/hostel accommodation, three meals per day, and services of the local staff members.


Past volunteers reviews speak volumes of what they think about this provider. Hundreds of previous volunteers are thrilled about their teaching volunteer experiences in South Africa with Global Crossroad. They are thrilled about unique, diversity and impactful programs that left them fulfilled and wanting to go back.

Be sure to check further here for more:

Go overseas:

Abroad Reviews:

Why we selected Global Crossroad:

With low prices, unique and diverse programs, Global Crossroad definitely stands out. In addition, we were fascinated by the growth rate of the organization that implies that the communities are changing and many more children’s lives have changed because of the teaching English volunteer program in the South Africa program. This provider fits perfectly in our top list.

Eli Abroad

assist child in study

Founded in 2001, Experiential Learning International (ELI) is an American registered non-profit organization.  This best organization focuses on being transparent with the program fee and providing simply sustainable and affordable programs across 45 countries in the world. If you are looking to work in unique long-running, cheap, and environmentally friendly projects then, and this is the provider to look for.

About Eli Abroad Teaching English In South Africa Volunteer Program

ELI offers the best and affordable teaching program in South Africa. In this program, you’ll be needed to help poorer schools meet the needs of the students. You will usually start by shadowing as a teacher aide, but after a couple of weeks take over their own classroom. You do not need any educational requirements or previous experience. You will mostly teach English, math, social studies, music, and art.

The Fee

This company strives to keep volunteers to teach English in South Africa fees competitive and affordable for more and more volunteers to be able to participate. A registration fee of $200 is required, while only a two-week stay is available for $795. The fee covers advertising, staff salaries, taxes, and other operational expenses, and the rest is paid directly to your host families and projects.


ELI Abroad has a solid and professional reputation for providing safe, reliable, and affordable teaching English volunteering opportunities in South Africa. In reviews online, past volunteers have praised the organization and all the preparation the organization takes you through before departing and on arrival at their project.

Check out all 82 reviews here:

Go overseas

Go Abroad

Why we selected ELI Abroad:

They topped our list for volunteers teaching English in South Africa because it has programs for all age groups starting from 18-82 years. They also have very affordable programs with 18 years of volunteer abroad experience, which we thought was a good start for long-time as well as first-time volunteers. The best of both worlds!

African Impact (South Africa)

African Impact offers the best in-expensive volunteer opportunities in South Africa. Founded in 2004 in Zimbabwe, African impact has more than 12 years of experience running sustainable projects in 12 countries. They have served more than 12,500 volunteers from all over the world. We were attracted to this African-based provider because they clearly understand deeply the issues many African countries are facing. They also believe in the power of volunteering and how volunteers can positively change the world.

About African Impact Social Impact In South Africa Volunteer Program

African Impact has low-cost volunteering in South Africa programs that is highly rated as well. In this program, you’ll be working with children between the ages of 6 months and 7 years, supporting local teachers at 2 pre-schools run from renovated shipping containers within Red Hill. You will assist teachers with lesson planning and implementation through a school-readiness approach, providing one-on-one attention to students who are falling behind in their progress.

The Fee

You’ll pay for cheap English teaching volunteering opportunities in South Africa. Prices will vary depending on the length of the project. The minimum stay period for this project is 2 weeks at $1,524, no registration fee is required. . The weekly fees cover 24/7 support from the on-site project team, transfers to and from the airport, project orientation and induction, emergency medical assistance, transport from and to projects, health briefing, safety briefing, as well as safe and comfortable accommodation.


This best provider has many volunteer stories and reviews shown on their website especially for South Africa teaching volunteering experience; however, volunteer reviews available show how organized their team is, how thoughtful the host family is, and how helpful their coordinators are who make their experience safe and memorable.

Go overseas

Go Abroad

Why we selected African Impact:

It is our best company offering to volunteer teaching English in South Africa program, that is unique, affordable and sustainable focusing on social development. . The fees are slightly higher compared to other programs in South Africa but over 80 percent of the fees are invested back to the community.

Connect-123 (South Africa)- 2002

If you are looking for an extraordinary and affordable experience in an exciting international city then you’ve made a great start! This international volunteer organization was founded in 2010 in South Africa and offers programs in large cities including Shanghai, Dublin, and Cape Town.  They provide you a dedicated local team in each destination who are committed to providing you with access to the best opportunities to suit your objectives.

About Connect-123 Education and Teaching Volunteer Program

Connect 123 offers a great and unique education and teaching project in South Africa. In this program, you will have hands-on teaching and mentoring roles as well as ways to volunteer your research, advocacy, and fund-raising skills in the name of education.

Volunteer Teaching English in South Africa Fee

Connect-123 does not charge a registration fee and only has a two-week stay program available. You’ll find their prices are definitely a little higher than some other providers on this list. Two weeks’ stay of teaching English volunteering in South Africa will cost you a flat fee of $2,750, which includes airport pick up and departure transport, housing, food, full support throughout your trip, and a lifetime Connect-123 alumni group membership.


Past volunteers are happy with their experience with Connect-123and they share their stories with photos through social networks. Most reviews reflected the high quality of the coordinator’s teams, the friendliness of the environment, and deep wishes to repeat the experience with them. Check out more.

“Overall I think that my internship experience has been really good and I am really happy to have been able to experience it with the help of the Connect-123 staff.”

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

Why we selected Connect-123:

If you’re interested in traveling and volunteering in a big city while learning more about advocacy and fundraising this is the right fit for you. This company emerged on top because they not only offer the best learning opportunity at South Africa teaching volunteer program but you also have a local guide that will help you throughout the program, which explains the high cost of this program compared to other providers.


Now that you have gone through our entire guide, you can promptly identify a provider that works for you and your objectives in South Africa. Before selecting with no commitment the best volunteer teaching English program in South Africa provider, ensure you get a good sense by directly contacting them for more information. Choose wisely!

We would love to hear your experience once you take upon any of these great opportunities.  Be sure to share with us.

If you are interested in volunteer teaching in any other beautiful country, we have teaching programs available in countries like Tanzania, India, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Nepal, and Sirlanka


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