Animal Care & Rescue


  • Share your compassion with animals in need
  • Gain new skills and a rewarding experience
  • Safe, Reliable And Fun Program
  • Opportunity to learn About A Different Culture


Rapid urbanization taking place in most part of India occurs at the expense of many animals' health and well being. Areas once inhabited freely by animals are quickly being encroached upon by urban development. These unfamiliar urban environments leave animals vulnerable to mistreatment, disease, and inadequate nourishment.

International volunteers and their representative partner organizations have expressed genuine and heartfelt interest in helping improve the wellbeing of animals in India. These volunteers can utilize their empathy and passion for animal rights to redress the deprived conditions that countless animals face every day on the streets of Jaipur. Activities on this program may include one or more of the following:

Outreach animal rescue missions
Community Educational Awareness Campaigns
Animal Rescue
Vaccination and Sterilization

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