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EST Adventure is one man’s dream come true. No achievement in life, no peak climbed and no journey to the remotest part of the world can be fully appreciated if there is no friend with you to share the joy. It is for this very reason that EST Adventure was established – to share with you the wide experience gained by a small group of people in expeditions, explorations and adventures over the past fifteen years.

We believe that deep down in every one of us lies a little explorer, who, if given proper support, could climb even the highest peaks of the world. It only takes a little persistence to regain lost confidence and everything is possible. The people who have joined us and achieved their dreams, the dreams they could not even say loudly before are undeniable proof. Under our guidance over 1000 mountaineers have successfully climbed peaks over 5000 m high, 400 successfully climbed peaks over 6000 m high, and over 50 of them have had the opportunity to view the world from summits over 8000 m high. The youngest of them was 18 years of age when he reached the top of Aconcagua (6962 m), while the oldest celebrated his 70th birthday on the same peak.


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