• Visit four (4) different Ifugao villages.
  • See various styles of rice terraces.
  • Trek through spectacular mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls.


Ifugao is the name of the region and the people famous for the Banaue rice terraces that stand out among other terraced crop paddies in the world because of their magnitude and beauty. But, unknown to many, the grandeur of the Ifugao province extends far beyond Banaue. This adventure takes us deep into the Ifugao region to places that most tourists do not see. We trek through stunning scenery of mountains, rice terraces and forests and stop at native communities along the way. We interact with the fascinating Ifugaos and get a deep appreciation of their culture by making a different village our home each night.

Immerse yourself in the land and culture of the Ifugao. Trek from Banaue and visit four different Ifugao villages. Hike through spectacular rice terraces, mountains and waterfalls.

  • Day 1 - Travel to Banaue

    The group assembles in Manila in the evening and we get some shut-eye while we travel through winding mountain roads. When we wake up we will be in Banaue, home of the famous rice terraces, often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

  • Day 2 - Pula

    Our trek through the Ifugao mountains begins at the Awan Igid viewpoint. We hike three (3) hours through richly forested mountains until we get to a high point with a view of Pula, our first Ifugao village. After admiring the houses and rice terraces from afar we hike down to the village and get a more intimate experience of Pula by spending our first night there.

  • Day 3 - Cambulo and Batad

    After breakfast we hike four (4) hours to Cambulo, our second Ifugao village. The rice terraces of Cambulo are characterized by their pyramid-like appearance, with the terraces cut almost 360 degrees around the mountains. From Cambulo it is another three (3) hour hike to Batad, famous for its amphitheater of rice terraces. The night is spent at a village inn with a spectacular view of the terraces.

  • Day 4 - Bangaan

    In the morning we hike three (3) hours to visit Tappiyah waterfalls and explore the village and rice terraces of Batad. After lunch we hike three (3) hours to Bangaan, the final village of our adventure. On the way we pass through more rice paddies and see picturesque villages and rice terraces in the distance. We reach Bangaan in mid-afternoon and drive back to Banaue to get some well-deserved food and booze before catching our evening bus to Manila.

  • Day 5 - Arrival in Manila

    At around 4AM we arrive at the same bus station where our trip started.

  • All land transportation for the duration of the trip
  • Two (2) nights accommodations in village inns
  • All fees associated with the specified activities
  • Guiding service
  • Food and beverage
  • Personal trekking gear (backpack, hiking shoes/boots, etc.)
  • Travel insurance

Important Information

The physical demand of the trip is very high, with each day involving three (3) to seven (7) hours of hiking on moderately hilly to steep terrain.

You will need to carry a backpack with three (3) days worth of clothes, though you have the option of hiring a porter.
Accommodations will be in very basic village inns that have running water but communal bathrooms.

Yellow fever vaccination is required for entry to the Philippines if you are coming from a yellow-fever infected country; if you are not, this vaccination is unnecessary. The following vaccinations are recommended:
-Hepatitis A and B
-Japanese encephalitis
-Measles, mumps and rubella

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