Kenya: Kipsaina Crane and Wetland Conservation Volunteer


  • Help conserve the wetlands of Kenya and protect its bio diversity
  • Be a part of hands-on environmental conservation work
  • Ensure a safe habitat for wildlife populations to thrive
  • Explore the beauty of Kenya and work with the local communities


Volunteer with a conservation program that conserves important wetlands, endangered species, and an important watershed. The Kipsaina Crane and Conservation Group strives to promote and actively participate in a variety of innovative programs for both considering community livelihoods and biodiversity to conserve wildlife and wetlands within and around Saiwa National Park and to protect sites critical wetlands for the persistence of Grey Crowned Cranes.


The Kipsaina Crane and Wetland Conservation Group (KCWCG) was founded in 1990 by local youths who registered as a Community-Based Organization (CBO) to raise awareness among communities in the Trans Nzoia District about the importance of conserving wetlands for both livelihoods and biodiversity, and to protect sites critical for the persistence of Grey Crowned Cranes.

KCWCG works with communities to:

Prevent drainage of wetlands
Prevent deforestation
Prevent overharvesting of wetlands
Realizing that these goals could not be accomplished unless the socio-economic needs of the communities were addressed, KCWCG began to integrate wetland conservation with community development, focusing on problems affecting both wetland health and community well.

KCWCG Goals:

Create Income-generating activities
Educate you about environment
Restoration of wetlands vegetation


Program is now in six counties in Kenya’s western region
Restoration of over 1.7 km wetlands along the Kipsaina River
Creation of environmental education program being taught in 32 schools
Establishment of tree nurseries, bee keeping, fisheries, organic farming
Distribution of over 100,000 seedlings to institutions & households
Recognition from UNEP, UNDP, media coverage by BBC
Runners up in 2007 Equator Initiative Contest

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