Volunteer as a Teacher in Chile


  • Improving your Spanish by conversing with the local people and joining conversation lessons each week
  • Orientation on arrival, which includes a bike tour of the National Park
  • Making a valuable contribution to the local community by volunteering in a local school
  • Experiencing life in a developing part of Latin America, exploring the culture and learning from local people
  • Living within the community with a welcoming Chilean family


Teaching English or sports, this project allows volunteers to experience Chile whilst helping at local schools. The full Spanish immersion provides the opportunity to speak the language and learn about the culture by living as part of the community. Patagonia is a stunning destination, remote and away from tourism developments, enabling an honest insight into the culture of Chile.

Teach English abroad on this adventure in Patagonia, an amazing opportunity to live in Coyhaique, a remote city in southern Chile. You’ll explore the stunning landscapes, contribute to the education of young people and develop your Spanish speaking skills. You will receive 30-minute conversational Spanish classes each week throughout your stay, allowing your knowledge and confidence of the language to develop.

Living in a Spanish speaking country is the fastest way to learn or improve your Spanish. Before you move in with your host family, you will have two nights to adjust to the Chilean way of life whilst staying in a hostel. During this time, you will take part in planned activities to help you meet the locals in your area. Typical activities include cycling, cooking classes and lesson planning at the nearby university.

The majority of volunteers teach English in selected primary and secondary schools in Chile that have experience of hosting Oyster volunteers. English is important to the local economy, so the children are keen to learn it. Volunteers help as a teaching assistant, but there is also an option to take on your own class (if you have appropriate previous experience). The children are lively and always excited to learn from a native English speaker from overseas!

There is also the option to volunteer as a sports coach. Extra curriculum activities are welcomed, by both students and teachers. The children love sports lessons, as this brings the opportunity to learn outside and use up some of their energy. This is also a great chance for them to learn English in a different setting, especially in topics such as instructions or sporting terminology.

Living with a host family is the highlight for many volunteers, as you live as a local, and not a short-term visitor. The families are welcoming and enjoy having visitors, supplying plenty of delicious meals and chatting with the volunteers. Many Chilean families host Oyster volunteers each year. Our Oyster representatives and their family live just outside the town and add a further welcome, friendship, and support.

The nature of this programme allows volunteers to learn or improve their Spanish, which happens naturally as you spend time living in a Spanish speaking country. Most volunteers arrive in Chile having at least some basic knowledge of Spanish, perhaps having studied it at school. If you are not sure whether your Spanish level is good enough, don’t be put off, just get in touch with us to discuss. The conversational classes that we provide can be tailored to your current level of experience. You can expect a weekly 30 minute conversational Spanish class during your stay in Chile.

The town of Coyhaique is a fun place to be with plenty of cafés and restaurants and surrounded by mountains and a national park. Many volunteers travel down to the Torres del Paine National Park and get involved in trekking, rafting, glacier hiking and so much more in Patagonia! Our representatives can give you advice on any trips that you want to get involved in. Volunteers are also drawn to this part of Chile as it so far off the beaten track and not on the way to anywhere else (except Terra del Fuego and Antarctica). Patagonia is still not somewhere many travelers go to. The scenery is breathtaking and includes, glaciers, mountains, and rivers with a backdrop of constantly changing light thanks to its varied weather.

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