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The idea of Island Wanderers first emerged when we were studying abroad. While many of our friends had heard about and even travelled to the Maldives, we realised that very few people have had the opportunity to see its ‘true’ beauty.

In 2016, some of our close friends from Australia came for a visit, giving us the opportunity to show them Maldives as we know it. We had the best time showing them the best spots to relax with a fresh Kurumba (coconut) on a hot day, the many eateries frequented by locals, and some of the best hidden beaches and sandbanks that leaves even the locals in awe every single time.

Our friends enjoyed their holiday so much that they convinced us that it was time to share ‘our’ Maldives with the world. Over the past few years we’ve been researching and building our business model to ensure everyone has the opportunity to wander the Maldive Islands and experience the best of the country through our unique tours and packages. Thus, Island Wanderers was born.


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8 Day | Relax Maldives Tour
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Island Wanderers
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