Gender & Cultural Awareness Volunteer in Kenya


  • Work towards generating new ideas, methods and solutions towards gender diversity
  • Solve gender based issues and raise awareness in the communities
  • Develop social ventures to transfer and apply gained skills.
  • Help make Kenya a better place while exploring its rich culture


The program examines social and cultural understanding of gender concept.Through empowerment, capacity building, awareness and advocacy, we create learning opportunities for the youth and adults on the crucially important role a society and its culture plays in the construction and maintenance of gender norms & sexual practices.

Areas of focus:
Gender, Sexuality & Cultures: examines the makings of masculinity, femininity and sexuality through typical representation of gender in a multicultural society. Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Prevention: focuses on primary prevention; in particular, changing social norms and behaviour through empowerment and intervention programs.

Why do it!
Gender has impact on nearly every aspect of life and plays a role in the most of today’s crucial discussions. Our interdisciplinary training courses prepare youth to examine complex constructions of gender throughout history & time as well as in different cultural context & social processes, so that they can contribute to the conversation.

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