Las Vegas Outdoor Adventure: Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Colorado River, Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley - 5 days


Nevada is perhaps the most underrated nature destination in the country. The Silver State has world class rock climbing and hiking, a beautiful section of the Colorado River, otherworldly rock formations, extensive mountain ranges, five thousand year old Bristlecone Pine trees, and an abundance of wildlife like bighorn sheep and desert tortoises --- and all that is just around Las Vegas! Combine this density of attractions with the fact that Las Vegas is one of the easiest and cheapest cities to fly to and you have the best bang for the buck vacation destination for nature lovers. Las Vegas is also centrally located and is a great starting point for visiting California, Arizona and Utah. Death Valley National Park in California, for example, is most easily visited from Las Vegas.

Adventure travel in Las Vegas? You bet! There's a reason why we based our office in The Entertainment Capital of the World and it's not because we're into gambling. The Las Vegas Valley and its immediate surroundings are full of natural wonders and is a highly concentrated outdoor playground. Thrills abound in Las Vegas, and they are found in canyons, rivers, rock walls and trails all within an hour of The Strip. If you only have a few days and want to experience as much of the West as possible, there’s no better city to visit than Las Vegas.

On this trip you spend all nights in Las Vegas and do day trips to each of the destinations.

  • Day 1 - Bike Lake Mead’s Historic Railroad Trail to Hoover Dam

    In 1930 tunnels were blasted through rocky cliffs along the Colorado River to clear a path for a railroad that trains used to transport building material to the Hoover Dam construction site. The railroad stopped operating after the dam was finished in 1935 and the tracks were removed in 1962, but the path that overlooks what is now Lake Mead remains. The trail skirts the edge of the lake and goes through 5 tunnels to get to Hoover Dam. The view of sapphire blue Lake Mead from the Historic Railroad trail is spectacular, and going through the tunnels and rocky landscape is a unique experience. The most fun way to do the trail is on a bike tour, and the ride is an easy 3.7 miles (one way) on a mostly level dirt path. After biking the trail you can visit the famous Hoover Dam.

  • Day 2 - Hike in the Valley of Fire

    Valley of Fire is Nevada’s first state park and gets its name from the color and shape of its stunning sandstone formations. Aside from flame-like rock formations the park is also home to natural arches, petroglyphs, petrified logs, historic cabins and even an old Western movie set. Hiking is the best way to enjoy the park and has many trails and hiking routes to choose from, ranging from easy walks to exciting rock scrambling. Valley of Fire is also a fantastic place for sightseeing and photography and is a must-see for anyone visiting Las Vegas.

  • Day 3 - Kayak the Colorado River’s Black Canyon

    The Black Canyon is a section of the Colorado River where Hoover Dam was built. This designated National Water Trail has dramatic rock cliffs, beaches, coves, riverside caves and hot springs. Its calm waters are ideal for paddlers of all experience levels. On a guided kayaking tour you can enjoy all of the Black Canyon’s features. You’ll paddle to special spots, take breaks at beaches, go on short hikes and take a dip in the Colorado River and hot springs.

  • Day 4 - Hike and/or Climb in Red Rock Canyon

    Red Rock Canyon is right at the western border of Las Vegas and its awe-inspiring sandstone mountains can be seen from the city. It is a world famous rock climbing destination and is the main reason why many climbers live in Las Vegas. The hiking and scrambling in Red Rock are also excellent and even non-climbers can have a blast exploring the park’s canyons and rock formations. The park is also rich in wildlife and plants. Bighorn sheep, deer, coyotes, ringtails, ground squirrels and desert tortoises live in a surprisingly vibrant desert landscape of cacti, agave, juniper trees and Joshua trees. A guided hike can take you to some of Red Rock’s most scenic spots like waterfalls, tanks (these are ponds created by rainwater collected in sandstone depressions), springs and viewpoints. You can also do a day of guided rock climbing which can be tailored to any experience level from complete beginner to expert.

  • Day 5 - Explore Death Valley National Park

    Death Valley may be in California but it is only a 2 hour drive from Las Vegas which is the closest major city to this very extreme, diverse, and unique National Park. Death Valley is the hottest, driest and lowest (with its lowest point at 282 feet below sea level) place in North America. Although the whole park is a desert its landscapes and features are varied and beautiful in an alien way. Badwater Basin is a huge salt flat and its stark white vastness is a sharp contrast to the multicolored hills of Artists Palette. The badlands formations viewed from Zabriskie Point look like mountains while the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes resemble ocean waves. And, places with names like Devil’s Golf Course and The Racetrack are as weird and wonderful as they sound.

    ​Death Valley is a fantastic place for photography and sightseeing and is also great place for hiking. You can visit the park on your own with the help of our self-guided trip plan, or you can go on a guided tour to get a more in-depth understanding of the park’s attractions.

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