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The 9 [Best Cheap] Ghana Teaching English Volunteer Providers 2023

The 9 Best Cheap Ghana Teaching English Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you planning to volunteer teaching English in Ghana, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Travellers Quest is committed to helping you make a decision to volunteer abroad with confidence. We don’t have a bias to ANY of the organizations featured here. Our best list is created after careful examination of prices, reviews, and organization reputation. You are free to select any organization with no obligation.

Are you having difficulties finding the best teaching English Program provider for your volunteer work in Ghana? Unfortunately, finding cheap, reliable, and efficient organizations to work within Ghana takes good effort and time. There are without a doubt plenty of organizations offering volunteer opportunities in Ghana on the Internet.

One wrong choice, you either end up paying much more than you need to, or enrolling for a sub-par experience, and even risk your life in unsafe projects. And for this reason, our research teams have reviewed hundreds of volunteer teaching English opportunities in Ghana to 9 of the best, in terms of being both affordable but well thought of.  With our Travellers Quest guide, you will get to:

Providers Sample Price
USD (2 weeks)
Original Volunteer (Uk) $419 Abroad Review-8.2 / 10 – 98 Reviews
RCDP International $579 Abroad Review-9 / 10 – 221 Reviews
Go overseas:-: 9.5/10 – ‎28 reviews
IFRE Volunteer $599 Go Overseas:-8.8/10 – ‎58 reviews
Abroad Reviews-9.1 / 10 – 327 Reviews
Ubelong $675 Go Overseas:-9.5/10 – ‎222 reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $689 Go overseas:-9.5/10 – ‎1,364 reviews
Go Abroad:-9.5/10 – ‎1,008 reviews
Love Volunteers $688 Go overseas:-9.1/10 – ‎134 reviews
Go Abroad:- 9.7/10 – ‎282 reviews
Agape Volunteers $774 Volunteer forever-: 4.7 – ‎37 reviews
Go Overseas-9.9/10 – ‎19 reviews
Eli Abroad $955 Go overseas-Rating: 9.1/10 – ‎31 reviews
Go Abroad-9.69-51 Reviews
A broader view   $995 Go Overseas-: 9.9/10 – ‎178 reviews
Go abroad-74 Reviews

Table update September 17, 2020

Original Volunteer (UK)

Original Volunteers is a UK-based leading independent volunteering abroad programs provider. Every year this great organization sends over 1000 volunteers abroad to more than 100 projects across 20 countries. This organization is not only budget-friendly but also very flexible in its programs. They are on our best list because the registration process is quite easy and you can custom make a program, around our objectives.

About Original Volunteer Teaching English In Ghana

IFRE works with primary and secondary schools in poor and rural areas in Ghana. You will teach of schools in low-income communities and very young students up to high school-age kids. You’ll be teaching English, along with other subjects like PE, Math, Computer, Art, Music, etc. You’ll also help organize fun recreational activities for the children to enrich their daily life. For older age groups at some schools, there may be some set books to follow but there is always an opportunity to introduce new activities.

Volunteer Teaching in Ghana Fee

Original Volunteers asks for minimal registration fees of $159, and $260 for a two-week program stay. No hidden charges‘ just one clear price. The fee covers, accommodation, food, orientation, airport pickup transport, and in-country support.


Original Volunteer is an award-winning great and affordable organization. They offer volunteers the unforgettable teaching English volunteer experience in Ghana of traveling and helping poor families. This provider is passionate about your safety and comfort, and reviews reveal that the local team is kind, professional, and friendly. “It was a great first experience and I never had any problems.”

Why we selected Original Volunteers:

This organization is on our radar because it is affordable with a safe program. Volunteering teaching English Ghana project is affordable and of high standard finds that suits your passion and interests. The teaching programs are in Ghana but the professional local staff is willing to make little adjustment for you when required.

RCDP International

teching african kids

RCDP International is one of the most affordable, reliable, and oldest volunteer abroad organizations in the world. Founded in 1998 RCDP had hosted over 20,000 volunteers in 20 countries around the world. This provider has positioned its programs as safe and secure with 24/7 local support from experienced staff. Every year RCDP sends 1000 plus volunteers to work in 150 programs in three continents.

About RCDP Volunteer Teaching in Ghana

You’ll enhance the lives of young students desperate to learn English while immersing into daily Ghanaian culture and exploring this vibrant African country. Join this teaching English  program and help young Ghanaians develop skills required to succeed in life. You will be motivated to learn that children are well-behaved and eager to learn from an international volunteer like you.

The Fee

RCDP is an amazingly cost efficient and transparent organization with years of experience working with thousands of volunteers across the world. The registration fee is $279 and only $300 for a two-week stay, which covers many costs including airport pick up, pre-departure information, and certificate of completion.


By offering affordable, rewarding, and meaningful teaching English volunteer opportunities in Ghana, RCDP has received over 100 positive online reviews with an average of 9.5/10 satisfaction rate. Past volunteers love the program’s precious cultural experience and exchange. Most of the previous volunteers noted that teaching the English program provided them with the best experience. Be sure to check out more:

Abroad reviews:

Go overseas:

Why we selected RCDP

With years of experience and affordable prices, RCDP definitely caught our attention. The programs are not as expansive but it is a starting point to be proactive and create the best out of this English teaching volunteering in Ghana. Since past volunteers have left great reviews be assured of an impactful teaching program in Ghana.

IFRE Volunteer

teaching in community school

IFRE offers low-cost volunteer opportunities in more than 18 countries around the world.  Since being founded in 2005 in Texas, USA IFRE Volunteers have organized more than 17,000 volunteer opportunities in over 200 projects, in three continents around the world. Their cheap prices and insistence on fees being paid directly to the project or host family create a great level of confidence amongst potential volunteers and is one of the reasons we selected this great organization.

About IFRE ‘s Volunteer Teaching in Ghana

By joining Ghana volunteer English teaching program you will be teaching English in a local government school. Teaching English in a public school in Ghana, you are giving a life-changing opportunity to learn English directly from a native English speaker to local children. It will not only help the children but also help you gain hands-on teaching experience as well as a fantastic volunteering opportunity in Ghana while traveling.

The Fee

You’ll pay an affordable registration fee of only $299, a one-time payment. Their affordable weekly fees start from $300 for 2 weeks, while a four-week stay is $550. The program fees cover food, accommodation, transport, orientation, and in-country support staff during the placement.


Volunteers have shared their experiences about their low-cost teaching volunteering in Ghana through this provider in 65 reviews. Volunteers also like that they could afford an inexpensive volunteering experience with full support and enough time to travel and tour the country.

Read more reviews at:

Go Overseas:


Why we selected IFRE Volunteers:

IFRE’s low costs and reviews definitely captured our attention. Some past volunteers in volunteer teaching English in Ghana were surprised that the accommodation was not as comfortable as that which a hotel would provide, but volunteers were also happy to stay in conditions similar to the people they serve.


We are sure that Ubelong meets the perfect criteria for any first-time volunteer looking for cheap and impactful programs. Founded in 2009, this US based organization offers gap year programs, high school programs, seniors programs, including university programs and individual programs. This would be a perfect choice it allows you to learn, travel, and help impoverished children in the community.

About Ubelong Education Volunteer Program

During the Ghana teaching English volunteer program, you’ll work four to five hours a day with local teachers to help plan and lead classes for children between 3 to 16 years old depending on your preference. The classes introduce children to basic concepts in topics like language and math and stimulate the children’s emotional, personal, and social development through discussions and playtime. There are as many as 30 children in a class, so it will be so useful for you to maintain classroom order and provide the children with individualized attention.

The Fee

Ubelong fees are affordable compared to some providers. You’ll pay $295 for the registration fee and $380 for a 2-week stay you can extend your stay for 4 weeks for a cost of $590. The fee will cover accommodation, food, and some pre-travel administration costs.


The overall rating given Ubelong is A+. Many past volunteers are extremely satisfied with their experience in volunteer teaching programs in Ghana. They love Ubelong for being an affordable, low cost and professional organization that they will continue traveling with.

Go Overseas:

Why we selected Ubelong:

What we loved most about this provider as the best provider for teaching English volunteers in the Ghana program is the cost and the diversity of the programs. They have programs available for everyone including students, even older people who just wish to travel and change the world.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

This New Zealand-based volunteer abroad organization was founded in 2007 and works on four principles based on innovation, trust, affordability, and meaningful volunteer experience abroad.  With over 40 destinations across the world, IVHQ has hosted over 105,000 since inception. If you are looking for an organization that is affordable with life-changing volunteer vacation, gap year, or alternative break, then this is the organization to choose.

About International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) Teaching English Volunteer Program in Ghana

IVHQ offers a great and affordable teaching program in Ghana. In this program, you’ll work in both rural and urban communities in Accra, supporting the children by either teaching solo or assisting local teachers. You’ll also be teaching English and other typical lesson topics, music, and arts are also incorporated into the syllabus. Your passion will change lives forever.

IVHQ Volunteer Teaching in Ghana Fee

This organization keeps its prices low and affordable. You’ll pay $299 for registration, while a minimum of a two-week stay at the programs will be $390.  The volunteer teaching English program in Ghana fees cover the housing and food by the host family, local support, and security, including airport pickup and transfer.


With over 2,000 reviews online from past volunteers, this organization offers very professional services and offers what they promise. This is why IVHQ is highly rated by past volunteers. Many have raved about the affordability and the commitment of the organization to offer the communities the best teaching English Program. Check more raving reviews here.

Go overseas:

Go Abroad:

Why we selected International Volunteer HQ:

They topped our list for the best 9 volunteers teach English in Ghana providers because it is very affordable with elaborate and impactful programs in the communities. The application process is also fast and simplified but the programs are slightly limited they offer the most impactful projects in Ghana.

Love Volunteers

help kids in study

In 2009 two siblings Kelly and Julian founded Love Volunteers.  Over the years this provider has grown to be a leading giant in the volunteer abroad industry.  Love volunteers offer over 100 affordable and safe programs in 12 countries across three continents. This organization offers a great opportunity for first-time volunteers who are looking to make a difference in simple and affordable programs.

About Love Volunteers Volunteer Teaching Program in Ghana

This wonderful project was created with the goal of helping to improve the education of children in Senya Beraku, Accra Region. You’ll choose if you want to work in the city or rural area. While volunteering teaching English in Ghana you will teach a range of subjects, including mathematics, science, geography, social sciences, history, business education, art, and music, as well as English. You can teach in nursery, primary and secondary schools either independently or teach under the supervision of a local teacher. 

Volunteer Teaching in Ghana Fee

Love Volunteers have very low-cost volunteer programs in Ghana and they are striving very hard to keep the costs as low as possible to be affordable to anyone. The required payment often depends on the length of the volunteering teaching program in Ghana. A two-week minimum stay costs $389 with a registration fee of $299. The fee covers food, accommodation, and donation to the local community.


Love Volunteers offers favorably rated teaching volunteer opportunity in Ghana. There are 400 volunteer reviews with an average rating being between 9 -10 out of 10. Most of the reviews confirm that Love Volunteers provides affordable volunteer programs in Ghana, delivered by professional, friendly, and respectful local staff.  The reviews are available below.

Go overseas:

Go Abroad:

Why we selected Love Volunteers:

This organization was shortlisted in this best 9 providers list because, despite the fact that the programs are really cheap and affordable, 90% of the program fees go back to the grassroots organizations in Ghana. The company is very transparent with the spending of Ghana teaching English volunteer program fees, and the report is available to volunteers upon request.

Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteers is a fully registered UK non-profit, specializing in offering affordable volunteer programs in Africa. Founded in 2009 by international volunteers and Kenyan Aid workers the organization works with local organizations to impact positive change in poor African communities. If you are looking for an organization with deep and first-hand experience working in Africa then this provider fits right in. And they offer free travel insurance at no additional cost.

About Agape Volunteers Volunteer As A Teacher In Ghana Program

As a volunteer teacher in Ghana, you will be helping provide lessons to children in one of the local partner schools. You’ll nurture the talents, confidence, and life skills of underprivileged children. The children you teach will benefit from your enthusiasm and your ability to construct sentences in English. Games and sports are another important part of school life, be prepared to help in those as well.

Volunteer Teaching in Ghana Fee

Agape Volunteers has no registration fee, you can consider that when comparing prices. You’ll pay fees starting from $774 for 2 weeks, the minimum period to stay for the volunteer as a teaching program in Ghana. Your program fee covers most of your costs, including comprehensive travel insurance, food, accommodation, Jamestown city Tour and donations to the local projects.


Online reviews by past volunteers show an average of 9.3/10 overall rating from 82 participants.  Statements like “time well spent”  “cannot compare to another” “I achieved my goals.” If you are looking for a trustworthy and impactful provider, then Agape Volunteers is a perfect match going by the reviews.

Go overseas

Go Abroad

Why we selected Agape Volunteers:

Agape is the top best provider for volunteer teaching in Ghanaprogram because they are among the only providers that offer free travel insurance in the program fee. The program is somewhat a little higher in cost but they had our attention from the unique teaching project they offer.

Eli Abroad

teaching project ghana

Experiential Learning International (ELI) is an American registered non-profit organization founded 2001. This best organization was selected because it has no age limit to the programs they offer in Ghana and 44 countries around the world. They have a range of projects starting from 18-82 years. There is something for everyone.  ELI works in partnership with local organizations and prides itself on being transparent and open to all volunteers.

About Eli Abroad Teaching English Volunteer Program In Ghana

This great organization works with local schools throughout Ghana to help provide additional teachers to work in schools. You may teach a variety of subjects, but are primarily useful for English speaking skills. Students benefit largely from volunteers who can bring a variety of perspectives to the classroom. You do not require teaching experience, though it may be helpful. Being highly motivated and very flexible will ensure you achieve your goals and objectives.

The Fee

Eli Abroad program in Ghana is affordable. For a minimum of a two-week stay, prices start at $755 including a registration fee of $200. The fees are inclusive of accommodation, food, airport pick up, pre-departure info pack, and transfers to the project. Airfare, visa fees, and travel insurance are not included in these costs.


This organization is affordable and has overwhelmingly good and positive reviews online. Comments such as “cost-effective and secure programs” “I will recommend to anyone out there” and “must try.” Eli Abroad offers a great volunteer teaching experience in Ghana without compromising on your safety. Read more good stuff below:

Go overseas

Go Abroad

Why we selected ELI Volunteers:

Eli Volunteer made our list for the top 9 volunteering teaching English in Ghana because the best way to know more about an organization is through the reviews, and Eli has raving reviews. Many past volunteers are happy about the program’s safety and the comprehensive travel insurance they offer. The application process may take longer a time but this unique experience changes communities forever.

A Broader View

This great organization is a US-registered non-profit founded in 2007 by volunteers Sarah and Oliver Elhers who were frustrated trying to find an organization that was affordable with diverse programs. Twelve years later A Broader View has thrived to have over 245 programs, sending over 1000 volunteers across the world each year. The fact that they have donated over $3 million to local organizations in 20 countries attracted us to this organization.

About A Broader View Education Volunteer Program In Ghana

You’ll work at a refugee camp orphan school teaching preschool classes through grade six. There are approximately 60 children attending school and they range in age from 3 -15 years old.  The school is made up of six classrooms and an office building. Expect to be involved in after-school fun activities, sports, arts and crafts, and other games with the kids. You will also actively assist with the feeding program helping to make and distribute meals to the children.

The Fee

A Broader View is known to provide competitive programs in Ghana while being consistent in the program.  You’ll not pay the registration fee for the Ghana English teaching volunteer program. Two weeks of volunteering in Ghana will cost you $995 that includes airport pick up and departure transport, host family accommodation, food, and full support throughout your trip.


The provider has a 9.9/10 rating and 400 positive reviews about their volunteer opportunities in Ghana. Past volunteers attest that they got the best experience for their future career in the educational volunteering program that was conducted professionally by the local staff. Read reviews on:

Go Overseas

Volunteer forever

Why we selected A Broader View:

A Broader View topped our list because it represented the essence of being a professional non-profit.  With millions of dollars donated to grassroots organizations, it is making real positive changes in the volunteer teaching English program in Ghana and that is what we would like you to experience.


Now that you have checked out our guide for the best 9 providers offering Volunteer Teaching in Ghana be ready to choose with no commitment the best provider for a life-changing opportunity. Check out the reviews and settle for the provider that best speaks to your goals and passion.

We would love to hear from you! Share your experiences, and let us know which organization you use. If you didn’t, then tell us which one of these organizations made you interested in cheap volunteer opportunities in Ghana.

If you are interested in volunteer teaching in any other beautiful country, we have teaching programs available in countries like Tanzania, India, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Nepal, and Sirlanka


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