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The 8 [Best Cheap] Sri Lanka Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2023

The 8 Best Cheap Sri Lanka Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2023

Are you planning to volunteer with underprivileged children in Sri Lanka, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

Get Free Quotes From 8 Best Cheap Sri Lanka Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers

Travelers Quest is committed to helping you make a decision to volunteer abroad with confidence. We don’t have a bias to ANY of the organizations featured here. Our best list is created after careful examination of prices, reviews, and organization reputation. You are free to select any organization with no obligation.

Do you dream of volunteering and visiting Sri Lanka? Are you looking for a chance to share your love and passion for children and helping others?

Sri Lanka is an amazing country filled with beautiful sights. There are white sandy beaches with world-famous surfing conditions, beautiful rain forests and much more. The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the cuisine is some of the most delicious food you will ever get to experience.

If you’ve already decided to volunteer in an orphanage in Sri Lanka you’ve probably already noticed that there is a huge amount of companies offering programs to do just this and choosing the right one can be a massive time investment with no guarantee that you’re picking the right one. Indeed, you can easily find yourself paying high fees for poor service and quality as finding the right provider is difficult to work.

We want to help with this problem. Here at TravellersQuest, we have done extensive research and looked into different organizations and companies to find out which are the best and which aren’t worth your time and money. With this research, we have created a list of the top 8 best cheap providers based on pricing, quality of service, reliability, and reputation.

Join one of these fantastic organizations and fulfill your dream of becoming an Orphanage volunteer in Sri Lanka, using your passion for helping others is the most rewarding way possible.

If you are interested to get more information from any of these best providers, do not waste your time contacting each provider! simply fill out ONE form, Get FREE quotes & info from multiple providers so you can compare and save. This is a FREE service feel free with no obligation to select an organization that interests you.

Company Name Starting price
(2 weeks)
Plan My Gap Year   $519.43 Go overseas:96% – ‎[314 reviews]
Volunteer forever: 4.9 – ‎[632 reviews]
RCDP $539 Abroad reviews: 9 / 10 – [64 Reviews]
Go overseas: 94% – [32 reviews]
IFRE Volunteers $609 Go Overseas: 89% – ‎66 reviews
Sitejabber:3.5 – [‎7 reviews]
Global Crossroad   $609   Go overseas: 92% – [‎58 reviews]
Abroad Reviews:8.8 / 10 -[334 Reviews]
International Volunteer HQ $724   Go overseas: 95% – ‎[1,401 reviews]
Go Abroad: 9.53/10 – ‎[1,064 reviews]
Love Volunteers $828 (3 weeks) Go overseas: Rating:9.1/10 – [‎135 reviews]
Volunteer Forever: 4.6 – [‎64 reviews]
Go Eco $770 Go overseas: 94% – ‎64 reviews
Go Abroad:9.76/10 – ‎501 reviews
Projects Abroad $2265 Go Abroad: 9.45/10- [222 reviews]
Go Overseas: 92% – [468 reviews]

Table updated: August 12, 2020

Plan My Gap Year

Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) started as volunteers banding together to form a company focused entirely on creating long-term sustainable solutions for struggling communities and countries in need of assistance. Since then, it has grown into a large international volunteer organization operating programs in 17 different countries across 3 continents including a Child Care Volunteering in Sri Lanka  program.

About PMGY’s Orphanage Volunteer Program

srilanka childcare project

Sri Lanka is a poor country that struggles with many societal problems common to developing nations such as a lack of infrastructure, and poor access to education and healthcare. This poverty and lack of services have created a huge problem with orphans and abandoned children in the country.

When you volunteer in a child care project in Sri Lanka with PGMY you will stay in their well-managed volunteer house and work with the children and orphans, teaching them English and organizing sports, games, and other extracurricular activities.

The Fees

project fee for volunteer

PGMY charges a $189 registration fee, in addition to a 2-week program fee of $330 or a 4-week program fee of $584. This includes 24-hour airport pick-up, accommodation, meals, Wi-Fi access, an orientation, 24-hour in-country support and a certificate upon completion of your volunteer work.

The Reviews

PGMY has incredibly favorable reviews online. Comments from past participants include statements like: “I had such a great experience with PMGY before that I just knew I had to go again”, “I had an absolutely incredible time” and “honestly what an experience!!”. With their affordable rates and fantastic feedback, PMGY is a great option for becoming a volunteer in a child care program in Sri Lanka.

Go overseas: 96% – ‎314 reviews

Trust pilot:  5 – ‎1,151 reviews

Volunteer forever: 4.9 – ‎632  reviews

RCDP International

rcdp sirlanka orphanage home

Founded in 1998, RCDP has built a reputation as one of the most affordable volunteer abroad projects, and offers fantastic volunteering in the Sri Lanka Orphanage program. Over 18,000 volunteers have placed their trust in RCDP in one of their 200+ programs in 18 different countries.

RCDP focuses on providing sustainable development efforts for incredibly impoverished and disadvantaged communities. In all of their programs, RCDP encourages and facilitates volunteers to improve their skills in leadership, teamwork, and sustainability.

About RCDP’s Sri Lanka Orphanage Volunteer Program

childcare project detail

A devastating civil war and growing income inequality have made Sri Lanka a country that struggles deeply with extreme poverty. The government is doing its best to rebuild the country following decades of strife and conflict, but the sheer number of orphaned children makes this a herculean task, and thus many children are suffering and need kind and passionate volunteers to volunteer in an orphanage in Sri Lanka and lend a helping hand.

While volunteering you will be teaching English, encouraging a love of music and arts, educating the kids on important life skills like personal hygiene, cooking, and cleaning. This valuable work will give the children better opportunities as adults and greatly enrich their life.

The Fees

To join a volunteering program in an orphanage in Sri Lanka with RCDP you first need to pay a $279 registration fee. In addition, a 2-week program will run you $260 while a 4-week program costs $490.

This includes accommodation, meals, airport pick-up, program orientation, 24/7 in-country support, a personalized project matched to your interests, pre-departure information, a certificate upon completion, assistance with fundraising, and a discount for returning volunteers.

The Reviews

rcdp review

RCDP receives amazing reviews from prior participants online. The reviews include comments such as “I would 100% use them again. VERY GOOD DEAL”, “I received good support regarding all aspects” and “Overall, I would 100% recommend the Sri Lankan volunteering program”. Based on the reviews, great services and affordable rates, you should absolutely consider RCDP when looking to gain an orphanage volunteering experience in Sri Lanka.

Abroad reviews: 9 / 10 -64 Reviews

Go overseas: 94%/47 reviews

IFRE Volunteers:

ifre sirlanka chidcare program

IFRE Volunteers was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2006 and have since then become one of the leading companies offering volunteering in Sri Lanka orphanage programs. The company has served more than 22,000 happy volunteers to over 20 different countries and owes its success to its focus on intimate grassroots campaigns creating tight bonds and connections with the local communities.

About IFRE’s Volunteer in a Sri Lankan Orphanage Program

ifre orphanage gallery

Due to civil war and extreme poverty, countless Sri Lankan children are left to fend for themselves without parents or anyone else to look out for them. While the government and various organizations are working hard to help these struggling kids, they are badly underfunded and undermanned and in desperate need of volunteers like you.

When you join orphanage volunteering program in Sri Lanka with IFRE, you will be placed with a local orphanage in Galle and spend three to four hours a day teaching English to the orphans. For the rest of your volunteer time, you will teach basic hygiene skills, organize games, sports, and artistic activities and help with maintenance and administrative tasks.

This work will greatly improve the quality of life of the kids in the short term and provide them with many more opportunities for prosperity and happiness in the long term. You will make a huge difference and feel rewarded when working with IFRE to care for orphaned children in Sri Lanka.

The Fees

IFRE charges a $299 registration fee to volunteer in an orphanage in Sri Lanka in addition to the weekly fee. This includes accommodation, meals 24/7 support, information prior to departure, pick-up at the airport, personalized projects and orientation, assistance with fundraising, a certificate, and discounts for returning volunteers.

The Reviews

ifre volunteer review

Some of the reviews by those who have taken part in IFRE’s volunteer programs include comments such as “amazing adventure for me and my friends”, “such an unforgettable experience” and “We had the time of our lives!”. You definitely want to seriously consider IFRE for your volunteer work in Sri Lanka.

Go Overseas: 89% – ‎74 reviews

Sitejabber: 3.5 – ‎7 reviews

Global Crossroad


Also founded in Dallas, Texas, Global Crossroad has served more than 20,000 satisfied volunteers through 18 different programs across 4 continents. Among these is their volunteering in Sri Lanka orphanage which has received great feedback. Especially unique is their “learning and earning” experience which allows you to actually make a bit of money as an English teacher while you’re making a difference.

About Global Crossroad’s Orphanage Volunteer Program in Sri Lanka

gcr srilanka orphanage- child campaign

With Sri Lanka’s continuing problems and difficulties, Global Crossroad decided to pitch in and help this country get through its rough times. When working in an orphanage with Global Crossroad you will be teaching the kids conversational English, helping with housekeeping, and organizing fun and exciting activities for the kids to enjoy.

This work as an orphanage volunteer in Sri Lanka will greatly benefit the kids by teaching them valuable skills including English, opening up many economic opportunities for them down the road. In the short term, your love, care, and attention will make the children feel wanted and appreciated and provide them with sorely needed happiness and motivation.

The Fees

To join the volunteer orphanage program in Sri Lanka,  you’ll have to pay a registration fee of $299 followed by a fee of $310 or $520 for a 2-week and 4-week program respectively. This includes meals and accommodation, program orientation and in-country support, airport pick-up, pre-departure information, and project matching, a certificate upon completion, fundraising assistance, and a discount for volunteers who have worked with GCR in the past.

The Reviews

gcr volunteering review

Global Crossroad has received excellent review for its orphanage volunteer in Sri Lanka program as well as its other projects. They have a 91% score on gooverseas.com and comments include “They make sure you feel at home”, “special and unique” and “absolutely incredible”. We highly recommend giving Global Crossroad a look.

Go overseas: 92% – ‎74 reviews

Abroad Reviews: 8.8 / 10 -334 Reviews

Volunteer HQ

Volunteer HQ was founded as recently as 2007 and hails from New Zealand. Despite its relatively recent beginnings, they have quickly asserted themselves as a leading provider of volunteering in Sri Lanka Child care programs as well as more than 40 other programs all around the world.

Their four key values of responsibility, innovation, trust, and awesomeness guide them in everything they do. By following these four pillars, Volunteer HQ is able to provide amazing volunteer experiences that are safe and rewarding, and the reviews prove it!

About Volunteer HQ’s Sri Lanka Orphanage Program

hq volunteer childcare initiative

Many children in Sri Lanka, whether they are orphans or from poor families without money for daycare, struggle with a lack of attention, guidance, and care. By joining Volunteer HQ as an child care volunteer in Sri Lanka you can help change all that. By assisting with homework, organizing fun activities, and teaching basic hygiene you will make a huge positive impact on Sri Lankan children.

The Fees

orphanage fee

To join the IVHQ children’s program in Sri Lanka, a registration fee of $299 is charged, to begin with, followed by $425 for 2 weeks or $685 for four weeks. This includes 24/7 in-country support, pick-up from the airport, program orientation and placement at a project that suits you personally, accommodation and meals.

The Reviews

Volunteer HQ has received glowing reviews from most of its participants. Comments such as “I cannot say enough great things about my experience”, “I have had the time of my life!” and “I would retry the experience with great pleasure!”. Their great reviews mean that you should seriously consider Volunteer HQ to volunteer in a child care program in Sri Lanka.

Go overseas: 95% – ‎1,401 reviews

Go Abroad: 9.53/10 – ‎1,064 reviews

Trust Pilot: 9.6/10 – ‎423  reviews

Love Volunteers

love volunteer abroad

Love Volunteers founders Julian and Kelly were disheartened by how many volunteer organizations were nothing more than money-grubbing schemes and founded the company in 2009 to do something about this problem. Their hundreds of programs in over 30 countries including the volunteering in Sri Lanka child care project have been well received and are reasonably priced.

About Love Volunteers’ Childcare Volunteer Program

love volunteer children development

Children struggling due to war, poverty, and disease are common in Sri Lanka, and Love Volunteers work with orphanages and childcare centers in Badulla, Galle, and Wattala to provide some love and support to these suffering children.

By becoming a volunteer in a child care program in Sri Lanka with Love Volunteers you will help bathe, dress, feed, and nurse the children while also organizing fun games and events as well as teaching them English. All this will go a long way to making the kids feel loved and happy, in addition to providing them with critically important skills for their adult lives.

The Fees

There is a $299 registration fee to volunteer with Love Volunteers. Subsequently, you will be charged $529 for 3 weeks and $639 for 4 weeks. These prices include an orientation and full safety briefing, meals and accommodation, airport pick-up, project placement, 24/7 support, and supervision.

The Reviews

volunteer reviewing childcare project

Love Volunteers has some truly excellent reviews and a 91% score on gooverseas.com. Among the things said by previous volunteers are: “this was the best experience and the best month I’ve ever had in my entire life” and “I felt safe, welcomed, and very well taken care of”. You definitely want to give Love Volunteers’ child care volunteer in Sri Lanka project a close look!

Go overseas: 9.1/10 – ‎135 reviews

Volunteer Forever: 4.6 – ‎64 reviews

Volunteer world Rating: 4.9 – ‎112   reviews

Go Eco

After traveling the world for years and noticing the increasing need for volunteers, Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal founded Go Eco in 2006. Ever since then, Go Eco has solidified itself as a powerhouse within volunteering abroad and offers over 150 programs including one for volunteering in Sri Lanka child care.

About Go Eco’s Sri Lanka Childcare Program

childcare project srilanka

Go Eco works with a well-run orphanage in a village located 20 minutes from downtown Kandy, Sri Lanka. You receive a fantastic cultural training program during the first week that prepares you for your work. Aside from caring for the children and organizing fun games and activities this work will also include teaching English, cooking, cleaning and hygiene training.

As a volunteer in a child care program in Sri Lanka you will be providing the children with the love and care they so badly need, finally showing them that they are valued and appreciated. Not only that, your work will also be immensely beneficial for their future lives.

The Fees

There is no registration fee with Go Eco, which is excellent. However, their rates are a bit higher than usual with a 2-week program costing $770 and a 4-week one costing $1210. This includes meals and accommodation, airport pick-up, an orientation week, and 24/7 support.

The Reviews

goeco volunteer feedback

Go Eco has a 94% score on gooverseas.com and reviewers have almost entirely positive things to say about the experience. One reviewer described their time as a child care volunteer in Sri Lanka as such: “Going to Sri Lanka and volunteering in the babies orphanage on Kandy was the best decision I have ever made”.

Go overseas: 94% – ‎64 reviews

Go Abroad: 9.76/10 – ‎501 reviews

Projects Abroad

With 25 years of experience in Projects, Abroad is one of the most recognized volunteer organizations in the world. They offer programs in over 50 countries including volunteering in Sri Lanka children and have served more than 100,000 volunteers since they started, which is a truly staggering number.

The company originated as an effort to help victims of the cold war in Eastern Europe in the 1990’s but has since then widened its operations to include projects all over the world.

About Projects Abroad’s Orphanage Volunteer Program

project abroad childcare program

Becoming a children volunteer in Sri Lanka with Projects Abroad will allow you to share your love and passion for children by teaching them English and basic literacy, raising awareness of the environment, teaching basic hygiene, and organizing exciting activities and games.

All this will provide relief to the local orphanage, inspire and delight the children, and help create better citizens and people for the future.

The Fees

To volunteer in a children’s program in Sri Lanka you must first pay a registration fee of $295, but this is later deducted from the rest of your fees. A 2-week program is then priced at $2265 and a 4-week program at $2755. This includes accommodation, food, travel insurance, airport transfers, 24/7 support, emergency assistance, and a certificate upon completion.

While the fees are rather high, a lot of stuff is included, and the quality of service is exceptional.

The Reviews

project abroad review

Reviews of Projects Abroad are overwhelmingly positive, and those who have worked with them say such things as: “The best 4 weeks of my life!”, “Projects Abroad is a great organization” and “I felt constantly supported and comfortable”. If you’re happy paying a bit extra for the best quality, you definitely want to consider becoming a volunteer in a children’s program in Sri Lanka with Projects Abroad!

Go Abroad:9.45/10- 222 reviews

Go Overseas:92%- 468 reviews

Abroad Reviews:9.1/10-356 reviews


Deciding to go volunteering in Sri Lanka children or orphanage is an incredibly noble decision that will help both the suffering children of Sri Lanka and you personally. Armed with the knowledge collected here you will be able to make an informed and confident decision and be rewarded with the most amazing and fulfilling volunteer abroad experience you could imagine.  Follow these links, If you are looking for other orphanage programs available in countries like Cambodia,Uganda, Ghana, Peru, Guatemala, South Africa, Ecuador, Tanzania, Thailand, Nepal, Kenya and India


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