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Silhouette Cruises is a joint venture between Seychelles and international interests, founded in 1997 with a vision to introduce a new tourism concept. This combines the romance of sail with the charm of the world’s ultimate tropical islands: Seychelles.

The successful introduction of SV Sea Shell was followed by the arrival of a sister ship, SV Sea Pearl, in 1999. With a desire to introduce the same concept onboard a more comfortable platform, SY Sea Star began operating in 2004, followed by SY Sea Bird in 2007.

The company has recently expanded even further with the addition of the MV Maya’s Dugong and MV Tethys Supporter, which undertakes a variety of oceanographic research and monitoring missions, and is also available for select expeditions for tourists.

The directors of Silhouette Cruises are among the very few people to have visited every single island in Seychelles.

Executive Director Amit Wasserberg knows the islands intimately, having captained live-aboard vessels in the region for more than 20 years. Chairman Adrian Skerrett has authored many books on Seychelles and its natural history, and is a trustee of several conservation organisations. Director Guy Adam has spent a lifetime involved with a variety of vessels in the region, both serving at sea and ashore.

Today, Silhouette Cruises has established a strong base in the Indian Ocean with years of experience in successfully operating cruises for tourists. We are committed to build upon this success and provide high standards of service, while operating in a responsible and sustainable manner in co-existence with the natural eco-systems we visit.


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