• Live in Nou Barris, a part of Barcelona known for an incredible diversity and dynamic growth
  • Help impoverished children, single parents and the elderly through food bank, socializing and shared activities
  • Go through trainings and get certified in administration, HR, sustainability, food management and more
  • Participate in our weekly workshops of climbing, yoga, meditation, languages, instruments and more


Join our volunteer team in Barcelona to combat food waste by distributing surplus food to the homeless and aiding vulnerable families. This experience offers an authentic immersion in the city while fostering new friendships and community engagement.

Our program prioritizes addressing global food waste, with volunteers playing a pivotal role in ensuring meals reach those in need, including the homeless and single-parent families. Explore the real Barcelona, moving beyond typical tourist attractions, and connect with like-minded volunteers, forming lasting bonds.

You'll live communally and partake in diverse activities like workshops, concerts, and children's events. Join us in making a difference while creating memorable experiences in Barcelona.

  • Accomodation
  • Food
  • Orientation
  • Workshops participation
  • Laundry
  • Flight expenses
  • VISA
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal transport card

Important Information

The price is negotiable for stays over one month.

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This program is available all year round. You can select any date as per your comfort.Please select the week you plan to join the program.

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  • Jean Ben Illouz recommends this program
    Oct 20, 2023

    Couldn’t recommend it more

    EnriquezArte is an incredible place where I felt liberated to express myself and was surrounded by exceptional individuals. It's undeniably a magical setting where every project is welcomed, and you get to experience life within a community. We've forged friendships that will endure a lifetime and learned invaluable lessons that have contributed to my personal growth. Within the center, you can nurture your creativity and partake in activities led by remarkable instructors. In just three weeks, we've gained substantial insights about both ourselves and community management. We can wholeheartedly recommend that anyone joins the extended family of EnriquezArte!

    How this program can be improved?

    There are always things can be improved but with the half of what we received we would have been super happy also !

  • Catalina Landeros recommends this program
    Oct 20, 2023


    My experience with EnriquezArte exceeded all my expectations in terms of community. I was part of a tight-knit group that shared both work and experiences. We not only assisted the local community by running a weekly food bank but also explored the incredible city of Barcelona during our free time. I gained valuable insights into living harmoniously with others and, in the process, discovered more about myself. EnriquezArte offers a diverse array of activities. During my time there, I even found a new passion for rock climbing, a discovery for which I'll always be grateful. If you're genuinely committed to living alongside motivated individuals dedicated to community projects and helping those in need, then this is the ideal place for you.