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Let Laos Learn was founded as a Belgian non-profit in 2006.
Over 1,300 children have attended classes in one of the schools we have built.
In 2012, our local partner organization (called FruitFriends) in Laos was with the aim of improving and expanding the quality of our projects.
In 2018 Let Laos Learn was recognized as INGO by the Lao government.


We want to support as many local villages as possible by building and renovating their official schools. We do this together with the local Department of Education who is organizing official education in these schools. By providing quality infrastructure we hope more children attend classes and early school will stop.
We organize after school activities and classes for local teenagers and children in our own training center. Our students have difficult access to continued education and activities. We cooperate with the local tourist industry and hope that our students have access to a good job in this industry. Besides this we want to provide activities where youngsters can participate. We not only want to provide theoretical knowledge but also provide them other skills that you cannot learn at school, like communication, initiative


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Volunteer in Laos, no experience required
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