Desert Camping & Bedouin Life


  • Explore the Saudi desert and its golden sands
  • Experience desert life of Bedouins, their customs, traditions, and culture
  • Enjoy a thrilling camel ride
  • Witness amazing terrains, landscapes and diverse wildlife of the Saudi deserts


The Saudi desert with its golden sands, that constitutes four-fifths of the Kingdom's geographical area, prompted the explorers to explore these amazing natural exquisites. When you join this exciting trip, you will experience amazing terrains, desert life styles and diverse wildlife of the Saudi deserts.

​Bedouins live mainly on grazing, trading in livestock and handmade supplies in the wild. Bedouins in Saudi Arabia, particularly raise camels and sheep. Life in the desert allows them to practice their traditional lifestyle away from the effects of urbanization.

Bedouins draw their customs, traditions, and identity from the environment and the circumstances that surround them. Among the most important of these traits are the courage and generosity.

  • Overnight tour
  • Transportation with 4x4 cars
  • Refreshments & Snacks
  • Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
  • Camel ride

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