• Explore three spectacular Polynesian archipelagos.
  • Discover a traditional and authentic Polynesia
  • Visit the charming island villages and the beautiful lagoons
  • Enjoy a relaxing cruise with exquisite dinners and activities


This unique cruise will head south to Pitcairn Island via the Gambier Islands. In the footsteps of the famous Mutines of the Bounty, the Aranui 5 will make you discover the most beautiful and unspoiled islands of the region through three Polynesian archipelagos.

From its definition to the present day and thanks to the successive commissioning of the various Aranui ships, the concept of Aranui cruises has remained the same: entrusting Polynesians with the task of making people discover a traditional and authentic Polynesia in the interest of the Polynesia. With this will, almost all the staff and crew are Polynesian, from the different islands that make up the five archipelagos and it is their way of being and their desire to make their islands known to the outside world that create a special atmosphere, different from that reigning aboard ships sailing on these waters. You will rub shoulders with these dynamic and competent crew members in the relaxation areas, during themed dinners, during the activities organized on board or when they will accompany you ashore on board small boats. Although some may be a little shy at first, when you strike up a conversation with them you will find out why they are such an integral part of the Aranui experience.

  • Day 1 - SATURDAY - Departure from Tahiti (Papeete)

    Boarding on the Aranui between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. You will be warmly welcomed by our Polynesian staff and take your marks on the boat before the big trip to Anaa.

  • Day 2 - SUNDAY - Anaa, Tuamotu

    A small atoll with less than 500 inhabitants, Anaa has entered the history books as the birthplace of the royal family of Tahiti, the Pomare dynasty. Nowadays Anaa is best known for its jade lagoon and picturesque motus with no less than 11 small islands scattered around the atoll. Most of the population is engaged in making coconut oil or fishing, which has given rise to the development of the island's sustainable fishing program. Passengers will be able to visit the village of Tukuhora, try their hand at traditional javelin throwing and learn about local crafts. Beware of the “feo”, these gigantic fossilized coral blocks that are characteristic of the atoll. The lagoon is the ideal place for fly fishing, an optional activity offered in Anaa.

  • Day 3 - MONDAY - Amanu, Tuamotu

    Located more than 900 km east of Tahiti, Amanu is an idyllic atoll with its translucent lagoons bordered by coconut palms and its charming island village. After taking a few steps you will arrive at Ikitake where you will be greeted by a dance performance featuring some of the children. During your visit, you will discover local crafts, including shellwork, and admire the old traditional lighthouse of the village, the old and new Saint-Paul churches, a large fish park and a building. 19th century with coral walls which serves not only as a town hall but also as a cyclone shelter. A buffet of local specialties will be served under a century-old tree known as the "tau".

  • Day 4 - TUESDAY- At Sea

    Take advantage of this day at sea to relax by the boat's swimming pool, to participate in one of our conferences or activities organized by our guides.

  • Day 5 - WEDNESDAY - Mangareva, Gambier

    The Gambiers are the cradle of Catholicism in Polynesia. Visit the Catholic Church of St Michael whose altar is encrusted with an iridescent mother-of-pearl shell. Mangareva is the largest of the Gambier Islands and its main village, Rikitea, is the capital of the archipelago. The island has a huge lagoon with blue and green hues which is also famous for its black pearls.

  • Day 6 - THURSDAY - Pitcairn, Pitcairn Islands

    The story of the mutiny on the Bounty, Her Majesty's ship, is one of the best-known in history. After having abandoned at sea in a rowboat the captain of the Bounty, William Bligh, his second, Fletcher Christian and the mutineers returned to Tahiti and then set sail for the Austral Islands to take refuge on an uninhabited island, protected from the outside world. Pitcairn. The reduced crew is joined by six Polynesians and twelve Polynesians who will become descendants of the current community of Pitcairn. Arrived in Pitcairn on January 17, 1790, the crew found that Pitcairn was an inaccessible and uninhabited place, with a hot climate and fertile land. After taking possession of the island and carrying everything with difficulty to the top of the hill called, rightly, the Hill of Difficulty, the Bounty is pulled on the shore and the mutineers set it on fire so that no trace of the ship is visible from the sea. A village is built on the lower plateau, located above Bounty Bay, where the Adamstown village. Although he only lived in this isolated sanctuary for a few years, Fletcher Christian is considered the founder and first ruler of modern-day Pitcairn Island.

  • Day 7 - FRIDAY - Pitcairn, Pitcairn Islands

    Inhabited by only about fifty people, Pitcairn is one of the most isolated islands in the world. During the tour, passengers will be able to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the island, walking in the footsteps of the settlers of the Bounty, from their disembarkation at Bounty Bay to their installation in Adamstown; they will be able to meet descendants of the mutineers at the curiosity market, visit the tomb of the last surviving mutineer, John Adams, discover the Polynesian civilization of yesteryear and see objects that were on board the Bounty at the museum

  • Day 8 - SATURDAY - Aukena, Gambier

    Land of pristine lagoons perfect for black pearl cultivation, visit a pearl farm, go sightseeing and enjoy a barbecue on the beach. Aukena is a land of virgin lagoons, perfect for the cultivation of black pearls; it is home to idyllic beaches and the first stone-built church in French Polynesia - Saint-Raphaël Church was built in 1839. A barbecue will be organized on a white sand beach.

  • Day 9 - SUNDAY - At sea

    Take advantage of this day at sea to relax by the boat's swimming pool, to participate in one of our conferences or activities organized by our guides.

  • Day 10 - MONDAY - Hikueru, Tuamotu

    Hikueru was once a large pearl oyster nature reserve but the 1903 cyclone wreaked havoc which Jack London recounted in detail in "South Sea Tales". Today, the population depends on the production of copra. After a tasting of local fruits, passengers will visit the village and a church built in coral. The legends of the island will be explained to them by the locals. A barbecue on the beach will be organized for lunch and then you will have time to swim and snorkel.

  • Day 11 - TUESDAY - At sea

    Take advantage of this day at sea to relax by the boat's swimming pool, to participate in one of our conferences or activities organized by our guides.

  • Day 12 - WEDNESDAY - Return to Tahiti (Papeete)

    This is the end of our journey. It's time to say Nānā! (goodbye) to your travel companions, the Polynesian staff and the Aranui guides.

  • Accommodation on Board-PREMIUM SUITE- Surface area: 19 m² Capacity: 2 to 3 adults
  • OUR PRICES INCLUDE The cruise and all related taxes (tourist tax, port, fuel, tax for the development of the cruise)
  • 3 meals per day, a bottle of wine for 4 people for meals taken on board
  • lunches in local restaurants
  • planned guided excursions to isolated villages and archaeological sites, cultural shows
  • Prices are indicated per adult, in double or single occupancy
  • Royal Suit & Presidential Suite extra
  • Onboard purchases, alcoholic beverages
  • Tips, port taxes other than those provided during the cruise and personal items.
  • Additional night or more, for weather or other reasons

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