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We at Kichi Japan strive to not only deliver the most authentic tours for Japan, but we also want to deliver insight on some of Japan’s most unique and fascinating facets. From fashion to matsuri festivals, to skilled artisans and everything in between.

We are not your average tour company. Other companies are often spread thin by trying to offer packages for multiple countries simultaneously, and only offering surface-level experiences without delving deep into culture. Kichi Japan is unique in that we specialize in tours for Japan. In addition to that our tours are not built by people from outside of Japan, looking for new destinations to expand their business. Our tours are designed by a team of passionate people who live here, and are familiar with its ins and outs. This intimate first-hand knowledge and experience about Japan is how we deliver our one-of-a-kind unforgettable experiences.


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Tanuki – Hyakumangoku
Age Range
16 + Years
Travel Styles:
Adventure and Sports Activities, Active and Outdoor, City Si... See More
Kichi Japan
From $1960
11 days