Volunteer with Children in Santiago, Chile


  • 10 days of orientation and initial formation in children education
  • 24/7 continuous support and emergency assistance
  • Advice on adjusting to life in Chile and managing culture shock
  • Over 100 hours of training in 4 months
  • Gain an incredibly rewarding experience in Chile


VE Global works with children’s shelters, community centers and a school for children with special needs in Santiago, Chile. We currently offer our full-time volunteer program only in Santiago. VE Global is committed to selecting candidates that are passionate and responsible, with a strong desire to change outcomes for children at social risk.

VE Global selects and recruits volunteers from all over the world to participate in its volunteer program in Santiago de Chile. The VE family is a strong international community of more than 450 volunteers from more than 35 different countries. We hope our antiguo volunteers will stay engaged with our community and thrive to remain strong advocates of social justice long after the end of their volunteer commitment, wherever life may take them afterwards.

VE Volunteers commit to a minimum stay of 4 months and two weeks. VE Global takes its mission and vision very seriously and believes that short-term volunteer opportunities with children at social risk can do more harm than good. As a nonprofit organization working with children who have, in many cases, experienced abuse, severe neglect and abandonment, we believe that a longer-term commitment is necessary to break the cycle of abandonment.

VE Global’s volunteer program has the particularity to be a No-Fee program. However, your support is critical in making sure that program administrative and operational costs are covered. Every volunteer thus commits to fundraising actively throughout their stay in Santiago.

At VE, we expect a lot from our volunteers. They are the life force of the organization, and their energy, initiative and creativity touches the children’s lives every day. When a volunteer makes a commitment to VE and our social service partners, it is a serious one. The time and length of stay requirements ensure that our social service partners receive continuous support, and that our programs continue to grow and expand. Our volunteers receive two vacation days for every month served and we require two weeks notice, so we can inform their placement in one of our partner organizations within plenty of time.

The most important aspect of your work with VE Global is your interactions with the children. Our volunteers develop and implement educational programs for the children, but the overall job is to simply be with them, whether teaching a math taller or talking about their day at school. You will spend many hours with them as a mentor, helping them with their homework, going to the park, or bringing them to the doctor. Staying for at least four months, or the recommended six months or longer, allows you to generate a trusting and loving bond with the children and gives you the opportunity to develop effective projects based on the children's specific needs.

Important Information

The basic requirements to participate in our volunteer program are simple:

Have your 18th birthday before the start date of the program to which you apply
Commit to a minimum 4-month, full time volunteer commitment
Commit to fundraising for VE Global in addition to covering your own personal costs and expenses throughout the duration of the volunteer program
Participate in the 2-week Orientation Program prior to beginning work at the partner organization where you are placed
Speak Spanish at an intermediate level, or agree to complete a minimum number of hours of Spanish language classes
Submit a Criminal Background Check and Doctor Physical/Mental Health Waiver prior to arrival

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