Treskavica Mountain – Full Day Hiking Tour from Sarajevo


  • Enjoy a perfect get away to a stunning mountain of 365 creeks and springs only 30 kms from Sarajevo.
  • Admire the amazing biodiversity, incredible water abundance and visit 2 lakes.
  • Hike the through the large and dense coniferous and deciduous forests carpeted with lush grass and beautiful wild flowers and herbs.
  • Experience four seasons within only one day and witness from high summer temperatures all the way to the pristine snow slopes and the heaps of bushy leaves.
  • Have a tasty picnic lunch admiring the panorama view over the Great lake and take some amazing photos.


Welcome to Treskavica, one of the most beautiful mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a treasure trove that is simply a “must” for all of you nature lovers.

Besides the fascinating natural diversity, abundance of water and crystal clear lakes this Full Day Hiking Tour to Treskavica Mt. will enable you to live through some amazing legends, myths and war stories as this stunning mountain was a scene of many battles in period between 92-95.

In other words, this will be an absolutely incredible day fulfilled with lots of amazing experiences and moments of enlightenments.

Instead of conquering peaks surrender yourself to a complete serenity of a place where nature found it safe haven and infiltrated entirely. Learn about local legends, myths and true war stories from dark period between 92-95 when Treskavica Mt. was one of the main locations of some heavy battle

Tour is available from March to November, while during the December to February it is available as snowshoeing experience.

  • Day 1 - Full Day Hiking Tour

    This tour will begin with transfer from Sarajevo to Turovi village. During the ride we will open some interesting topics on community life before and after the war.

    STOP 1: Mountain hut Sustavac
    3 kms long hiking trail through vast expanse of the forest and stones will take us to charming mountain hut Sustavac which was built back in 1950. Mountain house “Sustavac” is located at an altitude of 1180 m. The word “susto” is an old word which literally translated means “tired”. In other words, the area got its name as a result of being the first place for mountaineers to have some rest on their way to Treskavica Mt. When tired or sustained, Sustavac is a perfect location to make a break and enjoy the amazing nature.

    Along with the Treskavica Mountain, Sustavac is one of the most visited nature resorts in the country.

    STOP 2: Great Lake
    The trail from Sustavac will lead us to the Great Lake. The amazing thing about Treskavica hike is that it does not always have to include the goal of conquering one of the peaks. The experience will be absolutely amazing just by visiting the two of the lakes. Therefore, despite the trail will slowly become harder and narrower, this hiking trail is absolutely convenient for anyone, regardless on their fitness level.

    It usually takes about an hour and a half to reach the Great Lake located at 1,675 meters above sea level. However, we will make sure to go slowly and steady, soaking up every small detail on our way.

    Treskavica is famous for a truly amazing contrast between its lush vegetation on the North side, and complete bareness and karst on the southern slopes. In other words, this mountain will keep on surprising us with each step we take.

    Once at the lake, we will give you some free time to explore the lake and enjoy the spectacular sceneries. Meanwhile, your guides will take time to prepare fresh lunch. During the hot summer months lake is perfect for swimming so bring your swimming suits.

    STOP 3: Black Lake
    Once we finish with the lunch, we will continue a short hike towards the amazing Black Lake.

    A truly special thing about this mountain is the abundance of water and springs that lie below the highest peaks. This is what sets this mountain apart from the many other mountains. The legend says this mountain has 365 springs. Although we will be visiting only two of the lakes, we will find crystal clear drinking water at each corner of the path.

    Uphill walk to the Northwest will take us to Black Lake which lies at an altitude of 1675 meters. The length of the lake is about 150 meters with the width of cca 100 meters. The name of the lake came came as a result of the black moss that covered the bottom of the lake. We will make a short break, take some amazing photos and, if you want, you can swim at this lake as well.

    STOP 4: Turovi Village
    Once we bless our eyes and souls with amazing beauty of both lakes, we will head back towards the village Turovi. On the way, we will make few short breaks, share the impressions and discuss the dark period between 92-95 when Treskavica Mt. was one of the main locations of some heavy battles.

    In addition, we will very often come across the remains of dug trenches . This will remind us how savage and meaningless war history can leave a scar at something so beautiful that should be kept away from any human destruction.

    We will continue our hike over the large and dense coniferous and deciduous forests and lush grass enriched with beautiful field flowers and herbs. Due to the specific mountain climate in Treskavica, it is very likely we will be able to experience four seasons within only one day and witness from high summer temperatures all the way to the pristine snow slopes and the heaps of bushy leaves.

    Discovering the trails of Treskavica can not leave you indifferent and, at each moment, you will feel the excitement similar to one the child feels when opening Christmas presents.

    We will take a drive back to Sarajevo from village Turovi and drop you off at your hotel. Perfect closure of a truly perfect day.

  • Guide: English speaking local-expert guide and driver. Guide in different language available on request.
  • Food: Picnic lunch at Great Lake. Vegetarian options available.
  • Free pick-up request: If you are staying in the old town of Sarajevo meet us at our office. If you are bit away from us, please let us know and we can organise advance pickup.
  • All Transfers: All tour transfers are provided by Funky Tours.
  • No hidden costs. VAT 17% included in the price.
  • Insurance: Travel insurance is not included. Please buy it at home country.
  • Guide Tipping: Tips are not included in the tour costs. If you receive excellent service, please consider tipping.
  • Private Tour: All tours are shared, unless specifically booked as private.

Important Information

What Do I Need to Bring?

Comfortable hiking boots or thick bottom sport sneakers
1 l water
Sun cream and hat (summer time)
Rain jacket (in case of bad weather)
2 spare t-shirts to change
Light-weight, breathable walking shirts and trousers
A small backpack to carry personal items (water, snacks, shirts to use during activities)

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