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The 7 [Best Cheap] Costa Rica Wildlife Volunteer Providers 2024

The 7 Best Cheap Costa Rica Wildlife Volunteer Providers 2024

Are you planning to volunteer in Costa Rica with wildlife, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you planning to volunteer in Costa Rica and experience delightful beaches and sunshine while giving back to the community? Volunteering in Costa Rica is an exciting and incredibly fulfilling opportunity to take up. However, it can be overwhelming to find the right program and provider for wildlife conservation volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica.

It can be stressful and time-wasting searching the internet for a provider that checks all your requirements, and selecting the wrong provider you risk shattering your dreams for an amazing Costa Rica conservation volunteer experience. For this reason, we have summarized the top high-value, impactful and affordable wildlife volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica.

Providers Sample price USD Reviews
International Volunteer HQ $794 Go Overseas – 2,224 reviews
Go Abroad – 1,657 reviews
Maximo Nivel $785 Go Overseas- 1333 reviews
Go Abroad- 1932 reviews
IFRE Volunteer $593 Go Overseas – 116 reviews
Love Volunteers $768 Go Overseas – 140 reviews
Go Abroad – 271 reviews
Global Crossroad International $593 Go Overseas – 93 reviews
GoEco (USA) $ 1,290 Go Overseas – 89 reviews
Go Abroad – 729 reviews
A broader view $1060 Go Overseas- 178 reviews

Table update June 5, 2024

IVHQ (New Zealand)

IVHQ, founded in 2007 in New Zealand, is a premier volunteer abroad organization, boasting over 150 projects in 30+ destinations globally. Offering a diverse range of projects, IVHQ facilitates meaningful travel experiences that not only enrich your life but also add depth and purpose to your adventures. Whether you’re interested in wildlife conservation, community development, or teaching, IVHQ provides opportunities to make a positive impact while exploring the world.

IVHQ’s Costa Rica Animal Care Volunteer Program

IVHQ’s Costa Rica animal care volunteer program at horse therapy centers and animal welfare projects is an amazing program. Assist with medical treatment, companionship, and playtime for abandoned or stray animals to prepare them for adoption. Highlights include flexible start dates. Volunteers work with dogs and cats to help them find loving homes while experiencing Costa Rica’s natural beauty and immersing in local culture by staying with host families.

The Fee

The Costa Rica animal program last for a minimum of one week to a maximum of 24. The program fees for the English Teaching project is $465 for 1 week, while it would be $1760 for six weeks. Volunteers pay an additional $329 as a registration/application fee for their volunteer placement.


When you are looking for the best animal program in Costa Rica, it is important that you see what past volunteers think or say. IVHQ has great online reviews the most common include “ best online training ” “very involved and committed staff ” “respectful host families.” Read more online reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

Maximo Nivel

Established in 2003, Maximo Nivel quickly rose to fame as a top choice for volunteer abroad programs in in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Maximo Nivel offers an extensive array of services, including Spanish immersion, international internships, TEFL Certification, Semester Abroad programs, and various adventure and cultural experiences. Accredited internationally, these programs also offer the opportunity to earn university credits, adding academic value to the experiential learning journey.

Maximo Nivel’s Dog and Cat Shelter Volunteer Program in Costa Rica

Volunteer with IVHQ’s Dog & Cat Shelter in coastal and beach areas of Costa Rica, addressing the challenges of abandoned and stray animals in tropical conditions. Partnered with a local veterinary organization, volunteers help nurse these animals back to health and facilitate their adoption into loving homes. This physically demanding project welcomes true animal lovers and involves tasks like bathing, grooming, basic training, cleaning cages, feeding, interacting with visitors, playing with animals, and assisting with medical treatments and education programs.

The Fee

The program fees for a week long animal care program in Costa Rica placement is $785, rising by an additional $300 for each extra week for up to 4weeks and $195 after 5th week. This program fee covers your costs for program management, in-country support, airport pick-up, accommodation and meals.

Review Maximo Nivel has received several amazing reviews from their past clients. They have their own reviews section that you can view for yourself. This renowned organization has 1,301 reviews on Go Overseas and 1,825 reviews on Go Abroad. Read all reviews of Maximo Nivel on Go Overseas.

IFRE Volunteer

ifre costarica volunteer

IFRE Volunteer was founded in 2006 in Texas, US, and is a fully registered non-profit with a mission to offer the most affordable as well as the highest quality volunteer and humanitarian experience abroad. If you are seeking a meaningful and exciting adventure abroad then this is the right organization for you. They have hosted over 20,000 volunteers in 18 countries around the world. If you are looking for a company that is growing fast, with diverse programs then this is right up your alley.

IFRE’s Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer Program In Costa Rica

IFRE’s great wildlife volunteer program in Costa Rica helps rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife that has suffered injuries or were forced into captivity from the illegal pet trade. In this project, you’ll improve the animal’s quality of life in the sanctuary, feeding, watering, and offering environmental enrichment. In addition, you will clean and repair enclosures, offer tours to the public, assist in the rehabilitation and release of injured or confiscated wildlife, plant trees, work in the garden, and help care for orphaned baby wildlife. If you are interested they will teach you the proper way to respect and care for wild animals and allow you to make a direct impact on their quality of life.

The Fee

This organization offers volunteers some of the most inexpensive fees for wildlife volunteering in Costa Rica. Program fees cover your accommodations, meals, airport pick-up and transfer, and the constant support of a local team while in Costa Rica. There is also a one-time registration fee of $299, and weekly program fees start as low as $462 for a two-week stay.


IFRE has not received any major negative reviews for their Costa Rica conservation volunteer program, and volunteers report lots of good experiences. They mostly love this provider because they are affordable, with the best local support team offering quality and a diverse program. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

Love volunteers

costarica love volunteer

Love Volunteers was established in 2009 by brother-and-sister Julian and Kelly. It is one of the most reputable organizations for young and first-time volunteers offering quick and personalized registration dashboards and simple and diverse high-value projects in 39 countries in the world. Over the years they have hosted over 100,000 volunteers, sending at least 2,000 each year. What is even more rewarding about the best provider is that 90 percent of program fees is reinvested in local host organizations.

About Love Volunteers Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Program In Costa Rica

This fabulous project was developed to simply save animal lives. The Costa Rica conservation Volunteer program plays a significant role in helping animal rescue centers continue their wonderful work by supplying a willing volunteer labor force to assist them. You’ll improve the future prospects of the indigenous animals of Costa Rica, work to save the lives of vulnerable animals in addition to researching the animals of Costa Rica to learn more about their lives and ultimately, how to protect them.

The Fee

The program fees range from $469 for two weeks up to $1,769 for four weeks. The fees cover airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation and meals program supervision, in-country 24/7 volunteer support, and administration costs. You’ll pay an additional registration fee of $299. 

The Reviews

Love Volunteers offers one of the most highly reviewed wildlife volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica. Past participants praise their experience, prices, and the ability to learn and work with other like-minded volunteers while in the animal rescue program. Read reviews on Go overseas and Go Abroad.

Global Crossroad International Volunteers

costarica gcr volunteering program

Global Crossroad Volunteers was registered in Dallas, Texas in 2003 and is one of the world’s fastest-growing international volunteer vacation organizations. It is a BBB accredited organization offering over 200 programs in 18 countries located across three continents. From their founding ‘till today they have served more than 18,000 volunteers. We were attracted to them because they are highly reviewed by the majority of past volunteers and that they have a low-cost and inexpensive volunteering program.

Global Crossroad’s Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Program In Costa Rica

Global Crossroad has a high-impact program in Costa Rica. In this Global Crossroad’s wildlife volunteer program in Costa Rica, you will work in a wildlife sanctuary founded in 1994 by Mainor Khayyan and Rodolfo Orozco, two native Costa Ricans with an affinity for animals, especially wild parrots. Volunteering at the wildlife sanctuary in Costa Rica is an incredible opportunity where you will have the chance to work up close and personally with a variety of amazing exotic animals. Your dedication to this inspiring wildlife volunteer project in Costa Rica will truly make a difference in the lives of all the animals that now call the wildlife sanctuary home.

The Fee

Global Crossroad charges a registration fee of $299, in addition to a minimum of a two-week stay at the wildlife sanctuary Costa Rica volunteer program starting at $462, or a four-week stay at $924. Fees cover accommodations and food, airport pickup, and comprehensive pre-departure information including support from local staff. Fees do not include flights, travel, and personal expenses.

The Reviews

Many volunteers have loved their unique, affordable and independent impactful program with wildlife in Costa Rica Find out more about some personal reflections from past volunteers Go overseas.

GoEco (USA) – 2006

Founded in 2003 in the US, Go Eco hosts over 1000 volunteers each year offering high-value and cheap impactful programs in partnership with local community groups to renowned global organizations. We selected this provider because they are a great and leading Eco-tourism Company with over 150 extraordinary community, wildlife, and environmental initiatives all over the world. All their projects are safe and secure to ensure every volunteer experience is impactful.

GO Eco’s Animal Rescue and Conservation Volunteer Project In Costa Rica

Go Eco offers the best and very unique program in Costa Rica. You’ll help sloths and other indigenous animals at one of several wildlife rescue centers and sanctuaries. In addition, you will work closely with indigenous Costa Rican wildlife such as sloths, jaguars, parrots, and more and contribute to conservation efforts at one of the region’s renowned sanctuaries.

The Fee

Go Eco’s opportunity in Costa Rica starts at $ 1,290 for two weeks or $ 1,990 for four weeks. We love that the program is reasonable and does not require a registration fee. The program fee covers costs such as program inspection, and marketing costs, food, accommodation, and airport pickup including local staff support.


This is a reputable organization with many positive and raving reviews about animal rescue opportunities. Past volunteers attest to Go Eco offering the most productive volunteer wildlife work opportunities in Costa Rica with transparency. With about 600 reviews Costa Rica program, GoAbroad, and GoOverseas rate this provider at an average of 9.5/10.  Read reviews on Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

A Broader View (ABV)

A Broader View (ABV) is a US-based non-profit organization specializing in meaningful volunteering abroad travel programs. If you are looking for a gap year program, a family volunteers vacation, or a life-changing experience overseas, the ABV is the best provider to turn your dreams of volunteering abroad into a reality. Founded in 2007 ABV has donated over $3.5 million to communities in developing countries around the world.

About A Broader View Volunteer in Costa Rica Sloth Mammal Conservation Program

ABV offers a very unique and rare volunteer program on protecting the sloth population in Costa Rica. You will work in a Monitoring Center that provides a unique way for locals and international volunteers to get involved in the conservation efforts.  You will be involved in researching the populations and behavior of local mammals including sloths, monkeys, raccoons, and anteaters

The Fee

This provider offers the best-valued prices for the Costa Rica wildlife conservation volunteering program. No program registration fee is needed with ABV, which we love.  A two-week stay program starts at $1390. The fees cover for costs of host family/hostel accommodation, three meals per day, and services of the local staff members.


ABV in Costa Rica is very reputable with raving online reviews. GoAbroad rates the company at 99 %. Past volunteers were raving about the unique program and flexibility, especially for young travelers. Read reviews on Go overseas.


This guide you have read above was intended to provide you with an overview of the best-rated, high-value, and cheap wildlife volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica Now that we tried to help you by researching different companies, the final decision is still up to you, with no obligation!

Ensure that the company you choose communicates well with you during all stages of the application. And don’t forget to keep us posted after your trip to Costa Rica.


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