Husbandry and Enrichment Volunteer


  • Be part of a team that takes care of rescued wildlife, some of which are on the brink of extinction.
  • Every volunteer that comes through here will leave their mark, be it a climbing structure for our langurs, a new gibbon enclosure or a pool for our bears. Every volunteer has made a difference.
  • In the Husbandry & Enrichment department no two days will be the same, with each day comes new projects, animals and challenges.
  • Help our coordinators improve the lives of our long term residents by giving them enrichment using recycled materials through toys, obstacles, enclosure improvements or novel food items.
  • Our volunteer bungalows, and the local resort, are perfect for relaxing after a hard day's work or on your day off


The Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife is Laos’ first ever non-profit wildlife rescue, conservation and education center. We are working to transform the old Lao Zoo site into a world-class animal charity and improve the lives of the residents here. None of this would be possible without the help of volunteers like you!
From caring for, feeding and enriching the lives of our animals, no day in our Animal Husbandry and Enrichment Program is ever the same! Everybody who volunteers here leaves something behind, and whether it’s a pool, a climbing structure or even a new enclosure, you’ll leave knowing you’ve impacted the lives of critically endangered animals for years to come.

  • Accommodation, Food, Transport from Vientiane, One t-shirt, 24 hour support from on-site staff
  • Flights, Visa

Important Information

We use enrichment to stimulate the animals mentally and physically, helping to prevent boredom and reduce stress by providing them with activities to work on throughout the day. It’s also an essential part of the rehabilitation process, preparing them for a life back in the wild by training and encouraging them to exhibit their natural behaviors.
Our Animal Husbandry and Enrichment volunteers follow a daily enrichment schedule for the animals. We very much encourage fresh ideas and have loads of recycled materials available for your projects. Challenging the animals and having them work through new problems every day is really important for their welfare, so bring your thinking cap!

Since we’re based on the site of the old Lao Zoo, our center is under constant development and many sections are in need of repair. Although the animals are in the most appropriate enclosures we have, there’s always more to be done! We have a busy construction schedule for building and improving homes for all the animals and you’ll be an essential part of the team.
Our volunteer program sometimes puts you right alongside with our local construction staff, you’ll help build new enclosures and environmental enrichment structures like swimming pools, shelters and climbing towers. If the weather’s not behaving, we’ll move indoors to work on furniture such as rope ladders, wooden houses and other small projects. We encourage you to come up with your own ideas too!

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