Starting with a group of volunteers at Hogar Esperanza in 2004, VE Global has continued to seek social service partners with similar visions to serve as many children as possible. These residential homes, community centers and schools are where we work towards fulfilling our mission of providing continuity, love and a better future for the children.

VE Global recruits, trains and organizes international volunteers to achieve our mission of fostering the positive development of children at social risk in Chile. VE has successfully integrated nearly 450 full-time volunteers from more than 35 countries into our network of six local partner organizations, which include children’s shelters, community centers and schools in the most vulnerable neighborhoods of Santiago.

With an average on-the-ground presence of 15 full-time volunteers and two dedicated staff members, VE provides more than 40,000 hours of volunteer support each year and serves more than 200 children daily. Through this work, VE strives to contribute to a brighter future both for the children it serves and the volunteers that work with them, a goal achieved by training volunteers to become educators and role models that serve children both now and into the future.


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Volunteer with Children in Santiago, Chile
Age Range
18 + Years
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Orphanage and Childcare, Special Needs Care, Others, Education
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