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Kaya Responsible Travel offer volunteer and internship placements on over 150 sustainable community development and environmental initiatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Kaya is a word which means a lot in a number of the communities we work with. In the Filipino Waray language, it means “I can do it!”, in Zulu “my spiritual home” and in Buddhism “the enlightened one”. Kaya’s mission is to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic development, empower communities and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens through responsible travel. Kaya brings together the quality and impact of grassroots projects with the breadth of choice, quality and organization and level of service that enables everyone to contribute to positive action and enjoy travelling the world more responsibly.

At Kaya, we pride ourselves on delivering only what is best for our volunteers and best for the communities which we are working with. You will find many volunteer organizations to choose between today, and many of these are also offering great placements around the world. But we believe that no-one works closer with their volunteers and with the receiving communities on the ground to make sure everyone can achieve the greatest benefits that volunteering has to offer. Our volunteer abroad, intern abroad, gap year and responsible travel programs focus on travel in the real world, providing cultural immersion, exchange and mutual understanding. We are proud to hold multiple awards for “Best volunteer abroad organisation”, and value our partnerships with academic institutions worldwide that focus on global development and citizenship.

Today, more than ever it is so important to build global connections, mutual learning, and understanding. With that in mind, Kaya works with sustainable, locally-led, ethical projects delivering a positive impact to local communities and environments and facilitating cultural exchanges with our volunteers and interns. The Kaya team supports every participant individually, so you can become a part of that!


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Child Development Volunteering in India
Age Range
18 + Years
Project Types:
Orphanage and Childcare, Teaching English
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