Volunteer in Education Field in Peru


  • Teach English in schools and share your knowledge with the children
  • Live with a local host family and work closely with the Peruvian communities
  • An incredible opportunity for growth and reflection
  • A hand on teaching experience with cultural immersion


In the Sacred Valley of Peru access to quality education varies and still pales in comparison to more affluent parts of Peru such as Lima and Arequipa. Methodology is often is outdated and does lack creativity and diversity in its design. Regular school days are 5 hours and are rigid in that only science, math, and communication are emphasized on a daily basis. Attention and budget for subject matters like History, Health, Social Studies, Physical Education, Computer Science, and geography is negligible and often times not offered until university if at all.

Our Volunteers are vital resources not just for local student population but are also invaluable as conduits for innovation and inspiration for teachers and administrators to develop new pedagogic paradigms that in many cases are revolutionary compared to local standards. Our volunteers can set precedents and examples that help drive change and spark reform within schools and minds.

In Sacred Valley we have teaching programs in 4 public schools; 3 primary-Grades 1-6 as well as one high school. We also teach English at a local University and have developed a partnership with local city government to teach English to local Rickshaw Taxi drivers and adult women who sell produce in local markets.

Our primary focus is English predicated on the fact that our primary school partners and parent-teacher organizations have been vocal about wanting English competency for their children. The Sacred Valley & Cusco region is the capital of Peruvian tourism industry and is seen as a robust source of potential employment for the youth that we serve.

The English skills that we provide for our students are a mechanism for recipients to garner unforeseen social mobility and enter job markets that without English skills would otherwise be impenetrable. We seek to provide our English learners with a path towards conversational ability, which we feel fosters self-confidence, self-actualization and grit.

We seek volunteers who want to inculcate students by building competencies but also by teaching them how to think and provide them with life skills that will help them be better people.

In the Sacred Valley there is a huge lack of awareness for children with special needs; very often children that have handicaps or special needs are not identified and attend school in normal settings where their needs are not met and they are neglected. Ultimately, they quickly fall behind their peers and they become victims of an inadequate system that has no recourse to come to their aid. We are in great need of volunteers who have experience and passion for children who have special needs..

Our volunteers traditionally teach 5 hours a day; 3 Hours in the Morning and 2 hours in the afternoon; this can be divvied up between two different schools or projects depending on need and calendar. Volunteer teachers are provided with a base curriculum in country but are encouraged to develop their own lesson planning and to incorporate myriad of methodologies and instruments into their classrooms. Class size can vary but we make a concerted effort to keep it between 15-30 students.

Over time we have seen our relationships with school partners evolve and thus we have been able to develop teaching opportunities in other areas aside from English such as: Social awareness, computation, physical education, Art, and Peer Mediation. Volunteer teaching in these subject matters requires basic to intermediate Spanish competency.

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