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  • Contribute in the way that is most meaningful to you by volunteering in a project of your choice.
  • Ours is the world’s most affordable volunteer program available.
  • Your fees directly benefit your host family – there are no middlemen.
  • Partner with others just like yourself–people who know that a better world begins with changing a single life.
  • Your safety is always our priority… every volunteer location has been thoroughly vetted.


Do you want to help orphans who desperately need your love, care, and attention? Are the beautiful mountains of Nepal calling your name? Every year hundreds of children living in the poorest of circumstances in Nepal leave their families and villages behind to look for work in big, bustling cities. They have no choice, but in most cases they don’t find any opportunity to reach for the dreams they imagined would be out there. In reality most of these children have little or no education, and end up working in the child labor trade, toiling for hours for little reward in hotels, factories and restaurants.

The positive news is that some people do care about this problem, and they work hard to place these disadvantaged street children in orphanages where they have some chance of an education, decent food and the love and care all children need to thrive. RCDP support these projects by placing caring foreign volunteers there to help with the daily care and learning needs of the kids who call it home.

While volunteering in Kathmandu, Nepal in orphanage, your primary role is to provide support and care. This involves a variety of tasks, such as teaching Basic English, or other subjects such as math and science if you feel confident about doing that, to youngsters who are eager to learn. Plus it gets better - volunteers also plan and supervise leisure activities including games, sports, and creative opportunities involving drawing, painting and singing. This helps these deprived kids learn and grow in the way all children have a right to.

Important Information

There are no specific qualifications needed to join this program. However, even a basic understanding of Nepalese language and culture is very valuable, so it is worth thinking about signing up for our week long Nepal language studies and cultural immersion program which can be completed before joining the project.

Of course, all volunteers need to be extremely patient, understanding , and flexible and have a genuine ability to understand and get along with children; as well as a passionate commitment to helping improve their lives and prospects.

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