Reforestation Volunteer Program in Peru


  • Explore The Amazon while make a meaningful conservation
  • Learn about environmental conservation and gain a practical experience
  • Participate in reforest ration efforts in the Amazon and improve the heath of the world
  • Gain a valuable and meaningful volunteer work experience


Do you love being outdoors, want to see forests thrive, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty? Do you want to have a real experience in the Amazon? If so, reforestation might be the right volunteer program for you. planting one tree at a time, you can make a big help to the planet! This project provides the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards the protection of the Amazon forest.

Our forest reforestation volunteer program aims to replant trees that have been or are currently targeted by local loggers and that are in danger of becoming locally extinct. By doing this we hope to help this ecosystem by restoring important habitats for the local fauna.

By participating in our Peru volunteering in the amazon programs, you would have a more intense and real experience in the Peruvian rainforest. Above all, you will be contributing directly to the conservation of the amazon. Volunteer work in the amazon is varied, and, can be arranged to suit your particular interests and abilities, so, no previous experience is necessary.

Activities of our reforestation volunteer program may include:

Seed collection and germination
Plant saplings in strategic locations in the forest
Record GIS coordinates of planted saplings
Monitor growth of saplings
Take care of the newborn plants in our greenhouse
Identification and selection of seed trees

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