Child Development Volunteering in India


  • Help improve the futures of disadvantaged children
  • Create fun educational activities for children
  • Participate in a life-changing adventure
  • Develop new skills while making a difference
  • Experience India’s fascinating culture


Participate in Child Development Volunteering in India and help with the provision of childcare to disadvantaged children as well as participating in a range of exciting activities essential to Indian culture. India continues to struggle to provide care and education to the increasing number of children born into poverty. Thousands are therefore vulnerable to malnutrition, illiteracy and face a bleak future. Volunteer on this project to help develop the cognitive, academic, emotional and social skills of children from impoverished families by assisting local educators with their daily activities. Activities focused on songs, games, sensory development as well as maths and English aim to meet the goals of the government to improve the holistic development of children in India.

Children in India begin school at age 6 and the government is doing more to give access to poorer families by providing lunch at community center's and schools and encourage parents to bring their children to school. The project works with local carers and teachers in slums and informal housing areas and provides daycare and English lessons to children aged 2 – 6 years old. Volunteer and contribute to making a difference in children’s lives as well as gaining a much better understanding of some of the fascinating aspects of Indian culture.

As a volunteer, you may be placed in a number of different institutions working with children including schools, daycare centres, bridge classes, or a school for children with learning disabilities. As a childcare volunteer, you may be involved in the following activities:

• lead songs and rhymes
• assist with homework
• assist with teaching English vocabulary, the alphabet and basic math skills including shape recognition
• play games and outdoor activities including sports
• monitor child development charts
• assist with sensory development activities
• assist with meal preparation and feeding as well as bathing for the younger ones

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