Volunteer in a Children's Orphanage Nepal


  • Contribute your education and skills to provide a life-changing experience for orphaned children.
  • Provide love and care to children in need and encourage them towards a better future
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture and explore a new country
  • Make new friends and aid the local communities


The Himalayan Foundation Nepal is focused on providing shelter, food, and education for orphans in Nepal, a third world country that is currently in political decline and lacks many essential sources, such as proper healthcare, social support organizations and emergency shelter. By providing these orphanage children with a safe and enriched environment the HFN hopes to make a change to the children's lives and point them in the right direction to create a successful future for themselves and Nepal. We hope to give happiness and fulfillment to those who would otherwise be forced to live in very difficult circumstances. Short term volunteers will usually work with The Living Orphanage in Kathmandu, and those who volunteer for longer periods have the opportunity to visit, live and work in HFN's affiliated orphanages across Nepal.

Depending on your interests and experience, you can get involved in any of the following areas:

Teaching English (3-4 hour a day), helping the children with their homework and monitoring their academic progress.
Assisting the children with their daily routine before and after school (i.e. brushing teeth, getting dressed).
Accompanying the children to school and picking them up.
Organizing games, arts and crafts, singing, dancing and many other creative educational extracurricular activities.
Taking the children on educational tours around Kathmandu.
Assistance in cooking, meal times, and kitchen garden care.
Help with administration.
Volunteers are encouraged to use their area of expertise to contribute to enhancing the quality of life for the orphans.

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