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The 10 [Best Cheap] Tanzania Teaching English Volunteer Providers 2023

The 10 Best Cheap Tanzania Teaching English Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you planning to volunteer to teach English in Tanzania, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Travelers Quest is committed to helping you make a decision to volunteer abroad with confidence. We don’t have a bias to ANY of the organizations featured here. Our best list is created after careful examination of prices, reviews, and organization reputation. You are free to select any organization with no obligation.

Do you have a passion for teaching children in need and want to make a true difference in the world? Has the iconic African continent been calling your name? Becoming a volunteer teaching in Tanzania is the perfect way to make your dreams come true!

The beautiful country of Tanzania is known as the land of safaris. You can view majestic creatures like elephants, giraffes, lions, hippos, crocodiles, chimpanzees, and more. The stunning landscape will take your breath away, from the snowy peaks of impressive Mount Kilimanjaro to the powdery white sand beaches and islands dotting the coastline.

You know you’d like to travel to Tanzania and volunteer teaching disadvantaged children but selecting a volunteer abroad program provider from the sea of available options can be a daunting task. Which is the most affordable? How will you know if an organization is ethical and trustworthy? Which provider is the best choice for your particular situation?

Luckily for you, the experienced team here at Traveller’s Quest has done all the legwork for you. We carefully reviewed hundreds of teaching programs in Tanzania, looking for the most professional, affordable, reliable, and well-reviewed providers. We selected the top 10 options and have compiled them for you here in one convenient location.

Every potential volunteer teacher traveling to Tanzania will have different things they are looking for in a provider, so we’ve summarized each program and provided links so you can learn more about which is right for you. By selecting one of these carefully screened programs, you are sure to have a successful volunteer trip abroad.

Providers Sample Price
Plan My Gap Year (UK) $508 Go Overseas;-96%-314 reviews
Review Center:-4.8/5- 297 reviews
RCDP International $554 Abroad Reviews:-9 / 10 -64+221 reviews
Go overseas:-Rating: 9.5/10 – ‎28 reviews
IFRE Volunteer $599 Go Overseas:-8.8/10 – ‎58 reviews
Abroad Reviews-9.1 / 10 after 327 Reviews
Love Volunteers $658 Go overseas:-9.1/10 – ‎134 reviews
Go Abroad:-9.7/10 – ‎282 reviews
International Volunteer HQ $669 Go Overseas-9.5/10 – ‎1,427 reviews
Go Abroad-9.53/10-1074 Reviews
A broader view $1100 Go overseas-: 9.9/10 – ‎178 reviews
Go abroad-74 reviews
Agape Volunteers $1137 Volunteer forever: 4.7 – ‎37 reviews
Go Overseas-9.9/10 – ‎19 reviews
GoEco (USA)- 2006 $1430 Go Overseas- 9.4/10 – ‎64 reviews
Go Abroad-9.76-517 reviews
Projects Abroad $1829 Go Abroad:-9.45/10- 222 reviews
Go Overseas:-92%- 468 reviews

Table update September 24, 2020

Plan My Gap Year (UK)

This UK based organization offers volunteer programs in 17 countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. They specialize in GAP year programs designed for students who have just graduated and want to see the world and get a taste of what they might like to do for a living before heading off to college. They also offer school, family, and under 18 programs.

About the Tanzania English Teaching Volunteers

You will be working helping teach English and a variety of other subjects to disadvantaged Tanzanian children. Your placement will likely be in a nursery or primary school, or in a local orphanage. Secondary school placements may be available upon request. The schools have usually had over 50 children to one teacher, so your support is greatly needed!

Your time volunteering teaching in Tanzania will pave the way for brighter futures for your students, who can use their newfound skills to go on to successful careers in the lucrative tourism industry. You will be assisting a local teacher and will be expected to spend an hour or two a day developing a lesson plan for the following day. Great experience!

Volunteer Teaching in TanzaniaFees:

Plan My Gap Year charges 149 pounds for a registration fee. Your weekly program fee will cost 250 pounds for 2 weeks, and 470 pounds for 4 weeks. This covers housing, food, your orientation, a safe airport pickup, and the full support of the PMGY team before you leave, and in-country support once you arrive.


One satisfied Tanzania teaching volunteer reported feeling, “supported, safe, and looked after” and that the accommodations and food were, “so nice.” These things are important to know, especially for young GAP year travelers who are out in the world on their own for what is probably the first time.

Go Overseas

Review Center:

RCDP International

teaching children in remote area

RCDP International was founded in 1998 in Colorado. They pride themselves on supporting community development initiatives in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. With some of the lowest prices in the volunteer abroad world, this impactful non-profit still maintains a high level of quality, safety, and satisfaction in 18 countries.

About the Teaching English in Tanzania volunteer program

Over half of all Tanzanians live on less than $2 a day and struggle with deeply entrenched poverty. Tourism is a well-paying industry that can help Tanzanians escape this plight. RCDP operates teaching programs in Moshi, Arusha, and Boma, poor areas where young students between the ages of 6-16 will greatly benefit from your help.

Fluent English speakers will assist local teachers, and once you build up your confidence you will be able to lead lessons on your own. You are encouraged to engage your students in lively debates, a fun way to help the kids build their language skills and practice everything you have taught them.

Volunteer Teaching in Tanzania Fees:

To join RCDP’s English teaching volunteering program in Tanzania, you will pay a registration fee of $279. The weekly fee is quite affordable at only $150, with 2 weeks costing $275. This covers full support before and during your trip, safe and comfortable accommodations and three local meals per day, airport pick-up, orientation and training, and help with raising funds.


RCDP International’s programs focus on cultural immersion and often include a language learning component. This plays heavily into the positive reviews left by past volunteers. One volunteer described his experience with RCDP as, “honestly one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.”

Abroad Reviews:

Go overseas:

IFRE Volunteer

assist in child education

This non-profit organization based out of Dallas, TX has been offering some of the most affordable and meaningful volunteer abroad programs in 20 countries around the world since 2006. IFRE has a true passion for humanitarianism, and they only charge enough to keep their life-changing programs running and making a difference where it’s needed most.

About the volunteer teaching in Tanzania

Although English is commonly spoken in Tanzania and classes are offered in local schools, educating the many children in each class is a monumental challenge for teachers who desperately need your help. Tanzanians who develop valuable English language skills can go on to get well-paying jobs in the growing tourism sector, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Most schools have an English teacher on staff, so anyone who is fluent in English can volunteer to assist them. You will spend about 2-3 hours a day teaching, and the rest of your time at the project you will devote to organizing fun and creative activities for the kids and helping with administrative or other needed duties around the school.


IFRE is dedicated to offering the most affordable experience abroad possible, so their fees are quite low. Volunteer teachers in Tanzania will pay a registration fee of $279, and a low weekly fee of $175. For two weeks you’ll pay $300. This includes full support from the IFRE team, safe and comfortable housing, airport pickup, and daily breakfast and dinner.


IFRE usually places their Tanzania teaching volunteers with welcoming local host families, a chance to truly immerse yourself in the local culture. Many of the reviews from past volunteers rave about how this experience enhanced their time abroad, with volunteers feeling as if they were given the gift of a “second home”.

Go Overseas:

Abroad Reviews

Site jabber:

Love Volunteers

child caring projects

Shocked by high fees other organizations charged to volunteer abroad, Julian and Kelly, a brother/sister duo from New Zealand, founded Love Volunteers in 2009. They traveled the globe seeking out worthy non-profits and community development programs that needed help, and by 2013 they were recognized as one of the leading providers in the world.

About the Education Support Program Tanzania

Love Volunteer’s English teaching volunteer program in Tanzania is carried out in Arusha, one of the poorest communities in Tanzania. You will be teaching in the neediest and impoverished schools in the area, usually on the outskirts of town. You’ll teach younger children who are of nursery or primary school age. Expect basic supplies such as a blackboard and chalk.

You’ll teach English, as well as a variety of subjects that you may have an interest in such as art, science, etc. You will assist the local teachers, as well as offering general assistance around the school as needed like working in the vegetable garden. You’ll organize and carry out fun games that help your students work on their English skills.


You’ll be charged a $299 registration fee when you sign up to volunteer teaching English opportunities in Tanzania, and one week of volunteering will run you an additional $199. Four weeks cost an additional $619. This covers airport pickup, your housing and food, and the support of the Love Volunteer’s staff. 


One Tanzania volunteer reported, “I could not recommend this experience enough. I will never forget my time in Tanzania, and I know I will be back.”

Go overseas:-9.1/10 – ‎134 reviews

Go Abroad:-9.7/10 – ‎282 reviews

International Volunteer HQ

Founded in 2007 by Daniel Radcliffe following a volunteer trip to Africa, International Volunteer HQ is dedicated to making volunteer experiences accessible to everyone who wants to make a difference. It has now grown to one of the leading organizations in the world, offering programs in 40 destinations globally and serving over 100,000 volunteers.

About the Volunteer Teaching in Tanzania

Education is an important part of Tanzanian culture, and students as young as 3 years old are eager to learn. Unfortunately, there can be as many as 80 students in each class, making one-on-one instruction impossible without the aid of much-needed international volunteers like yourself.

You’ll be volunteering teaching English to Tanzanian students aged 3-14 in Arusha, a beautiful area nearby Mount Kilimanjaro and the famous Serengeti National Park.  You will be assisting local teachers, and sometimes taking on a class or two a day on your own. You’ll be teaching subjects like English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Physical Education.


You will pay a registration fee of $299, and a weekly program fee. For one week of volunteering, the program fee is $270, two weeks is $370, and a month will cost you $595. This fee includes airport pick up, an orientation, your accommodations and meals, and 24/7 support from their in-country team.


It’s important to take into account what past volunteers have to say about their experience with a provider. Many past volunteer teachers in Tanzania cite their experience with International Volunteer HQ as “unforgettable”, and experiencing a true sense of “belonging”, and “family”.

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

A Broader View:

A non-profit based in Pennsylvania, A Broader View was founded in 2007. Since then, thousands of volunteers have traveled with them to 27 countries and made a difference in 245 different projects. The majority of these volunteers aided disadvantaged families and orphans, though the group offers a variety of another volunteer abroad programs, as well. 

About the Tanzania English Teaching Volunteer Program

Help is needed in local Arusha, Tanzania schools teaching English, math, music, art, etc. You will work with young children who are in kindergarten and primary school. You are expected to come up with creative ideas on how to teach your students and develop lesson plans.

It is advised that you learn some basic Swahili words to better enable you to teach the children and assist the local teachers. You will also need to bring along teaching aids such as flashcards, maps, alphabet and number games, and picture books in order to engage your students, and these items will be left behind as a donation to the school.

Volunteer Teaching in TanzaniaFees:

The cost of volunteering teaching opportunity in Tanzania with A Broader View is $960 for one week and $1100 for two weeks. This includes airport pickup, supervision, and accommodations and meals. Although the weekly cost is higher than some, this organization does not charge a registration fee.


Some past volunteers describe their experience with A Broader View as “eye-opening”, and “life-changing”. Another described it as the “best experience of my life”.

Go Overseas

Volunteer forever

Go abroad

Agape Volunteers

This UK-based charity organization is focused solely on bringing international volunteers to support humanitarian aid efforts on the continent of Africa. They offer programs in teaching, orphanage work, medical care, sports, music, and wildlife conservation. They also offer additional adventure vacation activities you can add to your trip for an additional fee.

About the Volunteer As A Teacher in Tanzania

You will be working in local schools teaching Tanzanian children from underprivileged families. This valuable skill will help your students go on to have successful futures and escape the terrible poverty that plagues their communities. You will start out assisting the local teacher but are encouraged to make the lessons your own and stretch your wings.

You will be teaching English as your primary subject, but you can also help out teaching math, music, science, social studies, and other subjects. In the afternoons, sports and games are a big part of the student’s day. It will be your responsibility to organize and supervise these activities, a fun chance to connect with the kids and have a great time.

Volunteer Teaching in Tanzania Fees:

Since this is a UK-based organization, the rates are listed in pounds sterling. There is no registration fee with Agape, and two weeks in the Tanzania teaching volunteering program will cost you 1137 dollars. This includes your accommodations, airport pickup, and drop-off, 2 meals a day, 6 days a week, a donation to the school, and an IDP and Nairobi city trip.


Past volunteers have rave reviews. One said, “I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Agape Volunteers. They were so supportive and made me feel at ease about traveling to a foreign country. I learned so many things, met so many people, and had the time of my life.”

Go Overseas

Go Eco

children development program

This US-based volunteer agency is focused on responsible, ecological travel and supporting environmental efforts worldwide. While they also offer humanitarian projects, each one is ethical and ecologically sustainable. For those of you interested in doing your part to save the planet while volunteer to teach English in Tanzania, this is a good option for you.

About the Teaching and Community Involvement

This unique Volunteer Teaching in Tanzania project will place in Moshi in northern Tanzania. You’ll be teaching English to local children, as well as to teachers and adults, increasing the impact you will make while also giving you a greater range of experience working in the educational field. Beyond teaching, you will make even more of a difference by helping out the local community.

When you’re not teaching, you’ll be helping improve the school, reaching out to locals to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, and helping out marginalized groups that are often overlooked such as elderly people. If you’re looking to gain experience teaching and also give back in other ways, this is a great option for you.


Two weeks of Tanzania volunteering teaching English program with GoEco will cost you $1430. This includes your housing, three healthy meals a day, airport pick up and drop off services, training and orientation, and the full support of the GoEco team.


Past volunteers have a lot of good things to say about GoEco. “The work I accomplished, the people I met, and the places I visited made this experience hard to forget. If you’re looking for a meaningful volunteer experience, GoEco will help you find the most suitable one for you.”

Go Overseas

Go Abroad

Projects Abroad

help child to study

This UK-based volunteer organization has been around for the last 25 years, long before the age of smartphones and the ease of surfing the web for meaningful experiences abroad. They have many opportunities available and specialize in both volunteer and internship programs that help young people, even those under 18, make the world a better place.

About the volunteer teaching Tanzania

You’ll be working in primary schools in either Arusha or Moshi, teaching eager students who need English language skills to have successful futures and the chance to proceed to secondary school. You may also have the chance to head outside of Arusha and teach in the tribal Maasai school to students who have little to no formal education otherwise.

You’ll mainly be teaching English, but may teach other subjects, as well. You will also have the chance to organize fun games and sports activities for the kids. You’ll assist the local teachers, develop lesson plans, and gain valuable experience working in a classroom setting while making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children who need your help.


A 2-week Tanzania volunteer teaching program is $2,565. Although pricier, a lot of extras are included. This fee covers housing, three meals a day, travel insurance, airport pick up and drop off as well as the transport to and from the project, social events with fellow volunteers and teaching workshops, a personalized fundraising website, and more.


Past English teaching volunteers in Tanzania have wonderful things to say about their time with Projects Abroad. “My worldview has truly changed after this transformative experience!” Even volunteers under the age of 18 can feel secure. “Travelling for the first time at the age of 16 sounded very scary but ProjectsAbroad helped me throughout the entire process!”

Go Abroad:

Go Overseas:

Original Volunteers

teaching student in tanzania

This UK-based organization sends volunteers to over 100 projects in 20 countries. They pride themselves on offering ethical, low-cost, and flexible volunteer programs. They offer a unique service in that if you have a specialized skill that you want to use to help struggling communities but there’s no project to match, they can tailor one for you!

About the Tanzania teaching English volunteer program

You will be placed in rural Iringa, a fascinating and little-visited area of Tanzania. This project is unique in that you will have a variety of teaching options available, and you can select the one that is best for you. You can teach in local schools or act as an assistant if you’re not feeling ready to lead the class on your own.

You will also have the choice of lecturing at a university, or teaching sports and engaging kids in athletics. These schools are very poor and have few resources besides a blackboard, chalk, pencils, and pens. Bring along fun workbooks, picture books, flashcards, arts and crafts supplies, and anything else to help make learning fun for your students.


The fee for the Tanzania teaching volunteer program is $335 for up to 4 weeks, with a $156 registration fee. This includes staying with a local host family and being supervised by a volunteer coordinator. While the costs are quite low, this does not include your meals, airport pickup or departure, etc., so there will be other expenses you will need to factor in.


Beyond the meaningful experience volunteers have had at their projects, many cite the responsiveness of the Original Volunteers team as a strong point for this organization. “Booking and preparing for the trip were really easy as the OV team was extremely helpful.”

Abroad Reviews


The impoverished people of Tanzania need help to raise themselves out of the financial hardships they now face. You can gain valuable experience by Volunteer Teaching in Tanzania and make a profound difference in the lives of children in need at the same time.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten a better idea about which program is perfect for you after reading this article. If you’d like to learn more about topics like this, Traveller’s Quest is adding new material all the time. Be sure to come back and visit us again for all your volunteer abroad needs.

If you are interested in volunteer teaching in any other beautiful country, we have teaching programs available in countries like India, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Nepal, and Sirlanka


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