Casa-Nica is a fresh-faced international NGO located in Masaya, Nicaragua, known as the “cultural basin” of Nicaragua that works with the Nicaraguan people in a diverse array of sustainable project fields such as education, agriculture, technology, child care, and community projects. Casa-Nica was founded and is run by former Peace Corps volunteer coordinator, Joshua Allsup, and British volunteer techno-traveller, Elliot Cooper, both of whom have considerable experience living and working abroad in development, education, and technology.

Our Mission:

At Casa-Nica, we are doing something different with our development work because we believe that the most effective way to truly help Nicaragua is by working with and contributing to the pre-existing projects and foundations already created by the Nicaraguan people. Too many foreign NGOs enter into a country and make their own decisions about what is needed, and rarely consult those community leaders who have lived and worked in the country their entire lives. We do not make this mistake. Our funding model and methodology affords us the privilege to stay “string-free” with our projects, which is the way international development work should be done.


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Medical Volunteer with Casa-Nica
Age Range
18 + Years
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Medical and Healthcare