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Village Volunteers is a Seattle, WA based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works in partnership with capacity-building programs abroad to support the development of sustainable solutions to community challenges.

Our Core Values:

The Village Volunteers community:

Believes in the immense potential of all people.
Has respect for the diverse perspectives, creativity, and talents of all individuals.
Is committed to the principles of market-based, local economics, and entrepreneurship.
Recognizes that women need special consideration for education, maternal health care, and a life free of violence.
Believes in the power of partnership and collaboration to work towards social justice and gender equality.
Strives to facilitate educational opportunities to all who reach for their potential, and medical care for all who need help.
Is dedicated to environmental conservation and biodiversity.

Our Promise

Village Volunteers will work to leave a legacy that supports self-sufficiency and has a profound impact on the health and welfare of the communities we serve. Founded in the belief that partnership and advocacy is a key factor in the renewal and healing of areas plagued by poverty, hunger, and disease, we partner with communities to reach their full potential through collaborative, sustainable, grassroots approaches.

Green Policy

We recognize that each and every one of us, individuals as well as organizations and businesses, must make a commitment to preserve and protect our environment. Dedicated to preserving resources, we are committed to lessening our environmental footprint and strive to be a “carbon neutral” organization. We continuously apply sustainable principles to the way we operate; we strive to be paperless in all ways possible and all volunteer materials are accessed online. To offset the carbon produced by the air travel for each volunteer, 10 moringa trees are planted in the tropical regions we serve.


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Kenya: Kipsaina Crane and Wetland Conservation Volunteer
Age Range
18 + Years
Project Types:
Environmental Conservation, Community Development, Others
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