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World wide Chile is a multidisciplinary team where the love for our country is the driving force to provide unique experiences to those who visit us focusing on transmitting the wealth of Chile through cultural immersion programs which show Chile and its people as it is. This has been the mechanism that has allowed us for more than 10 years to provide unique experiences that have strengthened the visitor's learning and ties with our culture, achieving solid relationships between foreigners and Chileans. The options that allow us to achieve this goal are the various internship, volunteer, study and travel programs that our visitors take during their stay in our country.

We believe in cultural immersion as a way to open our minds, hearts and souls to the world. Learning goes beyond the classroom and it is important to learn from the people we encounter along the way. Interacting with the locals will help you discover Chile’s true identity and gain a new tolerance for diverse ways of thinking and living life. Our goal is to open your eyes to Chile’s past, present and future by taking you through a firsthand travel experience that will open new doors and opportunities for you in this ever fast changing world we live in.


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Volunteer Work in Patagonia, Chile
Age Range
18 + Years
Project Types:
Orphanage and Childcare, Teaching English, Environmental Con... See More
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