Africa's Forgotten World Tour


  • Meet the fascinating Toposa people
  • Spend the night in a Mundari cattle camp
  • Explore the villages of Boya people
  • Discover the traditions of Africa


There are few places left in Africa that compare to South Sudan. This is a wild and untamed world that is home to some of the continent's most traditional ethnic groups, living in the same way as their ancient forefathers. Based on our own personal experience of the world's newest country, this short South Sudan tour takes you deep into the tribal heart of a truly fascinating part of the continent.

From the boomtown capital ofjuba, we head out to the homelands of the Mundari people, known for their distinctive tribal scarring. Here regular wrestling contests take place between their villages and we should be able to witness one of these incredible spectacles. But we don't recommend taking part!

We then head east to the land of the Toposa people. These are an intensely traditional group related to both the Turkana of Kenya and the Surma of Ethiopia, who decorate their faces and bodies with elaborate scarifications that almost defy belief. We spend time exploring their villages and meeting tribal elders before returning back to Juba. Along the way, we visit other ethnic groups such as the Boya and Lotuko.

  • Day 1 - Juba

    Arrive in Juba, the capital of S'outh Sudan. The resc of the day is at leisure to explore this lively place or simply relax

  • Day 2 - Torit

    Head east through East Equatoria State, to the town of Torit. The road can be difficult at times, and we may pass evidence of the civil war in the form of tanks, half hidden in the bush.

  • Day 3 - Topasa Villages

    Using Kapoeta as a base we explore the villages of the Toposa people, one of the country’s mast traditional ethnic groups. We stop in villages and head to the nearby river where local people mine for gold, digging deep holes in the river banks to extract small grains of the precious metal.

  • Day 4 - Topasa Villages

    The Toposa are a fascinating group, related to the Turkana in Kenya, who live well outside of mainstream society and follow lifestyles that have barely changed for centuries, if not millennia. We return to Kapoeta each night.

  • Day 5 - Boya Villages — Lotuko Village - Torit

    Return west in the direction of Juba. At the roadside settlement of Camp 15, we veer off into the bush to explore the villages of the Boya people, located amongst rocky hills. After spending time here we continue to the territory of the Lotuko people, visiting one of their villages before continuing to Torit Tar the night.

  • Day 6 - Mundari Villages

    A long day's drive to Terakeka centre of the Mundari people. From here we drive into the countryside to meet the Mundari,a traditional ethnic group known for their facial scarring and traditional rituals. We hope to be able to see one of the regular breeding ceremonies that cake place between the different villages.

  • Day 7 - Mundari Villages

    A full day spent with the Mundari, exploring their fascinating culture and customs.

  • Day 8 - Juba

    After a final morning with the Mundari, return to Juba for the final night of the tour.

  • Day 9 - Juba

    Transfer to airport for flight home

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