Art Nouveau Walking Tour


  • Explore and learn about the features of Art Nouveau style
  • learn the history and architects behind Art Nouveau style and
  • Witness the spectauclar achitecture in Riga


Riga is often called “the metropolis of Art Nouveau” or “the capital of Jugendstil”, and the reason for this could be a fact that buildings of that style covers approx. 40% of the site of the historical centre of Riga. There is no other city in the world that can boast of so great number of Art Nouveau buildings

The development of Art Nouveau style in Riga coincided with a period of unprecedented growth, which Riga has experienced at the end of 19th - beginning of 20th century. In 1901 the port of Riga took a leading position in terms of cargo turnover among other harbour cities of Russian Empire. Riga experienced a rapid industrial development – more and more new industrial enterprises were founded and factories built. Around 5.7% of overall industrial products of the empire were producing in Riga; despite the population of Latvia was only 1.5% of empire’s population at that time. The population of Riga was growing rapidly. The overall developing of industry, trade and culture was accompanied by an unprecedented building boom. There were built more than 100 new houses per year in a certain period.

  • Day 1 - Walking Tour Duration: ~ 2,5 h

    Jugendstil quarter
    Museum of Art Nouveau
    Architectural diversity of Vilandes street

    During the walking tour we will talk about the Art Nouveau style, its history, features and trends. You will get know about architects, who contributed to the image of Riga. You will visit the Art Nouveau museum, where you can get acquainted with manifestations of Art Nouveau in various spheres of life and arts. Without a doubt during this walking tour you will see the most imposing examples of Art Nouveau style buildings that have become visit cards of Riga long time ago.

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