Teaching Underprivileged Children in India


  • Utilize your education to help uplift underprivileged children
  • Gain a rewarding teaching experience.
  • Encourage impoverished parents to send their children to school
  • Make a valuable difference in the lives of children


Many children in India do not go to schools because their parents do not see benefits from studies, illiterate parents encourage work rather than study. The street children schools in Delhi NCR are run by teachers, who, like the volunteers, come to the school to offer any services they can to the truly desperate. The schools do not have buildings for teaching the children; however, the schools operate in local parks close to the slum areas, so that they can educate any child interested in learning. Most schools teach between one hundred to three hundred children, depending on the school. Providing uniforms, school supplies, and one meal daily to each child, the schools propose many incentives to encourage impoverished parents to send their children to school. The teachers instruct the children in subjects such as Hindi, English, mathematics, science, social studies, physical exercises, dance and music, and arts and crafts.

As a volunteer, you will help the teachers with their curriculum for the school, which they keep as close as possible to a private school's academic curriculum. Volunteers typically teach English, mathematics, physical exercises, art, and western culture to the children through songs and dances to enrich the children's worldliness. Fascinated by the volunteers value of them, the children enthusiastically come to school each day with a grin from ear to ear. With your help, the children's English skills will greatly improve, since only a few teachers are as fluent in English as the volunteers are, in a school of hundreds of children. Additionally, in some schools volunteers can offer computer classes to the children, to open new opportunities of communication for the students.

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