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La Esperanza Granada is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious NGO, funded by donations from individuals, groups, foundations, schools, etc. As the name said we are located in Granada, Nicaragua, La Esperanza Granada is a volunteer group focusing on children’s education. ‘Born’ in 2002, we started in one small village on the outskirts of Granada, and now help more than 2,000 children in poverty-stricken areas.

We are a dedicated charity that empowers children, in rural neighbourhoods in Granada to access quality education to break the cycle of poverty. Above all our main goal: Children and young people from poor neighborhoods of Granada are better equipped to navigate life with a well-rounded education that includes basic competencies and a range of life skills.

Similarly the main objective of La Esperanza Granada is non-formal education and in making learning fun we try to motivate the interests of children, stimulate their imagination and raise their esteem.

Our volunteers go to the local schools and learning centers where they assist the teachers, tutor young children, introduce children to computers, teach English and help stimulate an interest in learning. Volunteers come from around the world, for varying lengths of time. There are no program fees. Fundraising is independent and voluntary.

We try to help in a noninvasive way, working directly with the children and with the local schools, learning centers, teachers, and parents to meet educational needs.


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Teaching English Volunteer Position in Nicaragua
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18 + Years
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Teaching English, Others, Education
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