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  • Contribute in the way that is most meaningful to you by volunteering in a project of your choice.
  • Ours is the world’s most affordable volunteer program available.
  • Your fees directly benefit your host family – there are no middlemen.
  • Partner with others just like yourself–people who know that a better world begins with changing a single life.
  • Your safety is always our priority… every volunteer location has been thoroughly vetted.


Are you looking to change lives of poor and underprivileged children? Would you like to discover the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka and its deep culture? Are you passionate about supporting children in need? Due to extreme poverty, a long period of civil war and many other social causes, thousands of Sri Lankan children are left as orphans. Although the Sri Lankan government is slowly rebuilding the country, the destitute orphans are not receiving adequate care and support. Most of the local orphanages and care centers are over-flooded and lack sufficient resources. RCDP invites you to join and contribute to this orphanage volunteering project in order to change this heartbreaking situation.

During this volunteer orphanage project in Sri Lanka, your roles and responsibilities will vary depending on your skills, experience and interests. You will teach these children and help them with their homework; you will also get involved in various educational and entertaining activities; and most importantly, you will provide the genuine love, care and support that these children truly crave and deserve.

By providing these valuable skills and lessons, the children will be better prepared for the future, opening many doors and allowing them to pursue their passion. Without you, these children would stand little chance of a happy future, so you can rest assured you’ll be making a huge difference by giving them hope through your love and passion.

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