Chad Gerewol Festival Tour


  • Meet the Mbororo people, traditionally nomadic cattle-herders and traders in the Sahel
  • Celebrate the Gerewol Festival and explore a new culture
  • Immerse ourselves in the local traditions and gain new perspectives
  • Gain a memorable journey in Africa


Put simply, Chad is a world which has been off the radar since time immemorial, and yet its huge scale offers the intrepid traveller to feel a true spirit of adventure as their route crosses some of the world’s most inhospitable and yet stunningly beautiful landscapes.

From the windswept sandy Saharan shores in the north with its extraordinary lunar landscape of volcanic cones, grotesquely attractive sandstone formations and occasional explosions of green around tiny wadi communities, via the arid grazing heartlands and the fertile shores of Lake Chad to the Zakouma National Park’s haven for critically endangered species, the sense of discovery is almost unrivalled in Africa.

After the annual rains, the nomadic Mbororo people gather for a unique celebration known as the Gerewol. This is a festival full of colour and has to be considered one of the most off the beaten track and fascinating cultural experiences in the whole of Africa.

We will feel privileged to be able to travel to the remote region of Durbali to see the age old traditions of the Mbororo and join them as they celebrate the Gerewol Festival by feasting, singing, dancing and engaging in courtship. In particular, a real highlight is to witness the spectacular way in which the young Mbororo men decorate themselves with make-up and jewellery to impress a prospective partner.

During our days at the festival we will immerse ourselves in the local traditions on what is sure to be a truly unique memorable African experience.

  • Day 1 - N’Djamena

    Arrive in N’Djamena and transfer to hotel accommodation. Rooms are available for those arriving in the early morning. Relax for the rest of the day or explore the city. Overnight Mercure Hotel or similar.

  • Day 2 - N’Djamena-Durbali

    Leave the capital and drive through the Sahel to the Durbali region where we join the Mbororo people in their celebration of the Gerewol festival. Overnight camping. (BLD)

  • Day 3 - Gerewol Festival

    Truly one of Africa’s most unusual cultural events, the rituals and ceremonies associated with the Mbororo’s Gerewol festival have remained unchanged for centuries. Young Mbororo men decorate themselves with makeup, feathers and traditional jewellery to display to young women; the Gerewol is an elaborate mass courtship ritual and a fascinating spectacle to observe. As well the main event we can expect to see traditional singing and dancing, and even camel racing. Beyond the festival there’s time to explore the market of Durbali, one of the most important in the Sahel, and spend time with local people to learn aspects of their unique culture. Overnight camping. (BLD)

  • Day 4 - Durbali-N’Djamena

    Returning back to the capital, day use rooms are available to freshen up before a farewell dinner and transfers to the airport.

    Important: Please note that the exact date of this festival is usually determined around June each year, when the Mbororo elders have decided upon the best time to hold it. The Gerewol festival is held around the end of September (at the end of the rainy season) and so the precise date of this trip may move by a couple of days either side. You should not book flights until this date has been confirmed by us.

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