Sadhana Forest Kenya Reforestation and Food Security


  • Take part in reforestation & ecological restoration
  • Food security & food forestry, water conservation
  • Help increase veganism & sustainable living
  • Get yourself immersed in local culture
  • Come and live on our sustainable, off-the-grid, solar-powered, substance free campus


We are an international vegan reforestation and food security organization working in India, Haiti and Kenya. Our work in Kenya started in 2014. Our aim is to support long-term food security for people living in Samburu County, northern Kenya. We do this by growing indigenous food-bearing trees in our nursery and planting them in partnership with the local population, whilst providing them with training in permaculture, reforestation and water conservation techniques.

Volunteers come and live on our sustainable, off-the-grid, solar-powered, substance free campus. We provide them with food and accommodation. We practice an eco-friendly way of life that includes whole food veganism, alternative construction, biodegradable cleaning products, and compost toilets. We aim to be zero waste. Volunteers take part in tree planting and perform various maintenance tasks around the community.

We are happy to welcome volunteers here any time of the year and always have space available!

  • Accommodation
  • 3 Vegan Wholefood Meals per Day

Important Information

Volunteers won't use tobacco, drugs, or drink alcohol; either INSIDE or OUTSIDE of our campus, during their entire volunteer period! Please only come if you are 100% sure you are able and willing to respect this! Those who do not respect this guideline are asked to leave the project immediately!

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This program is available all year round. You can select any date as per your comfort.Please select the week you plan to join the program.

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