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Spark Ventures builds partnerships that lift communities out of poverty. We direct human and financial resources to partners around the world to provide health, education and jobs. By focusing our resources in areas of business, job creation and capacity building, we seek to have lasting and sustainable impact.

These efforts are anchored by our community of strategic donors who support this sustainable model with their donations of time, talent and treasure, and by our impact travel program that is life-changing and world-changing, fostering personal connections between Spark and the vulnerable communities Spark serves.

Our Values:

Spark Ventures’ mission is to provide sustainable solutions lifting children out of poverty. Our work is driven by the following values:

Collaborative Relationships: working with others who have common goals in order to make the greatest difference in the world
Social Responsibility: advancing a society where people accept their responsibility to seek the good of others and to participate in the world as global citizens
Mutual Accountability: pursuing integrity with all partners, associates and in all resource investment
Deep Humility: believing there is something to learn from every person and practicing mutual respect and inclusion
Human Dignity: considering every person and every child deserving of having their basic needs met and be free from oppression
Our vision is a future where all children have the opportunity and resources to achieve their potential.


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Impactful Volunteer & Travel Opportunities in Nicaragua
Age Range
18 + Years
Project Types:
Women Empowerment, Community Development, Others, Education
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