3 Days Enchanting Masai Mara Safari


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The 3-day Masai Mara Safari is a captivating journey that immerses travelers in the heart of Kenya's iconic landscapes and vibrant cultures. Beginning in Nairobi, the expedition ventures south, tracing the breathtaking rift valley and ascending into the legendary Serengeti plains of the Masai Mara. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed to the Masai Heritage Guest House, the base for this adventure. The first day unfolds with a thrilling game drive, offering glimpses of the Mara's rich wildlife, from lions and elephants to cheetahs and zebras.

Day 2 brings a full day of exploration, delving deeper into the reserve's wonders. This includes encountering the renowned annual wildebeest migration, witnessing a vibrant array of wildlife, and immersing in the cultural tapestry woven by the Maasai tribe. The day culminates with a return to the guest house, providing a serene evening amidst the Mara's captivating landscape.

The final day dawns with a visit to a traditional Maasai village, unveiling the intricate traditions, distinct lifestyle, and profound heritage of the Maasai people. Engaging encounters with the community, witnessing their artistry in beadwork, and engaging in enlightening conversations about their challenges and resilience add depth to this cultural experience. The safari concludes with a stop at Narok Town's lively Masai markets before returning to Nairobi, wrapping up an enriching and immersive journey.

This safari takes you to the world-famous Masai Mara Game Reserve. It is well known for its abundant wild game and the annual Great Wildebeest Migration that happens between July and October.

  • Day 1 - Nairobi - Masai Mara

    Day 1: Nairobi to Masai Mara
    Embark from Nairobi and journey south along the floor of the magnificent rift valley, passing Narok as you ascend the western wall into the realm immortalized by Hemingway, the 'Serengeti plains.' Arrive in time for lunch. Spend the afternoon indulging in a game drive within this renowned reserve. Dinner and overnight stay await at the Masai Heritage Guest House.

  • Day 2 - Masai Mara

    Immerse yourself in a full day exploring this famed reserve, seeking encounters with wild game and the optional adventure of a balloon safari. After breakfast, set out with a picnic lunch. The Mara is a legendary African landscape: Lions roam abundantly throughout the park, joined by elephants, giraffes, various gazelle species, and zebras. Cheetahs and leopards are frequently spotted, and, although less common, rhinos make appearances. Witness the annual wildebeest migration, a captivating wildlife spectacle occurring from July to September, filling the Mara with an abundance of large animals and their predators. The reserve is also a haven for numerous bird species, including the spectacular bee eater . Alongside wildlife, the vibrant Maasai tribe adds color to the landscape, visible around the park's borders—Morans (warriors) striding across the plains, young boys herding goats, and elders gathered under trees for discussions. Return for dinner and overnight stay at Masai Heritage Guest House.

  • Day 3 - Mara to Nairobi

    Start the day with breakfast at the Guest House and a visit to a Masai Village. This visit offers a memorable experience, one that provides insight into the lives of the Maasai people and their unwavering connection to their heritage. On arrival, you will be warmly greeted by Maasai men and women, adorned in their distinct and vibrant attire, consisting of brightly colored fabrics, intricate beadwork, and distinctive hairstyles. The Maasai people are pastoralists and their way of life centers around their cattle. Cattle are a symbol of wealth and status in Maasai culture, and they provide the community with not only food but also materials for shelter and clothing. During the visit, you will have an opportunity to witness a traditional Maasai dance, where the rhythmic chanting and jumping reflect the deep respect and admiration the Maasai have for their cattle.

    You will be taken on a tour of their village, which is constructed using traditional materials such as sticks, mud, and cow dung. The huts, known as "manyattas," are simple yet functional, designed to protect the community from the elements and wildlife. Inside, you observe the basic but efficient way of life led by the Maasai. The village elder, a wise and knowledgeable figure, explains their customs, traditions, and the roles of different community members. It is striking to see the harmony in the division of labor and the shared responsibilities that sustained the village.

    One of the most remarkable aspects of the Maasai culture is their intricate beadwork. The Maasai women are renowned for their craftsmanship, creating beautiful jewelry and decorative items using colorful beads. You will have the opportunity to watch them create these exquisite pieces and even purchase some as souvenirs. A key moment during the visit is the chance to sit down with the Maasai people and engage in meaningful conversations. You will learn about their education system, their views on modernization, and the challenges they face in preserving their traditions while adapting to the changing world. Their resilience in maintaining their way of life while facing the pressures of the modern world is truly inspiring.

    Depart for Nairobi, with a stop at Narok Town to explore the lively Masai markets, offering a chance to purchase curios and handicrafts. Finally, arrive in Nairobi and drop off at the airport, marking the conclusion of the safari experience.

  • Accommodation on full board basis at the Guest House
  • Transport in a private safari landcruiser with pop up roof
  • Park entry fees
  • Game drives
  • Mineral water on safari
  • Services if a professional English speaking guide
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Drinks
  • Balloon Safari
  • Lunch on the last day

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